Friday, October 26, 2007

Orangutans are awesome!

My title says it all! Orangutans, in my opinion, are awesome. All creatures great and small are awesome, but Orangutans, for some reason, I just love.

I reckon its coz they are orange. Bright orange! And kinda furry too. They look so cuddly and orangy and cute. Ive not seen anything so orange in nature since highland cows.

Speaking of orange, why would nature evolve an orange animal? Seems strange!

The name orangutan derives from the Malay language and means "man of the forest". My girlfriend told me that one.

I dont think my painting does them justice - they are much cuter in real life, AND much more intelligent than this portrays hahaha. But hey, she is a cartoon orangutan, she can get away wi it.

While I was in Malaysia I was very lucky. It has been my dream to come face to face with a real orangutan for years - and one day, by a stroke of luck, there was a female orangutan and a keeper in an animal park, waiting for people to have their photo taken with her. Needless to say, I did. Much to the embarrassment of my girlfriend.

I am the one on the right. I am glad she had a good keeper, and looked happy and well looked after.

Anyhoo. Aye. I painted an orangutan. Photoshop. I dinnae ken how long it took, maybe 3 or 4 hours.

Ken :D


dan szilagyi said...

thanks ken, glad you like the painting, i've been meaning to ask you, how is the animation industry over there? is there lots of 2D work around? or is it hard to come by? over here in canada there is alot of flash and digital animation work but no 2D at all, i'm a member of the EU being from hungary and all so i'm thinking of a move in the nearby future, just want to hear what you think.
and yeah hopefully i'll get over this nasty cold
great painting by the way, love the expression.

Alexei Martins said...

Definitely orangutans are awesome!
Love his pose and expression!!


Rebecca said...

Nice work

afroman said...

hahaha such a great pic =D

Jörn Gebert said...

Hahahaha, funny picture, hahaha. And also a great artwork, nice pose! (in both ones, look as if you and your friend don't model the first time)

maria j. said...

nice orangutan, nice work! thank you for pasing by my blog

.:CHAOSBOY:. said...

Thanks for the comment, I still love your artworks.
I've been working so hardly in this period.
Now I'm back, and I got time.

Dave said...

Awesome painting!

Chio_Garu said...

Orangu-rific! Love the colours ^^

Glad you got to meet an orangutan, pity all the habitat destruction is driving more of them into captivity...

Gordon Hammond said...

Great painting...nice color palette!

..and thanks for your comment!

Antonio Fernandez said...

Love the colours and his hair and eyes.
I remember to Clyde. The friend of Clint Eastwood.

Ken said...

Dan: Hi dan! I replied your question on your blog! Thanks for your comments, much appreciated :D

Alexei Martins: haha i am glad you agree! Thanks dude!

Rebecca: Thanks babes!

Afroman: haha thanks dude.

Jorn Gebert: thankyou! Thanks for visitng and for your kind comments!

Maria.j: No worries, thanks for passing by mine! cheers!

Chaosboy: Thankyou mate! Glad your back, look forward to your posts :D

dave: thanks dude!!

Chio_garu: Haha cheers! Much appreciated. Yeh It was a good experience. And yes its so sad. Wild oranguatans only have about 10 years left before they may be extinct...

Gordon Hammond: Thank you! And no worries :D

Antonio Fernandez: Thank you! yes I know that film haha, I enjoyed it

Burl said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ken. I really like this image, especially the colours. The eyes, though, seem too white compared to how everything else in the set is lit. Checking you're site I think I've seen work of yours on EatPoo.

Also, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on animation. It was a passion of mine until I began to focus solely on illustration / painting, but it's still an option of mine to study it at University. Where did you go to study it? And was it any good?


S.T. Lewis said...

I love this one... the gesture is hilarious and very orangutan-ish, and the expression - well, can't beat that.