Monday, October 15, 2007

Back home...

Hello! Its been a wee while!

In my last post I was just about to leave for China - China was great, saw some awesome things, including the great wall! It certainly lives up to its name!

Anyway, just two days ago, I returned home from my travels, back to Bonny Scotland. Phew! What a mind blowing year! I have seen so much, and learnt so much. But more on this later...

My latest drawing - ahhhh how nice! pencil and paper! I have a scanner for the first time in 12 months! thats why most of my posts have been digital paintings. But it felt great to sketch again and colour it in photoshop.

And what, you may ask, does this drawing portray? Why its me of course! I am in awe at the glorious glows from the ember (rust) hued national drink of Scotland that I have not tasted in over a year! Whiskey??? NAY!!! Irn Bru!

What the heck is Irn Bru?

Its a Scottish soft drink. Its bright orange. It looks and tastes of rusty water... well, it tastes better than that.

For those who are unfamiliar with Irn Bru (or Urn Burn as i heard someone call it once) here is a picture of it:

Alas, I forgot to take a photo of it glowing in a glass. Ach, next time. I wonder, fellow bloggers, how many of you are familiar with Irn Bru? If you are please tell me, and tell me where you are from! I am unsure if this beverage is available outside the UK...

But anyway! Travelling has ended. (for now. I intend to make a habit of it) Missing new sights, missing new friends, and missing my girlfriend. But my new journey has just begun! For I have a little secret project up my sleeve. Im not saying much just now, but Ill give some hints. Book. Drawings. Travel! Yeh! Im making a book about my travels. An art book. With pictures. Im gonna post about its progress here.

Now, before I sign off, I thought I would share a wee video with you all. Enjoy!! Ken :D


Rebecca said...

Nice drawings!! But doesnt really look like you though look wayyy better in person :p. It's good to see you're adding varieties onto your little blog!! wee...!! can't wait to see more....and can't wait to taste Irn Bru....night xxx

Brandon Starr said...

Awesome! I love the expression and the rich colors. I'll have to find myself some of that IRN-BRU.

William Hazle said...

Made in Scotland from Girders!

Welcome back Kenny!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear your home ken, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, can i ask why all the travel for a year? and that's a neat drink you have, reminds me of ice tea cans here.

Jen said...

Niiice!! Man, you're lucky! I always wanted to go to China!

Actually, I always wanted to go to Scotland, with all the awesome people with awesome accents! I'm from boring, boring NY. :(

Ken said...

rebecca: Aww thanks! haha doesnt look like me?

Shucks, are you sweet talking me? haha. yeh variety

is the spice of life!!! Ill send you some Irn Bru

haha. Hows that? night night ;) love xxx

Brandon Starr: Thankyou! That is my normal

expression. Haha try it if you dare. :D

William Hazle: haha indeed! Thanks!

Anonymous: Hello! thanks for visiting. Why I

travelled? Many reasons! Experience, see the world,

a chance to draw, see family, see my gf. Ah ice

tea... except ice tea is healthy right? haha

Jen: Yeh I am lucky to see china! I recommend you go. Book a cheap tour from Malaysia! haha. AH! you should visit scotland. I agree. Awesome accents haha. Boring NY? Ive never been, but everyone I know who has says its great! :D