Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Best Friend

Its been a while!!!!

Ive been busy working on a website, so no new paintings to show. This one isnt new - I drew it maybe 4 weeks ago, but never posted it. So here it is!

Well, Im off to China tomorrow, so wont be posting for another week or so, thanks for all the comments, as soon as I get back Ill be catching up with everyones blogs, ive been a bad blogger recently! haha

Ken :D


S.T. Lewis said...

Great character with a wonderful smile. Off to China? Cool!

Alexei Martins said...

Cool!!!Love the colors & his smile!!

cheers! :D

bog_art said...

To be honest.. almost all my posts aren't new either.. haha.. good trip..

spleenal said...

I'll just have to post twice as often to keep the internet in balance


shou' said...

Cool pieces! Have fun in China -- let us know where you headed over there :D Starting Tuesday (9/25) they should start the Moon festival. Hopefully you'll get your fill of Moon cakes~

Word of advice: Do not eat any "meat" over there unless you enjoying trying the mystery meat ;)

Ramses said...

this character look's great! good job!

[Harim] said...

Bastante divertido este moustrito, Saludos desde México

Brandon Starr said...

Nice as always. Really dig your creatures.

Martin Hsu said...

hahaha.. nice!

The green and orange work nicely in his skin tone. Have fun in China! Say hi to my peeps for me!

afroman said...

woha so many new awesome pics! you nailed nick park and that scottish bloke looks hilarious.

Joe said...

haha, nice. Love the mouth.

William Hazle said...

Cool character!
You should give him a 'family'.
Just imagine the dental bills!!

Jo Bling said...

Jammy bloody jet-setter....


marcobucci said...

whoa, I can feel that skin just by looking at it. creepy! Nice work.

Ash Collins said...

oh wow, i wish i could draw stuff like that!
have fun in the orient lol

Q7D2 said...

Cool little goblin!

Le_Pompadorius_Fohawk said...


Justin Rodrigues said...

thats really cool. i love it.

Alina Chau said...


ryan said...

hahah cool

Dan szilagyi said...

great expression and mad colors man, i love this little dude!

Kei Phillips said...

his teeth make him look wicked scary!! :D i like the fact that parts of him are not in focus, works really well. i love ur painting. i should practice more!!! XD

dintoons said...

haha disgustingly sweet monster!! great stuff ken!!

have fun in china, and hope you discover more fun n fantastic monsters out there!! ;o)

Ken said...

St Lewis: Thanks mate! I modelled his smile on my own haha

Alexei Martins: Thank you!!! :D

Bog-art: haha glad to hear it! Thanks!

Spleenal: hahaha i felt the internet wobble there

Shou: Thanks dude! ACh! I was there on the 25th, but didnt see much mooon festival activity - though I did have a moon cake! mmm! hahahah mystery meat? Such as? Too late dude... I wish I had read your advice before I went haha

ramses: Thank you !!!!!!

Harim: Thanks for commenting! Whatever you said! Ah from Mexico? very cool! Saludos!

Brandon Starr: Thank you! :D

Martin Hsu: Thanks mate! I said hi but they didnt understand me! haha

Afroman: Thanks dude!!! much appreciated!

Joe: haha thanks

william hazle: Thank you! yeh a family is a good idea! haha, indeed!

Jo bling: hehe, not anymore! not anymore.... :(

marco bucci: haha good show! and thanks :D

ash collins: hehe thanks dude!!!

q7d2: thanks! :D

le pompadorus fohawk: Your name is complex to write! haha thanks for the comment!!!

Justin Rodrigues: Thanks dude!!

Alina Chau: haha thanks!

Ryan: cheers!!!

dan szilagyi: thank you!!! :D

kei phillips: thank you! much appreciated!! i should practice more too hahaha

dintoons: thanks dude! :D ach, I didnt find any monsters... I did find some awesome people and food and culture though! haha