Thursday, September 14, 2006

Update! man with pipes^^ done for DoodlyMoodly

another girl sketch, and another guy with an afro :D


Rob Birchall said...

Ah Mr Kenneth,

I'm all blogged up now. It only has one picture on it so far but its a start at least.

I simply had to comment on your afro gentleman!
He has a fine head of hair!
Q: Is he the long lost brother of your fishy hunter when you were in 3rd Year at Dundee?
I'm back in Dundee soon. I have a few days work experience at Ko Lik ( in Edinburgh! w00t!


ken said...

Yo Rob!!!

hows it going mate?

Glad to hear you have joined the blogosphere! Yes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step :D

haha, no fraid not, they are no relation. he may very well be a relative of the other similar guy I posted a couple months back.... hmmm!

Good show! Gimme a shout when your in the Dee... Im leaving in 3 weeks. And congrats on the work experience - thats awsome!!!

Ken :D

Spaceturtle said...

LOL love the afroo As well!! Awesome work you got here!!

GhettoFab said...

hehehe great post Ken! Love that guys expression as much as his doo

Alina Chau said...

cool character style!

J. R. Pickthall said...

Hey Ken,

Thanks for dropping by my blog, so I thought I'd return the favour and BAM! you got smoe sweet stuff giong on here. I love the diversity of it all.

milo said...

heehee Nice work! Love the guy's facial expression and the chick's stance!!! His fro looks like it would be out there! heehe Great post! Keep em comin!;O)

Young Vo said...

Nice afro.

Angel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed your animation! Wow, 8 months? It was very cool, though I though too slow at times(like when he's just lying there), but you should keep it up! Develop a story? \ Make a sequel?\ A prequel, hehe?\
And I liked the character with pipes! When will u color it?

Afroman said...

love the man with pipes! terrific lighting.

and the afro's great! great posts as always.

Chris Graf said...

whoa...nice doodly moodly!! love it

Erika Worthylake said...

The man with pipes is gorgeous. I like the monocromatic style. The fire/smoke is really alluring too.

aaaand, the Scottish Squirrel avatar is hilarious

Mauricio said...

Hello Kenneth

Great stuff! Very nice work, congrats

My best from Brazil

Alexei Martins said...

Very cool!!!!!The girl is very cute...
and the guy is very funny!!!Haha!!!

Maki said...

Man with pipe! That's so cool!! Nice lighting on his face and make his expression cooler!! I really like it.

Bobby Chiu said...

hehehe... these are lookin cool!

S.T. Lewis said...

Great characters... I love the expression on the afro guy. The colors on all of these are perfect too. Very impressive, Ken.

Danarchy said...

Right arm man.. im having trouble getting use to the new avatar.. i'll miss the for.. when do you start traveling dude?

PS doodly moodle drwaing is rockin hope you finihs it

Dave said...

Awesome! I love the afro guy's eyes. Really cool stuff!

milo said...

Love the way u did the flame on the man with pipes! Nice lighting job too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment....I appreciate it. Keep em comin!!;O)

Hans said...

Awesome Ken!!! That pipeman is really really great, both design and color. Amazing light you got from that fire.
Great job:)


thesmokeking said...

woah man I like the guy smokin the pipe a lot. Your gettin better man.

Cutu said...

Hey I love the guy with the pipe, you've achieved a great atmosphere. Say, sorry for asking this, I'm a new commer to your blog so you might have allrady said it but what is your techinique? Is it painter classic? Whatever It is you ar egood at it man.

ken said...

Space Turtle: Thanks!! Glad u like my work

Ghettofab: cheers mate! :D

Alina: hehe thanks!

J.R.Pickthall: No worries, thanks for dropping by mine! nice one mate, cheers! :D

Milo: haha thanks dude! :) yeh his fro is like an iceberg - you only see the tip this pic! hehe

young vo: haha indeed!

angel: no worries :D thanks for checkin out my film, glad you liked it! yeh 8 or 9 months - full time mind! yeh i know wot u mean bout the slowness, could do with some editing hehe. Actually after my final year of uni, and some freelance animation wor, I got all animated out haha, so animation is on the back burner. But I have ideas brewing that I would like to do, so maybe! and thanks! yeh im in the process of colouring pipe gnome now - chees for stopping by!

afroman: cheers dude!! mucho appreciato :D

chris: thanks mate!

erika: thankyou! haha and glad u like my avatar :D

Mauricio: Tudo Bom! thanks for stopping by mate! I liked your blog - obrigado!

Alexei: haha thanks! oh... obrigado!! ;)

Maki: thank you! appreciate it, and thanks for coming back! :D

Bobby Chiu: thanks! means a lot :D

St lewis: thank you! what a compliment :D

danarchy: haha sorry dude, the old one had to go - i wanted one that resembled me more! haha. I start travelling on the 17th of October - Yikes! less than a month... yeh man will finish - thanks!

Dave: Thank you!!! :D

Milo: Cheers dude! and no worries, Ill be back to your blog for sure :)

Hans: Thanks Hans! much appreciated :D

thesmokeking: thanks dude! and cheers for dropping by - I appreciate it :D

cutu: thankyou! dont be sorry hehe - my technique? I use a free program called Artweaver. I really recommend it. It has its limitations, but its capabilites amaze me! it can found here if you are interested! thanks for stopping by! :D

S.D. said...

My favorite on this blog! Awesome! Very dark and strange atmosphere, apparent simplicity of the line, etc. Great stuff!