Monday, May 07, 2007

hey folks, just another portrait sketch and a concept sketch for my film.. haha, i should have done the concepts before making the film!

Ken :D


Sam Rowan said...

greatwork man

Alexei Martins said...

Glad to see you back and posting your awesome stuff dude!!!
Love your art!!!


Wynne Chen said...

Cool blog u have!!
I love the study of the hourses!!
Great drawing :)

GhettoFab said...

Both kik ace pieces Ken!! Awesome post

The Original "Funsaver" said...

Great stuff again. what film is it? i like the portrait of the lady alot. Saludos!


afroman said...

love all of them! Especially the one with the hat below. must be very cold in that region haha

the way you use anatomy in your drawings is amazing!

(yes, I know I've become a bad blogger but exams are keepin me busy v_v)

Lion king™ said...

you have a grate art here keep it up

please be friendly said...

That portrait has a lovely warmth to it. It feels like a lazy evening in summer (to me). The fluffy hat below is great too, her expression is awesome, full of attitude.

Randeep Katari said...

Hey Ken,

Thanks for the comment! Great stuff you have here too!


Eric "The Gute" Gonzalez said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Great stuff you have here!

RoB said...

Ahh, your posts are grrreat! I love her experssions and the energy on the second post!!!Awesome posts!


Alina Chau said...

V coool different style of paintings!!

katzdontbark said...

love your blog you mind if i add you to my links?

Viola Baier said...

Hi Ken,
thanks so much for your comment. You're a great artist yourself; i really like your style! Guess I've to visit your bolg from time to time now :)
Many Greetz,

Gnarfdeath said...

awesome work!! I love the colors and characters!! Great blog!!

Patsy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love the stuff you've got up here...its so much fun.

marcobucci said...

Cool work! I really like the facial expressions going on in here.

Jay said...

ken your stuff is amazing. I love the portraits!

ALTAMIRA said...

buenisimo todo.

Andrew Coats said...

awesome man!

13toon's said...

thanks for the comment, i happy that a artist such as yourself like my work. your work is amazing i really like the look of your speedpainting,i cant paint for my life. also love all the head drawings you did awhile ago, great shapes. well iam off to start drawing, thanks again for the comment, hope to hear and see more from you. bye 4 now

celeste said...

when're you gonna make another film? Can't wait to see the sum of your travels - -

Lisi said...

cool blog! I'll keep an eye on it

ken said...

Sam: Yo! thanks dude

Alexei: hehe thanks man!!! love your enthusiasm!

Wynne: thank you and thanks for visiting :D

Ghettofab: Cheers mate!!

Funsaver: Thanks!! Oh its my student graduation if your interested! cheers!

Afroman: thanks dude!!! much apprciated. Haha i was a bad blogger once. Sometimes life gets in the way. Blogging isnt everything, but it can be fun so hope to see u back to it soon!

lion: thankyou!

PLease be friendly: thank you, yeh it does feel kinda summary hehe. cheers for visitnig!!!

randeep: thanks mate! and no worries!

eric: no worries mate! and thanks!

rob: haha thanks man!!! much appreciated

alina: thanks!!!! :D

katzdontbark: thank you!! and of course u can add me :D cheers! i added you haha

viola: no worries my pleasure! thanks for visiting, and yeh come again!! thanks!!! :D

gnarfdeath: thanks dude!! :D

patsy: no worries! and thanks for visint mine and for your kind comments!

marcobucci: thanks!! much appreciated!

jay: wow thanks! means a lot!

altamira: thank you!!! what does buenisimo todo mean? haha

andrew: thanks!!! :D

13toons: hey thanks for visiting and commenting! No worries, and thanks for the compliments. hehe painting is hard, ive been struggling with it for ages! thanks again, will visit yor blog again for sure mate :D

celeste: hehe, another film?? I have some ideas brewing in my head. Wish i could make one today but its hard haha. the sum of my travels?? Watch this space!!! I am planning something soon, which involves art and my travels. thanks for visitng!!

lisi: thanks! please do! hehe :D