Saturday, September 08, 2007

B Ball B Boy

Hello! Not much to show today.... I was having a very bad painting day. Couldn't be bothered... Or I could, but I wasnt inspired or something. Anyway, I eventually managed to get this out! Im not 100% happy with it - his hand is annoying me!!! I can always go back to it later.

anyhoo his name is B-Ball B-Boy - a bit of a tounge twista!

Hope all is well fellow bloggers!

Ken :D


Parker said...

Keep on Trucking, buddy.

bog_art said...

It is hard when you are not in the mood to draw.. however is a good piece.. and I like a lot better the final result of your strange behaivor composition..

Aaron said...

boy you have been busy! really cool stuff! keep up all the great posts!

Parker said...

Thank you for check my blog too, dude.
I hope u get an extraordinary life.
Mail me if u want.

Mokuu said...

Yo ! Hows life travelling the world? Seems kick ass, in the mean time, i dig the caricatures and paintings you have here, ill be spying on the animations later on. :D

Gabriele said...

nice one :D

Mukpuddy said...

Hey thanks for the comment dude!! Your stuff is amazing!!

Charles Santoso said...

A lot of great images here!

Look forward to seeing more stuff soon.

All the best,


Claudio Cerri said...

Nice artworks!

joonasjoonas said...

nice, I like the colors!

Alexiev said...

Great... I love your art work... very good humor...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

Viola Baier said...

Yeah! That's a guy!! The neck area is great!!!! :)

RoB said...

Color Awesomeness...Check
Caricature Awesomeness....Check
Mood Awesomeness...Check
Appeal Awesomeness...Check

Its all there dude, another great piece!


Ash Collins said...

Bad Ball Basket Boy!! er i mean... anyway awesome skillz yo! teach me to paint lol

BarryNg said...

Regards Kenneth,

You're great and cool with these fabuleous paintings, keep it up man. Bad mood with such good painting; when u hit top of the world ......?

just to let u know some pic from Holland Days in Malacca 2007 for yr ref. visit

Darryl Young said...

Hey Ken,

Thanks for the kind words!

I'm luvin' your work my man!!!

Take Care,

S.T. Lewis said...

I love the hair. Great stuff recently, Ken. I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Some dodgy advertising site has taken the name of the blog I deleted in haste (stephen-donnelly.blogspot etc.)... So I'm no longer in charge of it, and no, I'm not trying to sell you viagra.
Hopefully have it all fixed out soon.

dan szilagyi said...

its awesome! nice colors, i like the lighting feel as well

ryan said...

hahaha nice. i like the dude with the big forehead below this one also

Odon said...

Good Stuff man! Looks like you only bent the last knuckle of the fingers on the hand so that looks weird to me. Also you should pick an area to be the center of interest (usually the head/eyes but not always). Right now you have equal and spotty areas of contrast all over. Also the bright areas don't have smooth gradients as they turn away from the light so they look extra harsh. The image looks spotty. I try to add a final step to my images where I "unify" it into the overall image I was aiming for in the beginning. I get too caught up in all the cool details I want to show during the process so I need to knock back lots of areas when I'm finishing.
Love the animation of the guy below.


PaulSketch said...

the colors on this are awesome!! Sweet digital painting :)

Alina Chau said...

Great character painting!!

Jampix said...

Bad day or not... still great stuff.
love his attitude...

Don Does Dallas! said...

That is sooo dope! Great colors!

Ken said...

Parker: Thank u! I will hehe

Bog Art: It is hard... Im still not in the painting mood! haha. Thank you! And yeh the composition is getting there i think, though it still needs some work!

Aaron: Hehe, thanks dude, I will try!!

Parker: No worries! cheers! :D

Mokuu: Travelling is great! though it can be tiring hehe. thank you, hope u enjoyed my animations :D

gabriele: thanks!

mukpuddy: No worries! thanks for coming by! and cheers! :D

Charles Santoso: Thank you! and thanks for visiting :D

Claudio Cerri: thanks mate!!

Joonasjoonas: cheers!!!

Alexiev: Thank you! Much appreciated :D

Viola baier: haha thanks! :D

rob: hahaha, thanks for the comments dude! much appreciated although, you missed one check point.... Mood of artist? Uncheck! haha :D

Ash Collins: haha yeh i prefer that name! thanks dude! Man im still learning! haha

Barryng: Hello Barry! thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate it :D and thanks for your comments. I checked out your photos, looked great, hope you had a good time! See you soon :D

Darryl Young: No worries! and thanks for dropping by! much appreciated :D

St Lewis: Thank you! haha, glad u like me blog! Ditto to yours!

Stephen: wow thats crazy.... thanks for the heads up!

Dan szilagyi: thank you! :D

Ryan: haha cheers dude! that guy is meant to Nick Park, but i think its not quite right hehe

odon: Thank you odon for taking the time to crit my work! I really appreciate it, I cherish good advice such as this! I agree on all fronts.. and I see what you mean about contrast! Its something I always forget to implement... well not from now on! Yup i see what u mean on the gradients too, man thats great advice, thanks a lot, next painting I do, ill be sure to think on these points. I may go back to this one and sort him out! cheers again and thanks for visiting

Paulsketch: Thank you! :D

Alina Chau: Cheers!!!! :D

Jampix: Thankyou mate! much appreciated :D

Don does Dallas: Thank you!!! :D

Thanks for everyones comments - usually I visit everyones blog but Ive not had time, so I will do it in a week or so ( im off to china u see) thanks again everyone!

Kei Phillips said...

love the colouring in this one a lot. beautiful!