Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hello! lots of sketches. maybe too many to see properly hehe. these were mostly drawn from tv, people on the train, or from my head.

Ken :D


S.T. Lewis said...

Wow! That's a ton of sketching. My favorite is row 172... column H. Don't try to figure out which one that is... I don't know either. Some really nice stuff... thanks for giving me a whole bunch of inspiration to look at for a while this morning. Good stuff.

Ben Reynolds said...

holy crap! You are one prolific guy!! There are some awesome ones in there man but I won't even begin to try and tell you where. They all look really good though..I'm just amazed you can make THAT many different faces all at once...what a great exercise!

Megan Ferguson said...

wow , you astound everytime. The varity you have totally makes me envyous .

Alfredo said...

dude ..i mean wow... its just too much goodnes happening

great work man , not one sketch looks bad


Afroman said...

woha! nice to see you still drawing all these great sketches! keep up the great work.

Alexei Martins said...

YEAH!!!WORK work work work!!!!Great work dude!!!!

Young Vo said...

Getting better and better. Good stuff! Keep them coming.

Michelle Lana said...

Thanks for stopping by Kenneth! great sketches you have here:) take care..

Donna Leong said...

These sketches are overwhelming!Just awesome!
I've checked out your animation blog too. The animation looks great, especailly the fighting scenes! I'm not quite sure what happens at the end because I don't know a lot about Buddhism. Seems like the monk gives up struggling and 'transcent' by going with fate? nevertheless, that's a lot of animation done within 8 months!!
Wish to see more of your animation, and thanks for stopping by xD

ken said...

st lewis: thanks mate! hahaha i like that one too. man, your comment is most appreciated, glad u find it inspiring, means a lot!

Ben: thanks a lot man! i am going red haha. really appreciate it. yeh, i found it to be a great exercise meself... can do it anywhere, and i found its really helping my drawing skillz. and heads are cool.

Megan: Shucks! thanks for your very kind comments :D

godofredox: wow thanks! im sure a few look kinda bad tho hehe. cheers dude!

afroman: thanks man!!! yeh im still drawing, though im posting less! will do mate, as long as you keep up the great work too :D

alexei: hahaha work work work for sure!!! when your unemployed and and in another country with few distractions drawing comes easy hehe thanks mate!

young vo: thanks!!!! glad you think so. will do mate will do!

michelle: no worries michelle! thanks for your kind comments :)

donna: wow, thanks for your comments! glad you like my sketches. and thanks for checking out my animation. haha the end? im not quite sure either to be honest ;) its only vaguely buddhist in its meaning. I guess I was trying to say, that his inner demon was created by himself. When the monk dies, the inner demon dies with him... all that remains is his soul hehe. does that make sense? :) yeh it was a lot of work, but i loved it all! sure, if i ever do more animation will let you know hehe, thanks again, and no worries! will be back to see your blog.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, it made my day. cheques are in the post HAHA

Hans said...

Hey ken,

Awesome sketches...quantity AND quality! Impressive amount of really cool and different shapes and characters. What a great exercise, thanks for the inspiration:)

Take care,


Jo Bling said...

Hehehe... that's quite the compilation, Ken, that's like a full character design folio in one jpeg! :-D

Mark Geyer said...

You've been busy, lol - great blog of sketches.

chocolat said...

your character faces are so great, perfect!