Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dead Beard

As promised, another pirate! This one is called Dead Beard, coz hes dead. A ghost pirate as it were! ARR! Inspired by Monkey Island again. I love the artwork in Monkey Island. Especially the work of Bill Tiller. His background art is super duper I recommend you check it out! I wonder if he has a blog..?

This piece isnt finished yet, but thought I would post it now, coz I'm going to Thailand tomorrow (woo!) and wont be able to post for 10 days. Also, need to thank Atle Maeland for his awesome painting/colour/composition advice! I was ready to call this image quits then he made some super duper suggestions. So thanks mate. Oh, check out his work here, he is a great artist!

As for the second image, that is a woodchuck. Some of you may have noticed I ran a poll over the past week asking:

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A question I stole from Monkey Island funnily enough! Well anyway, according to popular vote, a woodchuck can chuck 1 ton of wood. If it could chuck wood. SO there ya go. A woodchuck chucking a ton of wood hehe

See you all in 10 days!

Ken :D


Richard Oud said...

Wow.. you whip these things out pretty fast sir! They look amazing, love the lighting in the pirate picture.

Have fun in Thailand!

DODY said...

Hey I hope u have a nice trip dude, but dont forget publish for us photos about there ^^
I know friends from Thailand they are nice ppl I wish be there someday haha!!
enjoy your trip friend Thailand is Awesome !!
I like that woodchuck lol !!

&Rew said...

really digging on the pirate piece.

i heart pirates.

i think you could play up the cast shadows from that purple light a little more, but it looks really nince nonetheless. :-)


bog_art said...

Great Job!!.. it is great when the draw has his own life and you just leave him walks.. good luck in your visit to Thailand..

Aaron said...

love the squrile man, great blog. keep up the great posts!

Tim Bye said...

Great work!

imwithsully said...

The lighting on that is awesome!!!!! Why do you need to do any more? Sweet!!!!!!!

afroman said...

woha so many new posts! I love that pirate pic. you definetly captured the monkey island feel.

Sam Rowan said...

ken your a pro !!!!!
the last one is sweet

daria said...

Is the other one captain squirrel? He is strong. I love the color for the skull captain.

shou' said...

Cool piratttteee~

Jen said...

Your stuff is so fun!! Man, I wish I could be inspired enough to update.

Skid said...

AHHHHHHHH! I love Monkey Island! Bill Tiller is great....I don't think he has a blog. Woe.

David Malan said...

Great work I really dig the strong colors. The red pirate is fantastic.

Sera said...

Ooooh, I love the pirate. Such a great game too!

I wish I could get a throne like that! Perhaps we can get one at the same place Tom Petty got his hat? (Thanks for the visit <3)

Alexei Martins said...

Yo ho YO HO!!! AWESOME work dude!!!!your pirates RULES!!


Ash Collins said...

hey Ken
thanks for the comment
ya I graduated like a month ago, now I'm on a 12 month digital animation training scheme in cardiff bay, learning stuff like flash and maya and whatnot!

Dave said...

Great job on these! The woodchuck is hilarious!

marcobucci said...

these are great! Solid lighting. And I love that pirate dude below.

chocolat said...

i really like your work, cool stuff ;)

neven said...

awesome stuff you have here, it is very inspiring dude!!! thanks for the comment on my blog!

Josh Hoye said...

Thanks for your comments Ken! That first Image of the dead pirate is so good. I never would have come up with those colors! It has an amazing mood to it. wow, real nice.

Alina Chau said...

WOW! AWESOME pirate!! The little wooodchuck is v cute!! Love its expression!

Ken said...

richard: Thanks dude! much appreciated! :D

dody: thanks! trip was great, sure i may post some interesting photos of stuff. yes they are nice people! fascinating country! haha thanks!

&rew: thanks for the comments dude! and thanks for visiting. yeh i think you are right, when i finsih this off, i make more of those shadows!

bog-art: thanks dude! :D :D

aaron: haha thanks. i will try! haha

tim: thank you!!

imwithsully: haha thanks! appreciate it! but it still needs some finishes hehe

afroman: haha yeh i had some free time! thanks dude!

sam: haha thanks dude :D

daria: haha captain squirrel, now there is an idea! thanks!

shou: haha thanks dude

jen: thanks! i hope its fun hehe. Ach, updating is overrated! haha

skid: YEEEEHAAA! Another Monkey Island fan! Rock on

David Malan: thank you! appreciate it :D

Sera: yeh its an awesome game! thanks! haha, yeh i want a throne too. sure! where did he get his hat, we should check. and no worries!

Alexei: hahaha thanks mate appreciate it!

Ash Collins: No worries dude! sounds good man, is wales good for multimedia tuition?

Dave: thanks dude!

Marco: thanks mate! appreciate it :D

chocolat: thank you!

neven: thank you! and no worries!

josh: No worries! thanks for visiting!and thanks for the comments, appreiciate it :D

alina: haha thanks! and love your new avatar pic! very cool!

Jo Bling said...

This is great work, Ken. Wonderful stuff mate!!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

That pirate pic is SPECTACULAR !!