Thursday, August 17, 2006


Today, I post something I have never posted on my blog before, mainly because I never knew how! This is a very old piece of work, over a year now. Its called 'Transcendance' and is a short animation. I made it in my final year of art college, studying animation, in Dundee, Scotland. As I say, its very old, I hope my work has improved since making this! Please do watch my film and tell me what you think - an honest opinion!

Ill give a little insight into it too... I wanted to make an animation which explored dynamic movement of the human body. I combined this with my interest in martial arts, and an interest in eastern philosophy and stuff, and came up with a monk fighting his inner demon! haha... not very original, but for me, this film was a huge learning process, and what I learnt from doing it was the most important aspect of it. Its all traditional animation, scanned and coloured in photoshop, composed in after effects and premiere.

Please do watch my film and tell me what you think - an honest opinion! I know its very rough in places, please forgive that haha a lot of it was rushed :P

All animation was by me, some additional colouring by Mat Kelman, James Law and Sang Hun Yu, and music by Neil Pollock

thanks, Ken :D


EdoAvenir said...

oh man, that film was awesome! i think its almost every male animator's dream to choreograph a fight/action sequence. I love all the different camera changes (and the use of depth of field blur that you used in one of the shots).
I do have to admit that i'm a little bit confused with some of the story though. Maybe you could further explain to me exactly what happened at the end of the story ^_^.
Oh and i also liked it when the fight music came on hehe.

Robin Hall said...

I thought the action was great! I'm not too much into martial arts and fighting demons and such, so I can't really comment on that. But I thought you tied all the action and cuts together nicely, and it openend in a way that really made me want to watch it.

I say congradulations! That's quite a feat to pull of an animated short like that.

Marmax said...

Wow that was a really cool short film! Lots of nice shots, mood and emotion. Really impressive work!

Afroman said...

So freakin' coool! I love it! Nice camera shots, nice use of light and awesome moves!! My only critique is that at the beginning, the animation on the monk's face expression sometimes freezes for too long...ok i'm nitpicking ;) but yeah, I am very impressed!

Becky said...

I love it!! its nice and like i always say ur talented. 5th time watching :p and still counting haha........x

Chris Graf said...

whoa...student film? nicely done!!! the stongest stuff for me was your action scns and posing. both of which were fanatstic throught out! nice hook-ups and the compostions were interesting to look at. i liked the design of the main guy, but i think the proportions on the demon could have been pushed a bit further, but like you's old stuff now. i found some of the secondary on the main dudes hair to move a bit fast in some scns, but nicely in others. i think for me the weakest part of this film was some of the subtle character animation in the face. you did have a some great sncs, but i think some needed more slowins and outs, perhaps have things stop moving at different everything doesn't come to a sudden halt. the expressions could have been pushed further to give the viewer more of an idea of his internal conflict. the effects on the sword were nicely done and the lighting created a nice mood.
all in all, wicked film, i loved it

Anonymous said...

Never actually seen that film before...

It's really nice. It has a painterly quality that most stuff done on TOONZ doesn't.

I wasn't bored while watching eithe, which is very rare for a student film.


Young Vo said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog.

Good stuff.

The critques I have on the film is the pacing. The cuts seen long and even (mainly in the beginning and end). It's hard to cut your work especially 2D work. The animation I thought was nice but I agree with Chris Graf "more slowins and outs, perhaps have things stop moving at different everything doesn't come to a sudden halt." that way things wouldn't look pose to pose.

I'll be back to see more.

Rock on!

potato farm girl said...

That's a nice polished student film. The action shots were good!

Scott Wright said...

Nice work....that's a lot of work...great job!

Ben Reynolds said...

holy crap..this is nuts!! very cool indeed man. This must have taken you FOREVER! And you've improved since this?? crazy!

Hans said...

Hey Kenneth,

That looks awesome! A lot of really nice shots and good editing. The story and mood is great and the animation itself is definitely not too shabby either, especially considering the length of the film. You must've spend a lot of time on this one! Can't wait to see the next Mr. Anderson film;)

Great job,


Hans said...

P.S. I thought I had already added you to my links, but I see I haven't....consider it done!:)

Evan Bonifacio said...

Great job man. Really like the action sequences! props for finishing the whole thing too! (ive seen too many unfinished student film's). And to think this was done a year ago... :o

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! That's real cool animation!! No to mention you have great sense of cinematography vision!! AWESOME!!

ken said...

