Monday, October 29, 2007

To Rebecca...

One year has come and gone,

And what a year its been
Most days you were by my side
Now nowhere to be seen

For you are over there
And I am over here,
How long for I do not know
Maybe another year

So dont forget me as we wait
Its hard, I know, its true
But just remember these three words
I... love... you x


Miss Piggy Lass said...

Thats so sweet!! I love you too!! Love the poem!! Cant stop crying reading it. Sorry for being mooshy but my tears keep flowing as i read it. I miss you lots :(....if only i can hug u now XXX

Sam Rowan said...

ken your such a romantic!!!! well done getting the job im happy for you dude
and you blogging like a mad man

LauraBraga said...

hi Kenneth!!
first time in your blog....and i'm so sorry for my english....he-he-he!!:P

your blog is fantastic!!


i'm come back!!!:))



ps:great illustration!!!:))

Jinny Liang said...

aw! That's so sweet!!
Great painting! and keep it up with the blog postings, I'm really enjoying them :)!!

GhettoFab said...

you go ken!

your crankin out some awesoem works man!

!LEON! said...

Love the fun style and color pallet you use it really warms you up just by looking at it. I love the expression as well, its like you told her to hold still and shes trying not to laugh. Thanks for visiting I really dig your work as well.

Ken said...

Miss Piggy Lass: Awww dont cry! Its from the heart babes. Your so cute haha. miss you too, heres a big hug - HUG! Love ya ;) xxx

Sam Rowan: haha I have my moments man. Hows things?? Cheers! Hopefully the job will be a good experience. I am a Mad man!!!

LauraBraga: Yoour english is great! Thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated. And thanks for the kind comments! :D see you again!

Jinny Liang: Haha thanks for the kind comments! Glad you are enjoying my work, more coming soon! :D

Ghettofab: Cheers dude! I wish I could keep pace with you though!

Leon: Thankyou, much appreciated! Yeh she has that kind of smile, though my painting really doesnt do it justice ;) No worries dude, thanks for dropping by!