Tuesday, August 29, 2006

hello! Im calling this finished! Thanks to everyone who helped with their crits and advice - much appreciated! You know who you are :D I'll buy yas all a doughnut hehe oh and below is a painting progress just for fun!

updated!! ^^^ Thanks to everyone who gave me advice for my painting - hopefully it has improved?? Any further crits? Hopefully I can call this finsihed soon!


Hello folks, this is a work in progress painting - I would greatly appreciate any crits and opinions to make it better before I wrap it up!! thanks!!!


GhettoFab said...

kik ass! those acorn men have a sno balls chance in hell...

Look forward to seein how it turns out Ken!

Young Vo said...

I really like this one. Great idea. One crit is you need something bigger in the foreground and something smaller faded in the background. That will give it more depth. Maybe one on the acorn men in the foreground (in shadow)and a castle in the background covered in mist? My two cents ;)

Can't wait to see it finished.

S.T. Lewis said...

I'd do a little more or a little less motion blur on the spiked metal ball... but really, don't listen to me because I know nothing about painting. The one thing I do know is that this looks great! Nice work. I'm interested to see what else you do to it. If I did something like this, I'd call it done and retire victoriously.

Alina Chau said...

AWESOME work in progress!! WOW!! Can't wait to see it finish!!

Erika Worthylake said...

I think this is turning out beautiful! I love seeing WIPs as I can learn alot from the process. I really like the texture of the face hair and fur. My only crit would be to add something to the background to plant this current location.

Afroman said...

Man...how? how??? what's your secret?? this is great. I really like the bluriness of the little midget in the foreground...adds a lot of energy to this painting.

I also agree with erika on adding a bit of something to the bg.

ken said...

ghettofab: hehe thanks! yeh i wouldnt bet my money on them :D

Young vo: Thanks mate! Yeh your right, need sense of scale - I have taken your words of advice and am currently doing an update ! Will post new one soon. cheers!

St LEwis: hehe thankyou! yeh I see what u mean about the motion blur.. might do something to it. haha retire victoriously? sounds good!

Alina: Thankyou! update coming soon :D

Erika: thanks very much! yes i agree about the background, im currently doing an update with more stuff on the horizon. Thanks for the crit!

Afroman: hehe thanks mate what a compliment :D if your interested I could post the stages of my painting? Will add something to background - check back soon

Thanks all for comming to my blog and commenting, means a lot

Ken :D

Gavin said...

ken! you've changed the place about!! ur blog looks well good man!

this paintings really amazing - your makin leaps and bounds with ur painting - do u feel like you are?

who are all the wee acorn guys? i want to see more of them. the barbarians sweet too tho - but the wee guys are cool as!


Jarrett said...

Man! This is freakin' awesome. Well done! I like the subject matter haha. Damned vikings!

ken said...

cheers gav!!! thanks, yeh I wanted to brighten the place up a bit. too dark and dreary before hehe

Thanks for the compliments dude, hmm yeh I feel like ive improved a bit, but i think its more to do with patience! Im becoming more patient hehe. Usually Im too lazy to put effort into a painting.

hehe the acorn guys are little spirit type creatures. maybe Ill use them again!! in fact I will. I promise. haha

Jarret: Thanks very much! appreciate it :D yeh those pesky vikings... haha. although apparently vikings didnt wear horns on their helmets... hmmmmm!!!!!!

Seth Hippen said...

Well done! I really like the changes in the update. The acorn critters are awesome!

justinpatrickparpan said...

This is incredible man! I'd say it was finished!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Very nice work !! Cool scene and action !!!

Evan Bonifacio said...

Ken, Great painting man! The updated version definatly takes the cake. I like the depth you got with the foreground and background elements.


S.T. Lewis said...

Really nice addition of depth in both the foreground and background. And just like before, I still love the colors and the drawing. Very cool.

Afroman said...

yepp sure looks great! I really like that angle by the way.

and stages of your painting progress would be fantastic! :D

Ken Chandler said...

Great stuff Ken! Your Monk animation was really incredible. was that an independant project? Huge undertaking! Your viking dude and acorn people is cool too. Nice action.

Young Vo said...

It's done, ship it! Great job!

ken said...

seth: Thanks mate! :D

Justin: Cheers!! It finally is finsihed now hehe

Andrew: Thank you!

Evan: thank you! much appreciated

St Lewis: Thanks mate :D

Afroman: CheerS dude! I post some crude stages hehe.

Ken: Thank you! glad u liked my film. It was a student film so I had 'support' from my college haha. Most of the work was by me, the music by a friend. I had a tiny bit of help with the colouring. Thanks!

Young vo: Cheers! its done now. Hurrah! my first finished painting :D

Thanks everyone for the support and advice.

Ken :D

Thomas Perkins said...

Man! You have really nice work, lad! I will certainly keep checking in. Keep up the goodness.

kuoli(皞傑) said...

Hi Ken,
Your artwork is really great!
I think you are using Painter. Right?
The acorn men are cute but poor.
I like the position arrangement of the acorn men.

ken said...

thomas: wow thanks! cheers for stopping by :D

Kuoli: Thank you!!! I use Artweaver - a free program, very nice. www.artweaver.de .Cute but poor? hehe do you mean they need more work?
Thanks for your comments! Much appreciated!

kuoli(皞傑) said...

Hi Ken,
Sorry for my poor English.
You work is great, I'm not criticizing on it. I like the appearence of the acorn men characters.
"Cute but poor" means they are cute but helpless towards the attack of the Viking giant. Poor means pathetic or miserable.
The main focus is on the viking giant, so you draw him in great detail. It make sense to blur the acorn men and also enhance the motion effect.
Thanks for the information on the free painting software. I will try it later.

ken said...

Hi Kuoli!

Your English is very good :D

hehe I understand now, yes, they are in a poor situation! thankyou for complimenting my work :) Although, I like critiques too, so if you can see how I can improve my work, please tell me!

yes the free software is very good for a free program, I was impressed by it

Do come back!

Ken :D

kuoli(皞傑) said...

Hi Ken,
I've installed the Artweaver software. It looks very similar to painter! The painting effect is excellent! I will use it very often soon. Thanks for recommendation.

ken said...

no problem Kuoli!