Wednesday, July 04, 2007

hello! My website lives and so does my blog. Well! I have finally left Australia after spending 9 months there, had a great time, but time to move on! Im heading to Malaysia where i will stay with my girlfriendm but for now I am In Singapore. Its hot here. And humid. Not good weather for a Scotsman. But im surviving! above is a sketch of someone i saw on the train today, and below a nice little lion.

Oh! while I was in Australia, I had the pleasure and privelage of doing some work experience with a great flash animation company called Nectarine ( I worked on some character design and animation, learnt a lot about flash at the same time. So thanks guys! Here is a project I worked on. I did the character design and some animation, and Steve Piscopo did all the other artwork.

btw, click on the images above for a better view, they look wierd as thumbnails

ken :D


RoB said...

Awesome work as always! I love the expressions you put to your work dude! Great job!


marcobucci said...

sweet caricature! I dig the colouring technique.

Alexei Martins said...

AWESOME work!! and great news!:)


IRene Y Chan said...

good to see you again. take care where ever you stay ok~~~How's Singapore? I am thinking to find a job there someday maybe.

nice animation and character. thanks for sharing !

mauricio salmon said...

wow sounds like your having the time of your life. congratulations and great work!

Maki said...

Sweet work, Ken!

Sounds like you are having great time in all over the world!!

Please take care and share more of your nice art with us:)

GhettoFab said...

thats some fun stuff Ken! Sounds like a blast!! Thanks for sharing as always. And look forward to that next post

dintoons said...

nice drawing ken! you got that expression dead-on!

shou' said...

Nice work man. Did they let you touch with any of the lip-syncing? It was definitely dead on that link you provided.

How do you like the change of scenery from Austraila to Singapore? Or rather a more important question how is the food and weather?



bog_art said...

That animation is so awesome!!.. I can't believe that was all made in flash.. it is nice to see you around here again..

BambinoMonkey said...

great work!!and your short film is great,nice concept of rhythm and great coreographies!!

see you!

Donna Leong said...

Nice caricature, Ken!
I have to say, it really looks like my roommate who's from Malaysia too :P

Martin Hsu said...

man... I hate you.. hahaha....Must be awesome traveling the world :) keep up the sketching!!

Kei Phillips said...

if u can find me through all these comments i just wanted to say that ur work is amazing, very interesting! btw hello fellow brit! :D

jimbo said...

hey ken, looking good!

you were in australia? ahhh.

oh well, i'm living in sydney now but i'm from malaysia - i'm sure you'll love it. food and people are much better than singapore (hah!) good luck!

ken said...

Rob: Thanks for your awesome comments!

Marco: Thank you marco!

Alexei: hehe thanks mate!

Irene: Thanks for your comment! Singapore is nice, I really liked it there, more than I thought I would. If you enjoy the heat, then working there would be good for sure! Esp in this industry - I think they are trying to expand it. Thanks again!

Mauricio: Yeh Its been good man! Though Im sad... only 10 weeks left till I go home! travel almost over - thanks mate!

maki: Thank you!yeh having a ball - although posting is proving difficult! hehe too much sightseeing

Ghettofab: Thanks mate!!! Aprecitate it!

Dintoons: Thank you!

Shou: yeh man, I did lip synching on the second girl that talked, and on the 4th to talk... I think. Most of what I did was animate girl 2... the one with black hair. And some of the borwn haired one. Oh, its not too different to be honest - I mean, Australia has a huge Asian influence, so I didnt feel much culture shock going to Singapore from Melbourne! Weather is just bearable - but food is GREAT!!!!!!!!!! haha

Albert: Thanks Albert - Most of my paintings are done in Photoshop, though sometimes I use Artweaver. Cheers!!

Bog-art:haha thanks dude! yeh those guys are great with flash. Its opened my eyes! Im a flash convert. Might make a film in it someday

bambinomonkey: Hey thanks for watching my film! Appreciate it!

Donna Leong: Hey thanks! haha it looks like your room mate? wow. Maybe it is. Spooky.

Martin hsu: haha thanks dude! I hate myself too. Yeh travelling is great. I recommend it to everyone who can afford the time. And if you go to Asia, u dont need much money! woo!

kei phillips: thanks kei! wow appreciate it! Yeh we need more Brits on the old blogging! thanks again

jimbo: Wow really? haha yeh I was in australia for 9 months, had a great time. How you finding it? And Malaysia - I really like it here! haha better than sing? No comment! But i prefer the prices of food in malaysia :D :D :D