Monday, May 08, 2006

Just a doodle... practicing painting in photoshop :D I might develop this further. hmm.


Gavin said...

Hi Kenneth.

Nice sketch - love his tatoos - push him further - theres something special going on here...

did you enjoy italy?

ken said...

cheers dude!

Yeh i might push him or, do a new painting of the same character. im aiming to do a series of characters based on a kind of street fighter format. ie characters who fight hehe

Nothing new there then eh?

Yeh italy was good. I recommend

Hope your doing good mate


Emma said...

Nice, painting in Photoshop can be hard.

I really like the giant fish further down the page, and the girl in the post before that... the fish is just full of character.

ken said...

Hi emma,

Thanks for the comment! you like my fish? cool! yeh photoshop painting is hard. In fact I find ALL painting hard hehe

Ken :D

Gavin said...

"yeh photoshop painting is hard. In fact I find ALL painting hard hehe"

Ken man - your good at making marks with a pencil right?

So all you need todo with painting is think of it as making marks with a brush aswell....

your already doing V well with it imo.

lets see some more paintings eh?!


ken said...

cheers gav!

Yeh i know what your saying. I think my problem lies in the application of colour etc and how light reacts to a surface.

But its all practice eh?

More paintings on their way!