Sunday, October 29, 2006

Haha, this is my first post from Australia! :D Hopefully first of many. Its some face doodles... I did them while watching tv while on the train and while sitting bored hehe. A few are inspired from people I saw, some from me head. Anyway, thanks for visiting!!!

Ken :D


cdeboda said...

Wow, talk about being productive. Good job!

S.T. Lewis said...

Such great faces! I'll have to come back and look at them all longer when I have a more time. Great stuff, Ken. I hope you're enjoying Australia. I'd like to enjoy Australia someday.

Young Vo said...

Good to see that you're posting again! great sketches!

Ethe said...

Only 22? buaa buaaa your are so good, i like specially those last. Are great! See us. Are you animation student?

Afroman said... koalas? hehe They look great! This is quite a good exercise, one I should try out someday.

Alfredo said...

amazing work man im trying to draw as much as i can lately but im not near as good as you man, completely inspiring


Alexei Martins said...

Wow!!!Awesome work dude!!!More and more please!!!Oh Australia...this is so cool!!!!
Good job!!!

Irene said...

Your creativity makes me weep. I cannot draw to save my life.

Keep at it, Ken! c",)

Scott Wright said...

Wow! someone's been busy.

Martin Hsu said...

hahaha dope! these are looking sweet ken! keep it up! fill up the entire blog with these ;)

Alina Chau said...

WOW! WOW!! Coool drawing pages!

Robin Hall said...

You're in Australia?! Lucky! Man, you've captured so many personalities!

You should try adding bodies and poses to some of them, even if they're from your head or if they move, it'll push their characters even further, but great posts so far!

Rafael Arjona said...

Wow! Hundreds of faces go out of your pencil!! Great works.

Anonymous said...

Glad you see your back in business.
I think the dog sketches could really go somewhere!

I've finally updated my blog too.

David Germain said...

With this post, you're giving everybody 'head'! HA!! ;)

Very well done. Did any of your subjects get mad at you for sketching them?

Jonathan said...

Really nice characters there Kenneth. Looks like a fab sketchbook.

ken said...

cdeboda: thanks mate!!!

st lewis: thanks dude, sure, maybe bring a magnifiying glass hehe, the images are quite small! yeh Oz is cool, man u should go! its worth seeing!

Young Vo: thanks mate! ansd thanks! hehe

ethe: hehe, thanks for that, thats very kind. I was an animation student. I gradutaed 2005. Then I worked for a while now i am an unemployed travelling bum hahaha

afroman: hahaha sorry no koalas yet! hopefully soon! thanks!

godofredox: wow thanks dude, glad to inspire! your work is looking great though!

alexei: haha thanks! more coming for sure :D hehe yeh oz is cool. But BRAZIL!!! man Brazil would be awsome hehe

irene: thanks for your comment much appreciated! i will keep at it hehe

scott: hehe to be honest, when you do nothing all day, this isnt busy haha.

martin: haha thanks mate! much appreciated! yeh man, im gonna do more and more hehe.

alina: thanks! hehe :D

robin: yeh, australia! i am lucky hehe. thanks dude! yeh for sure, im getting a bit bored of just drawing heads, so im starting to draw bodies too. adds to the personailty big time :D

rafael: thanks!! much appreciated :D

stephen: hehe yeh, has been a while! yeh? the dog? mayeb i will pursue that one hehe. i checked your blog!

david: hahaha thats for the comments dude. haha no, i am a master of subtelty. in other words, i hide at the back of the train, or i cheat and draw people from TV. they never mind hahaha.

jonathan: thanks mate! much appreciated :D

tooned said...

Wow Ken you in OZ.I am in Victoria not far from Melbourne.come for a visit....loving the toons