Saturday, May 26, 2007

hello! Something a bit different! I never usually draw girls like this, but I was inspired while looking at the work of Shane Glines. Yeh!

ken :D


PaulSketch said...

great illustration!! I like the expression of her face a lot

mauricio salmon said...

wow great job! i feel the same way when i look at shane's work. nice job coloring it too.

Mikko said...

Thanks for comments. Really nice stuff. I really like your may 13'th post.


Alexei Martins said...

Wooww!!Sexy!!I love it!!!Love the colors also!!


afroman said...

hahah she looks as if nothing could stop her from talking. very nice character design and pose!

And the illo below is awesome. I like the feeling to it.great work on the fur.

Maki said...

I love her expression and hair curling:)

St John Street said...

Yeah Shane's work is real ill kool design diggin the expression thanks 4 the drop by hope your koolin peace out!!!


RoB said...

Just Awesome!!! I love it!!


Alina Chau said...

Fun character, love the exaggerated design style.

GhettoFab said...

loads of personality on this Ken! Great shapes and colors

joonasjoonas said...

her expression, nice!

Cartoon Creators said...

Cool design! I really like her expression and the shapes you used, awesome work!

Richard Gaines said...

I really like the way the chick is shifting her shoulders. Also, that boy and his "Neverending Story"-style giant dog is so saccharine.

13toon's said...

just amazing and fun. great life and action. wow what a woman. great work. thanks again for the comment.bye 4 now

IRene Y Chan said...

Hi Ken
thanks for stop by and share comments. I love your illustration and interested character! nice to meet you :)

Anonymous said...

really silly.
love the curls

samo said...

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ryuku said...

The woman whom you draw is very charming!!

ken said...

paulsketch: thanks mate!

Mauricio: thank you! yeh his work is an inspiration!

Mikko: No worries! thanks for visiting! and thanks!

Alexei: haha thanks dude!

Afroman: hahahahah yeh! big mouth. thanks dude, much appreciated!

Maki: thanks! yeh I used special utensils to give her hair curl and bounce hahaha

st john street: thanks dude! and no worries!!

rob: thank you!

alina: thanks!

ghettofab: cheers dude!!! :D

joonasjoonas: thanks!

cartoon: thanks mate! appreciate it!

richard: thanks dude! hehe ahh the neverending story! memories! hehe

13toons: thanks man. I can pass her number to you if you like? haha. no worries! :D

irene y chan: NO worries, thanks for dropping by my blog, glad u like my work! nice to meet u 2

goobeetsablog: hehe thanks

samo: haha Im sorry, but i dont really understand what u want me to do.... it also sounds like a lot of work hehe

ryuku: haha charming indeed!

Brandon Starr said...

That's great! you really captured a lot of personality.