Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Here is a digital painting I did recently with an animated WIP

I wasn't very happy with this image in the beginning. I wanted to paint something but I didn't know what, so I just started doodling. And I was trying too hard to make a nice painting. It was frustrating! It wasn't working for me. So after a while, I gave up....

Its a funny thing actually, I find this a lot - the more seriously I take a drawing or painting, the less I like the results. Its only when I stop trying so hard, that I relax and things start falling into place. Its when I enjoy the process that I usually end up with a finished piece that I like. Does anyone else get this?

Needless to say when I gave up on this painting, I no longer cared what happened with it, it wasn't 'precious' anymore, no pressure to make something good. Then I was painting for enjoyment, and in the end, I made a painting I was happy with!

So from now on, that's how I'm gonna work. Of course, this is all easier said than done if doing a commission...

The only reference I used in this pic, was my own body. HAHAHAHAHA

ken :D


Rebecca said...

Still think the face looks abit weird though haha.....but nice body *wink the colours though. Love x

Stoyan Petrov said...

Your works are wonderful. And I just love the digipaints. Mind if I add you to my 'favorite blogs' list? ;)

DODY said...

Hi Kenneth,
Thank ya alot stopping by mv blog am happy for that ^^
its the first time to see your blog its really so awesome stuff u have Ken
hey I like the bikini girl down so lovely haha ;)

GhettoFab said...

slick with the progress Ken! Thanks for sharing, its an awesome post my friend

ryan said...

cool step by step progress pic!!

Stoyan Petrov said...

Thank you muchly for the link, man! And also for those kind words! You are now officially being watched... ;)

AstroGuaje said...

Awesome jobs, great blog.
I´ll return.


Erika Worthylake said...

I haven't been here in a while, but I'm estatic to see that you are updating again!

I love the prawn picture, that's a hilarious story too!

S.T. Lewis said...

I love the sketches that you started with too. Those first couple of stages of this thing are incredibly appealing... all of it is. I'm just a fan of sketches. Very nice work.

Antonio Fernandez said...

I like your blog ken. It´s good really, yes.
Thank you by your comments, I´m very grateful.

I shall return.

Alfredotron said...

yeah i get it, and its frustrating as hell , happens to me all the time :P

i like the volume u gave him, reallys seems like a huge dude and the skulls are a really great touch. i wanna be like that so no one has complains about comissions ahaha

daria said...

Hi, nice illos you have there. And I envy your travel. I need vacation. :P

By the way, thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

Ken said...

Rebecca: haha yeh I know you think the face is weird though. But its not meant to be a normal human face though! haha yeh of course nice body though! cheek! thanks for the comment though! love x though!

stoyan: thanks for visiting my blog! and thanks for the comments, much appreciated! and no i dont mind at all, thanks!

dody: hey no worries! thanks for coming by and for your kind comments! haha, she is single ;)

ghettofab: thank you sir! much appreciated! :D

ryan: thanks dude!

stoyan: no worries dude!

astroguaje: thank you! thanks for visiting and for your kind comments :D

erika: thanks for coming back! yeh i managed to get over my lazy phase hehe. haha thanks!

st lewis: thanks dude! yeh im a fan of sketches too, though i wasnt digging those first ones. speaking of which - have you made any more cool videos of late? i best check!

antonio: thank you mate! and no worries, ill be back. and thanks!

alfredotron: Im glad im not the only one! thanks for the comments. hahaha yeh! imagine meeting a client looking like that. and slip in a comment about those skulls being unaccomadating ex clients.. heh heh heh

daria: hello and thanks for visiting! hey you should go travel. just do it! hehe. and no worries :D