Wednesday, October 24, 2007


AHHHH! Not enough time - this is a real quicky, just experimenting with doodles something Ive not done in a while hence the SHODDINESS of it all! ANd I ran out of time, so the painting is rushed and unfinsihed, ach well, have to get to me bed, better posts coming soooooooooooooooooooon

Ken :D


marcobucci said...

very cool! And it's great to see so many well drawn heads on one page. Having just some of them in colour makes it even more interesting to look at than if they were all painted up, I think!

joonasjoonas said...

I wish there was 36 hours in a day so you could finish this one. it's looking really good Ken!

Juampa said...

hey ken!!

your stuff is marvellous! i like your way of painting.


Kei Phillips said...

there are some really awesome characters in this pic!! fantastic work

Dan Szilagyi said...

i love the painting ken, and these recent drawings/paintings look great too, good job on the one layer picture, its hard to keep it good and not mess up too much.


S.T. Lewis said...

You may not love it, but I do. What a cool thing to do with a sketchbook page... and also, what a fine-looking bunch of sketches. Great characters.

Alina Chau said...


Ale said...

hey ken, nice blog :)
thanks for sharing that camstudio video, it's fun watching it! i like the rough feel of the painting though.
by the way, thanks for your comment on my life drawing blog!
take care,

bog_art said...

Wow!!.. This looks like will be a master piece!!.. I want to see it done!!.. I really like your video tutorial in your last post.. what program did you use to record how you work in photoshop??.. great ideo!!..

HerbieCans said...

this one is great! I love the use of color and characters you made. great trace and so funny! thanks for your post. U got great stuff lately.. since I visited last time.

Ken said...

marcobucci: Thanks mate! haha i think a few of those heads are fairly dodgey, but cheers! and yeh u may be right hehe, anything that justifies not finishing it suits me though haha!

Joonasjoonas: haha thanks dude! I wish there were 36 hours in a day so we could all sleep more woo!

juampa: thanks for visiting and for your kind comments! Cheers!

Kei Phillips: Thanks, means a lot!

Dan szilagyi: Thank you! much appreciated :D

st lewis: haha thanks dude. cheers and cheers! maybe ill do more...

alina: SUPER THANKS! haha!

ale: Thanks for visiting :D oh yeh, give the cam studio a try! thanks and no worries! Ill be back to visit again :D

bog art: thank u mate! haha maybe i should put more work into it. I used Camstudio to record the photoshop, I linked to it in my post, check it out! cheers!

Herbiecans: Thank you mate! means a lot! and thanks for visiting!