Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another digisketch - this one was inspired by someone i saw walking about town. Awesome hat :D


Rebecca said...

nice!! i like the colours, especially the hat wee! wish i had a hat like that :p.keep posting! xxx

S.T. Lewis said...

Excellent hat! I love the attitude in the expression too. Really nice stuff.

Piya said...

Dude, great painting skills. Wonderful and expressive rendering!

RoB said...

Awesome Ken!~ Her personality/expression is so great! The hat is perfect! Great post!!!


Balkandude said...

Yeah! Cool work Kenneth and a great Blog man!

kend said...

hey man, i cant remeber the last time i visited your site.but im glad im back to see this cool paints that top one great nice expressions on the hat too.

Simon Scales said...

really cool sketch this one - love the expression you have here!!
keep em coming!!

St John Street said...

Very kool post diggin alot of the past one's hope all has been well really appreciate the kind words and support hope all has been well take care!!

phc said...

hi ken,

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...and congratulations for the works on your blog...they are very cool and interestings...
also, i can saw your short animation film on tour kenneth's animation...honestly i love it, it's a very interesting and beautiful animated has a good timing, a good animation, a good colours, a good pencil's line and i think that the compositing is great...


p.s: sorry for my bad english

Lee said...

holy smokes!!
terrific work dude!

thanks for the comment as well!
consider your blog bookmarked!!


Kyle Marshall said...

Great blog you have going here

ken said...

rebecca: thanks becky!!!glad you like it. haha aww, ill buy u hat like that one day haha. ;) will post again soon, love xxx

stlewis: haha yeh it was an awesome hat. thanks for comment man :D

piya: thanks!! appreciate it!

rob: thanks dude!:D :D :D

balkandude: thankyou!! means a lot!

kend: thanks man!

simon: cheers!!!

stjohnstreet: thanks man, and no worries! your welcome!

phc: no worries roby, my pleasure! hehe. and thanks! Hey i am glad you liked my film! thanks for taking the time to watch it! I appreciate that. and thanks for the compliments to my work! I wish agreed with you hahaha. Oh, your english is good! cheers for visiting!

lee: thanks! and thanks for bookmarking! hehe

kyle: cheers dude!!

Brandon Starr said...

Very cute! You have a nice style, noticed it on drawing board so thought I would check out the blog.