Sunday, August 27, 2006

Indiana Jones!

He has got to be the coolest character EVER. I remember pretending to be him as a kid. And more recently, last halloween. Ahem. My love for adventure is strong. AND! something I cant understand... why is there no animated series of Indiana Jones? There should be! Anyone wanna start a petition? Mr Lucas, if your reading this, I want an animated series! (I wouldnt mind working on it either wink wink nudge nudge :D)

Ken :D


Q7d2 said...

I 2nd that
NIce work!

S.T. Lewis said...

What a great piece! You totally captured the Indiana Jones feel... the colors are perfect. Tihs makes me want to draw Indiana Jones, but since I know it won't turn out this well, I'll just enjoy this one instead. Nicely done in every way... good stuff.

GhettoFab said...

awesome with the indie! Can never go wrong with him! Love the mood and expression on this.

and that animation below....simply stunning! inspirational ken!

cdeboda said...

Nice work!

Young Vo said...

I second that Mr. Lucas!

Nice work.

Danarchy said...

ohhh yah this is sweet man.. WOW very fucking cool. no crits from me on this one... nice on yah. and to answer your question below I am a animator, working on a show called "happy Tree Friends"

Chris Graf said...

hey guy, nice solid pic. dig the attitude in the face. there should def. be an animated short...and i think a few of us bloggers shoud headline it;)
and to answer your question...i've been drawing a lot with my wacom lately. seems to give me more freedom somehow.
cheers dude

ken said...

q7d2: Thanks mate! :D

St Lewis: Thank you! What a compliment, appreciate it! :D nahhh man, i think you should draw indiana yourself, would be great to see, and im sure u could do a much better job!

Ghettofab: thanks! much appreciated, yeh indiana jones is timeless :D

Glad you liked my animation :D thanks for watching and thanks for the compliment!

Cdeboda: Thanks!!!

Young Vo: haha great! we might have enoughnames for a petition now heh heh thanks

danarchy: wow! thanks mate, what a comment! Happy Tree Friends? wow, awsome! haha all my class mates and me used to gather round the computers in our animation class and watch episodes. Good job - its quite a success! and the animation is very nice :D

Chris: Thanks a lot mate! yeh we should haha, im gonna write to mr lucas, I woul appreciate it if all you guys would sign my letter :P ahhh cool man, so those are straight into computer? what program? very cool

ken :D