Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hello! After a month of quitting my blog, i realised posting once every 3 months is better than none at all hehe. So, im back to posting. When I can.

Anyhoo heres some drawings from my sketchbook!

Ken :D


Heather said...

wow, these are great;)

dintoons said...

wow!! these are SERIOUSLY amazing drawings!! love them!!

thanx for the visit!

please do keep posting regularly on your blog, your pencil sketches are SO inspiring!! :o)

hmmm, i'm thrilled and joyful reading your interests n stuff... krishnamurti, bruce lee, calvin n hobbes, crouching tiger...
we have A LOT in common... :o)

shou' said...

I just saw your short animation Transcendance - Great job. Did you create that via Photoshop, Imageready, and Premiere?

I look forward to more of your work whenever you make an update :)

belinha said...


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Sam Rowan said...

man i think its wierd, how when no one post on one post,but when other people start posting every one else starts posting. good work man glad your still alive hahahaha if your ever in london give me a call dude

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Very nice work on all of these, especially the George Lucas, Richard Branson and John Cleese !

ryan said...

great caricatures!! they're so varied!

the drawing of the dude riding the horse is pretty damn good. impressive anatomy & shading

GhettoFab said...

heya Kenneth!!!!!

Glad to see you back and posting with a vengence!!! This should quench my thirst til the next post...maybe ;)

Beatiful stuff sir

Rebecca said...

nice works!! why didnt i know u have posted new stuff eh?:p ha! Glad to know ur little blog has been raised from the dead xxx

S.T. Lewis said...

Hey, I'm glad you decided to come back and post some stuff again. I was so sad when you declared your blog dead last month. Hooray for its return! These are some really nice sketches. I look forward to seeing more.

mamú said...

Hey =) , freakin nice sketches you got here. nice caricatures and also nice draw-from-life. i ll b back ^^

LauraBraga said...

Hi Kenneth.
Great sketches!!!
First time i come to visit your blog, and i see you have a lot of good stuff. I'll come back!!!


belinha said...

Ken!Thank you very much for trying!I must say that your drawing is a plleasure for the eyes!Are you travelling?In February I'll go to Australia and Antartica and I expecto draw a lot on the aircraft and also on teh spot!I won that trip...drawing!I'm going to link your blog so I can come back more!

belinha said...

It's done!You are in my Papelustro.I hope you can find the time to drop some more sketches in KA!I saw that you went to Australia also!I think I'll travel more than 30 hours just the moment I step out my house in Portugal till checking in the hotel in Sydney!But I'm looking forward!!!!:-)

Jo Bling said...

These are bloody terrific, Ken, some of your best work from what I can tell! More please!

ken said...

Heather: thanks! mucho appreciated!

Dintoons: Thanks dude! Yeh Im gonna post more regularly. Im getting myself organised. Been doing too much procrastinating! hehe. Glad you find em inspiring. Yeh? A lot in common? Thats crazy - no one likes the things I do! I mean, all of them at the same time haha. You even read krishnamurti? Awsome..keep in touch dude

shou: Thanks man! you are right! mostly. I animated everything by good old pencil and paper, scanned it all into photoshop, coloured it frame by frame in photoshop, composited in after effects, and then rendered in premiere! whoo! Thanks for visiting, will be updating soon.

Belinha: No worries! I tried to vote, but it said summit in portugese i think, but it was obviously an error. Sorry! Thanks for your comments! WOW! australia in feburary? I wish you an amazing holiday! and Antartica? awsome!!! yeh make the most! OH! thanks for linking me, much appreciated! Yeh ill defo find time, im gonna stop being lazy ahah. Yes I am still in Australia, but I leave here in july this year. Ive had an awsome time! haha enjoy your trip! i look forward to seeing your drawings

Sam: YO SAMMMMM! Yeh dude its contagious! But seeing your mates post is an inspiration. hahaha yeh still alive dude, still in australia, i return to the uk in october - awsome dude, if im in london ill let you know!thanks for visitin

Andrew: WEYHEYYYY!!!! you guessed 3 out of 5 caricatures right! that means you win a prize. Not sure what yet. haha thanks dude

ryan: thanks man! Yeh the horses are all drawin from life - there are some awesome statues outside the state library here in melbourne. Been spending sometime practicing my drawing copying them!

Ghettofab: Heyyyy Mel!!! Thanks dude, yeh good to be back. I thought my holiday was long enough time to start makin an effort haha. Thanks for visiting!

Rebecca:HAHA why didnt you know? coz u didnt visit! :P until now! aww thanks for visiting. yeh i ressurected my blog. You convinced me hehe. Thanks! love xxxx

StLewis: Thanks man! yeh your comments before kinda made me think twice. I realised I was just being lazy haha. I had kinda lost the interest in blogging back there tho, but i got the bug again! It was stupid to put an end to it. Even if i cant post for a few months at a time no point giving up completely! Thanks dude and thanks for visiting! you rock

mamu: thankyou mamu! much apprecieted :D

Laurabraga: Thanks! please do come back! :D

Belinha: see above! hehe

Jobling: thanks for the comment dude! most grateful :D

Piya said...

Those are great horse studies. Were you looking at something?

The Original "Funsaver" said...

likewise man. these are amazing, i instantly recognized the people you were drawing. Amazing stuff man!


jimbo said...

the horsies are amazing!
so you down in oz for a bit then? i'm a sydney-sider!

Amy said...

Fabulous caricatures. I always admire artists who can do good funny faces :)