Wow!!! Thanks for all the comments and feedback guys! Im blown away by it!

Edoaevenir: Thanks! what a compliment to my work! Oh yeh of course, it was alwyas my dream to do an action fight scene, glad I got it out my system while still in college.. although, I would wanna do another! Ah yeh the story! Sure I can explain.. basically, the monk must fight his inner demon, which is the big ball of flame lol. at the end, the monk realises he cannot defeat his demon, so he surrenders to it. The demon destroys the monk - kills him. But! In killing the monk, the demon also dies, because it cannot exist without the monk. All that remains is the monks soul, which rises towards the light! Hope that clarifies? Basically, I was trying to say, 'we create our demons. they are a construct of our mind'. Oh yeh, I love the music, my friend did that for me. that was also my dream - animation with heavy metal music haha :D

Robin: Thanks!!! hehe yeh, my storyline has a very limited target audience, but im glad u could appreciate everything else! thanks for your congrats and kind comments, really means a lot :D

Marmax: What a compliment! thank you :D

Afroman: Thanks mate! Glad you liked it :D I totally agree with you on the monks face at the beginning etc. Actually, I lookat my film and cringe. there are so many bits I want to change. I invested most of my time in the actions scenes, and found the more subtle stuff hard and time consuming. I wish I could have had more time to put into fixing all those things, but alas I didnt! Thanks for the critique!

Becky: Awww thanks! 5th time? hahaha arent you bored of it yet? :P I didnt think it was your down your street hehe. Glad u liked it ;) and thats quite a compliment coming from someone as talented as yourself! Meh! Dont argue! I think your talented! ahaha. thanks for commenting means a lot becks xx

Chris: Thank you! Glad u liked the action shots etc - spent a lot of time trying to get that stuff working... theres a couple of incontinuties - see if you can spot them! Ah the main guy - to be honest, I spent ages trying to draw his head. Doing this project actually made me realise how much I couldnt draw. The head was the hardest part of the film. (wish I had drawn heads more!) Yeh I agree - the demon is a bit bland in terms of design. Looking back I see so many things I would change! Yeh I totally agree about the subtle face animation - it was VERY weak. You make some very good points, wish I could have had this feedback when I was making the film! glad you liked the lighting! thanks for the comments, and especially the critiques! :D

Stephen: Thanks! yeh i wanted to avoid the Toonz thing. So I decided to paint everyframe in photoshop. Glad I did hehe. Glad yu werent bored! thats always a concern. I was worried, coz the film crept over the 5 minute mark.. thanks - still not seen your student film!! where can I find it?

Young Vo: Thanks for the comments and crits! I agree on all fronts, the animation is ropey in a LOT of places, and yeh, could have been timed better. The scarey thing is, this film is AFTER I did lots of cuts . haha, yeh its hard to cut work in animation! thanks again!

Potato farm girl: Thankyou! much appreciated!

Scott Wright: thanks very much!

Ben: Thanks!! haha, much appreciated! Yeh I slaved for eternity on that in the depths of hell. not really. it was a long year though. Hopefully Ive improved - a matter of opinion! cheers!

Hans: Thanks!!! wow, means a lot! haha although I think the animation is pretty suspect in alot of bits hehe. yeh, spent about 9 months full time on this. longs days and nights... next film? haha... maybe one day! Oh and thanks for linking me! nice one! appreciate it :D

Evan: Thank you! yeh im glad I got this finished - there are some things I could have added to it, some effects etc, but I think it looks finsihed enough to get away with it hehe. cheers!

Alina: Thank you! Glad you liked it! I wish the cinematograohy lived up to your film though! :D

wow, im glad I got lots of positive feedback with this, and also, lots of critique! thanks everyone

Ken :D

Nora said...

Awesome! i really liked some of the movement with the Demon character. Overall, i think its a great student film. and great cinematography too!

ken said...

Thanks Nora! much appreciated :D

Jim Kalogiratos said...

Wonderful work, nice direction and slick motion work.


I look forward to you comming down to the Melbourne sunday sketch group !


ken said...

Thanks mate! Means a lot :D

Ah, are you in the melbourne sketchgroup? cheers, im looking forward to it myself! should be a great experience and a good way of meeting talented artists when im travelling! Are u on the cgtalk forum?

Ken :D