Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Strange Behaviour Part 4


Some of you may remember a piece I was working on a while ago, for a cgtalk competition. Well, Im still working on it! Deadline is in 2 weeks or so, so Im trying to wrap it up.

This is my progress so far! I have changed a fair bit of it. My last update on this was a couple of months ago, and it looked a bit like this: click me!

As you can see, its changed a fair bit.

Anyhoo! I am posting this mainly for crits and feedback! If you got any opinions on how I can improve it, I would love to hear them!


Ken :D


Dan Szilagyi said...

Hey Ken,

thanks for the info, i did know of Chomet's new film, i saw a few pictures of it and it looked great!!
anyway based on what you say it sounds fairly similar to canada then, i guess there is a bit more 2D over there still though.
as for work, i'm looking into my options for overseas work, i'm currently working with a program called harmony which i know some studios over there use.
Flash is pretty much the only way to animate here, either that or 3D.
thanks for the links i'll take a look into them.
I moved to canada when i was little with my parents from europe, i ended up going to animation school here but i had always hoped to be able to get into 2D somewhere.
anyway thanks alot, that's a great painting you have too!

Shawn Escott said...

WOW, a ton of AMAZING posts lately!! Awesome work Ken. I have 3 things to comment on about this piece. (They may or may not be of value :) What if you had the tail of the furry little guy more of a curve to follow the curve of the track? It might help lead the eye into the composition. The other thing might be to increase the warm colors on the left to add a bit more depth. The last and final comment is "THIS IS AWESOME!!! Fantastic work man!"

Richard Gaines said...

Ken, these paintings, particularly this one, just kick ASS!! There's so much going on. You can even tell what's happening through all the surrealistic smorgasborg.

Also, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

reminds me of monkeybone
but not in that lame movie
sort of way-

more the "old-time funhouse cool"
way. Nice mixed lighting, really fantastic mood.

backgammon said...

Wow man, what a bizarre rollercoaster! I love it! In fact I love all your work, you have an amazing skill.
Thanks for the comment on my blog

Edward Pun said...

You got one wicked cool art blog. The characters and colors are awesome!

Ken said...

Dan szilagyi: Yeh it does look great, im excited to be working on it!
Im not sure about Harmony. your right, the world has gone 3d, so 2d studios are rare all over the place. And some flash places. Its a shame. But 2d lives on, hanging but the edge of its teeth. ah ok! so youve been in canada a while. Well good luck with the job hunting abroad, if I find out any more info, illbe sure to tell you. :D oh and thanks for the kind comments!

shawn Escott: Thank you sir! Much appreciated, thanks for the compliments to my humble postings haha. And your comments were of value! Thanks for your advice I see what u mean about the tail, and yes the warm colours thing is a sound idea! haha and many thanks for comment number 3 :D

richard gaines: Thank you! Means a lot dude. haha I am glad this image is still readable, phew! was worried it may be too jumbled. Smorgasborg is an awesome word too...cheers!

Goobeetsablog: Haha i liked that movie!!! I found it pretty funny. Thanks for the comments, I am glad it has that feel to it!

Backgammon: Thanks mate! Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments.

Edward Pun: Thank you! Much apprecieated, thanks for dropping in :D

David said...

Hey there, I really like your work and thanks for posting videos of how you paint. Always nice to see how others work.

This illustration has a great use of light, motion and humor. I like the added height to the image... gives it a more cavernous feel. And I like the added track that goes under the main track. Definitely like the brighter cooler blue light on the octopus monster.

The image looks really good as it is, but if you want some feedback... this may or may not be useful:

Not sure about the small, lower right bit of track... it doesn't seem to connect to anything the way the other added tracks do and draws my eye to low into the image. You have a nice flow from the upper track leaving the image on the right and returning on the lower right/bottom. Gives it a great motion and dizzying effect and helps draw the eye into the image. What if it was the middle lower tentacle from the octopus monster instead curling up and out with a little bit more smoke (keeping it subtle as to not divert focus too much). You already have three tentacles grabbing poles. Or maybe just darken this bit of track somewhat.

Also I didn't realize the section going from the exit sign down to the car was a track at first... maybe hint at some cross bars and spread the edges slightly apart?

Love the expression on the bunny (it would be the one I'd have) but I like just the two buck teeth in the first go round. Makes him more bunnyish. Let octopus guy have all the teeth.

Also love the "fun ride" on the side of the car.

Really nice work. Wish I could paint half as well. Hope this feedback was useful.... I'm definitely no expert. If it wasn't, just delete this post and pretend I was eaten by the octopus monster.

de Haaff said...

Thanks for the comment man, appreciate it. As far as crits go, if I know CG talk, then it's gonna have to be suuuper tight for it to have a chance of winning a competition there. I like it as it is, but if there was a slogan for CG talk it would be something like "Render, render, render...and render some more!", no wait "Surrender to the render!" Much better. Anyways, do what your gut tells ya.

afroman said...

haha this painting is excellent, and this updated version definetly looks a lot better than the old version.

Perhaps you could add more depth or details/light to that black spot right beneath the monster because it makes it seem like the light that's behind shining through that opening is being cut off or swallowed in that particular spot. and also as david said, it leads the eye downwards instead of being led to the monster.

I don't know if what I'm saying is making any sense or helpful in any way =)

anyway, it looks awesome the way it is now, but I wish you good luck nonetheless and I hope you had a lot of fun Guising ;)

Ken said...

David: Thanks mate, much appreciated, and no worries, I enjoy seeing others work too!

Thanks for your awesome feedback! About the track, I think I will darken it, but i like the idea of another tentacle, i think I could do with putting another subtle one in there somewhere!

And yes the track on the left doesnt read well as a track - ill need to change that!

Haha i think your right, I think the bunny has too much teeth!

No way man, your advice is really great, just what I was looking for. I owe you dude. Thanks for the kind comments!

De Haaff: No worries dude. Hahaha I think I agree with your slogan. Ill see how much rendering I can be bothered doing, and see how it goes. Cheers!

Afroman: Thanks mate! And thanks for the advice mate, yup definetly helpful. Phew! I got a lot to work on haha. thanks for the comments mate, and big thanks for taking the time to crit! It really helps :D Cheers dude!

Odon said...

hey, sending you an email Ken, let me know if yo don't get it


Alexei Martins said...

Love that new version! It is with more details and they're "lines" are more dramatic! I loved!


very cool! diggin the twistedness of it all.

Jamal O said...

wow dis iz bananas...