Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some quick practice doodles!!! Not had much time to draw much, been trying to sort out the bombsite that is my flat! Ive been in Dundee 5 years, its kinda weird to be saying goodbye hehe. But, time to move on. Ken :D


S.T. Lewis said...

Great range of characters and expressions. Seeing so many girls in one place makes me a little nervous, though. There's going to be rioting.

teresa said...

I had to visit your blog after i saw your avater! I love it, it makes me smile. Anyway, so many fun faces and nice lines! the paintings are really nice too.

GhettoFab said...

Lovely page of faces Ken! Loads of personality. I hope the move goes smoothy for you.

jannar85 said...

Hey kenneth. ;)

Alexei Martins said...

Yeah!!!!Great page...I love it!!!

Danarchy said...

Hey bro love your drawings.. wish you would actually post more drawings... anyway.. you should swing by canada and pick me up before you go traveling Lol

R.A. MacNeil said...

Cool drawings.


Afroman said...

such a great range of expressions.

Scott Wright said...

Great faces and expressions

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Smart !!!

Ben Reynolds said...

cool doodles man..very loose...very nice..good variety. keep it up!

Alden V said...

cool sketches, man!!!

Tonje said...

Wow, great blog.

Where are you moving to? I'm in Edinburgh... so at the moment we're almost neighbours....

chocolat said...

and again, very characterisitc sketches,
very good!

Chris Graf said...

good lookin doodles dood. your stuff keeps getting better

Hans said...

Great doodles ken! A lot of nice characters in there, keep 'em coming:)


Alina Chau said...

great page of head doodles!!

Young Vo said...

doodle on! looking forward to the next one.

Roland Mechael said...

wonderful sketches!

ken said...

stlewis: thanks mate! haha yeh i know... i got nervous drawing em :D

teresa:hehe, glad you like my avatar! thanks for visiting much appreciated :D

Ghettofab: thanks mate!! yeh the move was smoooth, but im up to my neck in cardboard boxes now! hehe

Jannar: nice one!

Alexi martins: hehe thanks!

Danarchy: cheers mate! think ill be posting more drawings when I start me travels hehe. yeh man no problem! Ill bring a human sized suitcase haha

ramacneil:Thanks mate! cheers for visiting :D

afroman: cheers :D

Scott Wright: thanks :D

Andrew Glazebrook: cheers mate :D

ben: thanks!! will do :D

alden V: thanks dude :)

tonje: hey thanks for stopping by :D much appreciated. Edinburgh? cool! I was in Dundee, now im back in Glasgow for the next week.... I kinda moved from one side of Edinburgh to the other hehe dont call me a weedgie ;)

chocolat: thank you!

chris graf: thanks mate! much appreciated :D

Hans: thanks dude! will do hehe

Alina: thank you! :)

Young vo: hehe thanks!

silvers Knight: thanks for visiting and thanks! :D

thank you all for visiting and commenting!

Anonymous said...


Best of luck on your trip.

Keep up the drawing.


ken said...

nice one steve, will do

good luck to you too in the year to come!