Sunday, May 13, 2007

UPDATE 2!! Been so busy, not had time to finish this, so Im posting it as it is right now, waiting on me wrapping it up - almost done! thanks for all the comments peeps!

UPDATE!! after some awesome advice from peeps on forums etc, i have changed this image. I think its miles better!

hey! this is an illustration im working on for fun. Not quite finished. Ill go back to it in a few days and see what I wanna change hehe. Thanks for visiting everyone! Much appreciated

Ken :D


mauricio salmon said...

pretty nice illo. i dig the composition and the use of the birds leading the eye.

joonasjoonas said...

hey Ken!

Lookin really good!, very cute!
Great work in your blog. Your sketchbook is full of good characters.

Vhrsti said...

Fanny illustration. I think you need a story!

Claudio Cerri said...

Hi Ken! I love this artworks!

DdK said...

Hey, thanks for the comments, visit anytime!
Nice work you got goin' here.
I like your animation too, lots of dedication invested; sign of a true animator.

Alina Chau said...

V awesome illo!!

cdeboda said...

Looking really good so far. Those are some cool looking characters.

RoB said...

Looking awesome Ken! Great post!


GhettoFab said...

very cool ken ! Lovin the updates!

Rankinstein said...

Really nice, man!
Nice depth and movement!

shou' said...

Woo. That looks great. It has a very vibrant, warm, and adventurous feel to it.

Sam Rowan said...

man it cho!!!
sweet sketch man

Anonymous said...

very cute.
I like the grass/plants.

Alfredo said...

hey ken , awesome that ur blog lives! and this pic is amazing. great angle and characters , cheers dude!

C. "Jabberwocky" Siemens said...

Yup, neat-o!
I think it's hard to use primary colours in large areas and still make a picture work. You do that exceptionally well.

Alexei Martins said...

Cool!!!Love the colors and they poses!!!Very energetic!!


Chio_Garu said...

Oh. My. Cookie.

And you say that this is what you do for FUN? This is totally awesome!


You might be able to tell that I really really really, like your work ^^

Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw ^^

Spaceturtle said...

incredibly cute!! Great PAinting joB!!!

martin wittig said...

Beautifull work!! I love the colors, and use of space:)

enzo avolio said...

Glad to have found your blog.
Great work!

kend said...

awsome colour

Richtoon said...

Nice Work!! It's always a treat to see work in progress!!

Cartoon Creators said...

Awesome art work!! Very cute. the colours and style are amazing! really, really well done! the progress is wicked.

Mike Mac said...

excellent perspective!

marcobucci said...

nice stuff! This is a cute scene. I like the detail in the foreground as well.

P A R I D H I.P said...

Cool sketches...specially the girl sketches.They r rilli awsome men. Totally cool expressions.

Jen said...

Oooh, this is snazzy. I like this, Ken!

ken said...

mauricio: thank you! Appreciate the comment

Joonas: Hey! thank you! much appreciated :D

vhrsti: hehe thankS! yeh a story is a good idea! :D

claudio: Hey claudio! thanks!!

ddk: No worries mate! ill be back. and thanks for the comment! oh yeh, maybe too much time invested hehe! cheers! :D

alina: thankyou!

cdeboda: thanks mate!

rob: thanks!!! :D

ghettofab: thanks mate! :D

rankinstein: thankyou! appreciate it!

shou: thanks man, im glad it inspires those feelings!

sam: cheers dude!!!

goobeetsablog: thank you!

alfredo: hey dude, yeh i resurrected it! hahaha. thanks!

c.jabberwocky: thanks mate! im not 100% sure about the colours yet tho hehe

alexei: thanks mate!! appreciate it! :D

chio: cookie? yes please! haha choc chip. hey i am glad you like my work! its good to know if people enjoy stuff we create eh? appreciate the comment, means a lot! do come back, and no worries! my pleasure :D

spaceturtle: hehe thanks!!!

martin: thankyou! appreciate it! :D

enzo: thanks for visiting! and thanks!

kend: cheers!!! :D

richtoon: thank you! yeh i love looking at peoples work and seeing it WIP style hehe

cartoon: thank you! mcuh appreciated mate!! :D

mike: thanks!!

marcobucci: thanks very much! means a lot! :D

paridhip: thank you!!! wow! appreciate it!! :D

jen: thanks jen! :D

Bearuh said...

amazing love the sky!!
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If you accept email me at
Hope to see your artwork there!

ryuku said...

I like these illo.
so nice!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your design is amazing. And refreshing. I'll be BACK.