Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hello! some stuff I did a couple of weeks back but didnt post :D The bottom one is Bob Marley BTW hehe


Jennifer Pollack said...

You have some amasing work here. Thanks, for visiting my blog!

S.T. Lewis said...

These are great... I love the colors!

Dave said...

Too true, awesome!

Alina Chau said...

V COOL paintings as always!

justinpatrickparpan said...

Your work as seriouly cool man. Your styles really fresh and original. Its always a pleasure!

GhettoFab said...

these are sweet! your color choices are great and the new crazy squirrel avatar is awesome!

Joanne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Wow! Your artwork is awwsome. I love the guy with the skull staff and Indiana Jones (one of my favorites too).

Martin Hsu said...

hey ken
these are looking awesome!
i really like the lighting in the first one
keep it up!
btw, you've been linked! yeah!

Afroman said...

hahah I like the expression on that dreadlock guy!

and yeah the lighting on the top one really adds to the mood.

and thanks for the progress pics below! they are very much appreciated! =)

party for my enemies said...

I like the old wizard guy, he looks pretty gnarly. I also love your new display picture!

ken said...

Jennifer: cheers and Thanks for coming! :D

St lewis: thanks mate!

Dave: thanks!

Alina: Thank you!

Justin: wow what a compliment! thanks! much appreciated

ghettofab: cheers mate! haha u like the squirrel?thanks! his name is Scotty Squirrel. :D ill be doing more with him, so watch this space hehe

Joanne: hey likewise! thanks for coming :D Another Indy fan? you rock

Martin: Thanks mate, means a lot! Linked? Man, your linked too hehe

Afroman: thanks mate!!! Hey did anyone realise who the dreadlock guy is?? No bother with the progress pics :D hope u enjoyed

Party: Cheers!!! haha u like the squirrel too huh? good show :D

milo said...

Awesome work here!! Can't wait to see more!;O)

Ryan said...

Hey nice work! Great blog!

Tony Merrithew said...

Cool work , I'll be a regular viewer.

Ben Reynolds said...

nice bob marley!! WEll, they're BOTH nice!

Hans said...

Hey Kenneth,

Great color work, you got skills! I have to congratulate you on the awesome Viking image below, that's one of my favs so far. First, it's a cool image and idea, but the sense of depth and action is really really good, plus the color choices are great as well. Thanks for the step by step, it's very inspiring.

Have a great weekend,


Jarrett said...

awesome stuff as usual man. thanks for the comment:) the dude with the staff rocks.

St John Street said...

Can't go wrong with bob marley, he is and always will be the man!!! Nice character in the wizard, would like to see it developed more. Thanks for the comment it was most appreciated!!!!

joto said...

love wizards, you choose really great colors. looks like he could cause some damage-great work!

Alexei Martins said...

Awesome paintings!!!!!Yeah!!!!!

ken said...

Milo: Cheers mate!

Ryan: Thanks! appreciate it!

Tony: thankyou!

Ben: haha thanks!

Hans: Thanks Hans! cheers for the compliments! Thats my first finished painting really, im glad you liked it. Had a lot of great input from friends and felllow bloggers, am happy how it turned out. cheers again, appreciate it!

Jarret: thank you! :D

St John Street: yeh man! Bob Marley rocks :D cool cool might do that, develop him further. No worries, thanks for the comment !

Joto: Thank you! :D

Alexi: haha thanks!

CarolineJarvis said...

Kenneth, I've decided you can marry me... or at least maybe I can just join you on your adventure and we can make it a honeymoon.... hahaha! You're about to go live my dream so enjoy it! Have a blast.... hopefully you'll stop back and post from the magical world of Oz cuz you've got some madddd skillz dude!


Tony Arguijo said...

yo ken..thanks for the very first comment on my blog haha...i love your wip, gives me a idea of how somebody with actual painting skill paints..hope your traveling is going well, be safe have fun man.


ken said...

Caroline: hahaha, sorry my heart is taken! but thanks for the offer haha. you can jump in my suitcase though lol Your dream? whats stopping you! yeh, hopefully it will be an inspiring trip! Cant wait, hopefully I can post as I travel. Thanks for commenting! :D

Tony: Hey Tony, no probs! haha do i get a prize for first comment? :P glad u liked the WIP, and cheers :D Travelling commences in October, it should be good, thanks for that and thanks for stopping by :D

Amy Zaleski said...

Your caricatures are very expressive! Just what they should be. Love the Bob Marley one. Thanks for your comment on my "F!"