Saturday, August 12, 2006

HELLO!! here are two works in progress, would really appreciate some feedback/crits/advice before I finish them! Thanks!!

Oh!! before I forget, my good friend Thomas Pollock, has started a blog. He modelled one of my characters in 3d!! Check his blog out, he is an amazing 3d modeller and animator:


Chris Graf said...

wow, love the bottom pick. has great energy. i think it would be nice to see the feet, perhaps a bit more love into the hands, and i 'd vary up the negative spacie in the hair a bit more. nice post

belinha said...

I like the mohican.It seems like he is going to jump any time!Although it's not finished I like it the way it is, blury.

I came to see the lion!Very funny expression...not much of a king...lion!:-)

Tom said...

Hey man, thanks for the kind words. Since you dropped my name I've had the grand total of 0 hits :P

Like the new stuff bro, especially the bottom pic. The bad ass spider hunter who who turns his prey into hats ;)

The rim of light works well with the really shadowy front to the figure - very dramatic.

Keep up the good work.
See ya during the week.

Danarchy said...

Hey Ken

Yah just like the rest of the ppl here I like the Bo staff guy. I really like the pallet you have choosen for him good stuff I agree with chris there need to be more variation in his hair.. some peices longer some shorter, some thicker some skinner some closer together and other farther apart.. I know it to late but I think the biggest problem in this peice is symetry both sides are almsot identical there is pretty much the same exact distance of negative space between his leg and the loin cloth and he is standing pretty much head on with us.. it woudl make the picture 10X more dynamic if he was in a 3/4 with either one side of his body further away from us... just some thoughts man thansk for the commetns on my blog and I work at Fatkat animation studios in Canada to asnwer your question...
Keep rockin out and i'll keep coming back

Maki said...

Hi, Ken

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Cool drawings! I really like how you pick colours on the shadow. And your sketches are sweet, too!

Evan Bonifacio said...

YA dude that bow staff guy is freakin siiiick. Love the atmosphere! The girl is nice too, i think if you dulled down some of the highlights on her clothing, the image might be easier to look at. The ones down by her feet are just as intense as the ones up by her chest. I think it would give the piece more of a focus if you played the lower ones down a bit. Looking hype bro! keep it up

GhettoFab said...

ooo these are slick Ken!!! Ive missed out on a couple. Love the Dr King character and awesoem studies! Keep em comin!

ken said...

Thanks everyone for all your comments!

Chris: cheers! yeh Im gonna work on those hands and good point about the hair! thanks for that, will post an updated version at some point :D

Belinha: Thanks! Hope you liked mr lion. haha, actually, he is king of all the lions! looks are decieving!

Tom: HHAHA. yeh he hunts spiders. thanks dude, see u wed. And, your blogs looking good

Danarchy: thanks! Yeh for sure, im gonna work on that hair. The more i look at it the more it annoys me. Your right about the symmetry, makes it kinda flat and boring - I totally agree with the 3/4 view thing! Which is never too late to change :D Lots of good points and thanks for the crits, Im gonna work into this guy keeping those points in mind. Ahhh fatkat animaton studios? I checked out the website - looks like a great company! are you an animator? cool man thanks again

Maki: No problem, thanks for visiting mine! much appreciate the comment, cheers!

Evan: Thanks! Yeh I agree with ya on the highlights thing, I will dull down those lower highlights! First time painting folds of fabric like that, its real hard. practice practice practice :D cheers man

Ghettofab: Thanks!! much appreciated - Im trying to post as much as you haha :D

Ken :D

Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful Lady in Purple man. WOW!!!