Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How I paint!

Hello!! Something unique today - last night I did a quick digital painting. Its very rough around the edges, I may go back and work on it more. But I was testing out a free program called CamStudio.

It basically captures what you are doing on screen. So i videod my painting process in photoshop. I enjoy watching these things back, speeded up of course. Its kinda satisfying. SO I have posted it below :D

Will be doing more of these in the future!


I just got asked how I went about this image. Basically, I painted all on one layer. Sometimes I paint on many, but because this was a quick sketch, I stuck to one. Less to think about! For the whole painting, I just used the standard photoshop brush. I made no changes to it. I adjusted its size only, depending on which bit I was painting. Usually I set the brush to change opacity with how hard I press on my tablet. However I forgot to do that, and only remembered about 3/4 of the way through this sketch. I kept the brush hard, not soft. Thats aboot it! Thats how I generally always paint.

Ken :D

PS... some of you may have noticed that I had ads up on this site for a while. I was testing them out, but, I felt dirty hahaha. Like I had sold my soul. So, now they are down. I reckon my blog should be about my art, and adding ads is devaluing it all a bit. Anyhoo... it
feels much better without them!


arzu said...

Lovely painting!

Drigni said...

Could you explain us how you do this?
Which brushes did you use and so on...

afroman said...

welcome back from your trip man! nice to see you updating so often...unlike other people...;)

awesome vid, it's always kinda fascinating to see how simple images start out.

and love the new banner

Alfredotron said...

awesome work keneth, im gonna have to try it .. i mean ive never done sumethin in one single layer before, cheers dude!

shou' said...

Cool piece~ Thanks for sharing your process with us :)

That Scottish breakfast looks fairly hearty... How are you holding up? What was that white cream on top? Sour cream? Whip cream?

Dried sheep blood sounds better than monkey brains for dessert (from what Indiana Jones almost ate)... Yeah.

dintoons said...

brilliant! and thanx for sharing your process! :o)

messytimbo said...

looks good dude. it's nice to be able to see you at work as well. thats a good little program there.

and thanks for you thoughts that you posted. i had a good think about what you said. and i think that your right about the inspiration to be creative comes from somewhere we don't know. but i still think that inspiration, can come from any where, and we can we should use are creativity to express it.

thanks agian for your comment

GhettoFab said...

dood its soooooo awesoem you share your process Ken. A joy to watch..( watched it twice )

RoB said...


Great video! Awesome art!


Andy Conroy said...

Hey Ken! Thanks for the comment! Your stuff looks awesome! you have a fun style!

Congrats on the Job, I love triplets of bellville!!

Ash Collins said...

sweet jesus. show off much? ;)

Kei Phillips said...

omg that was amazing i cant believe you did it all on one level and straight into the computer!!! i am beyond impressed im amazed!! truly wicked work :O

Josh (musarter) said...

It is cool to see how you work. The painting turned out nice. It is hard for me to imagine working on one layer like that. Nice work.

S.T. Lewis said...

This is very cool... I like watching how people work. I may have to try that CamStudio thing myself. I'm glad you posted this - it's great.

Ken said...

arzu: Thank you!

Drigni: thanks for visiting, I added an update quickly explaining :D

afroman: haha, Ive no excuses now! Thanks and thanks dude :D

alfredotron: Thanks dude, wow really? Its just like real painting i guess haha. Liberating!!

shou: No worries, i enjoy watching how others work thats why I did it hehe

Oh yeh man, I didnt feel 100% after eating that haha. Noo not cream hahaha god no. That was fried egg! haha

Oh yeh! Indiana jones and the temple of doom... live snakes too. Do they really eat monkey brains in China? I heard that.... ?

Dintoons: Thanks dude and no worries :D

Messytimbo: Thanks! Yeh its a great wee program. I had to use aftereffects to edit the video though.

Oh yes I agree dude! Inspiration can come from a falling leave, a smile, a beautiful scenery too - i think what i meant more was that creativity comes from somewhere unknown. And inspiration when we get an idea out of the blue comes from somewhere untouched. maybe haha who knows. buts its interesting to think about!

ghettofab: thanks dude! wow twice? haha. appreciate it man. I dont paint that fast though mind ;) I would love to see a vid of your working process!

rob: haha thanks mate! appreciate it

andy conroy: no worries dude! and thanks for visitng and your kind comment :D oh man, belleville is awesome innit!!!

Ash collins: hahaha thanks for the comment dude XD

kei phillips: haha thanks! wow! means a lot :D

josh: thanks dude! try the one layer thing, I honestly think its easier than layers. Layers is so confusing, so much to remember and think about. one layer is simple! haha. thanks again

st lewis: yes! I loved your drawings u videoed, it would be good to see more of your work in video form! thanks dude!

Paul Young said...

frickin awesome, informative and interesting post! thanks man!

tomm said...

so cool thanks man