Friday, August 31, 2007

Strange Behaviour

Hello! Phew, just back from Thailand, what an experience! It was amazing. It was kind of a dream come true for me... ancient ruins, temples, Buddha statues haha I felt like Indiana Jones. How sad.

But really Thailand is an amazing place, I recommend a visit there! The people are so friendly, even if they are trying to sell you stuff all the time. Will have to go back there one day. Didnt see nearly enough. I may post a pic or two when I get a chance, maybe an inspired painting or two!

But for now, I'm posting an image im working on for a CGsociety challenge titled 'strange behaviour' - I hope this pic is strange indeed! Its not finished, needs some work, but I wouldn't mind some feedback so if anyone has any crits they are most welcome!

Otherwise, thanks for visiting!

Ken :D


Stoyan Petrov said...

It's strange beyond words, Ken! No worries about that ;)

And it looks great even unfinished! Good luck with the contest. I hope you knock 'em out... ;)

bog_art said...

I would like to see the finished art.. it looks good until now.. but a bit simple..

Dody said...

Hi Ken,
pretty good strange Idea ken, and colors are beautiful so far, I like this colors much, I'm attracted to know what the story is talking about, if it has ^^'

Aaron said...

dude i did not know that you are from scottland! thats aswome! yea, wicked sweet paint man! keep up the great posts!

Justin Rodrigues said...

great stuff! i love your style man i'll definately be back.

bsleven said...

Wow this painting is really cool. I love the progression under it as well. How did you do that?
Your stuff is really wonderful.

: )

Kei Phillips said...

i like how u built this images, the lighting and composition work well.

im going to Thailand in january and i cant wait! :D

Alex P said...

oh, i love this work. Grate! go on.