Tuesday, November 27, 2007



Another quick, half finished, anatomically incorrect digipainty sketch thing from me. Im doin a lot of these lately, which isnt good. Id actually like to finish something, but my eyes feel like exploding I think its bed time!

Anyhoo, this a bogle. Whats a bogle? Its a Scottish mythical creature, that looks nothing at all like this. I just liked the name! To find out more about what real bogles are go here: BOGLES!

My bogle is unlike a real one in many ways. For one, this guy is friendly, though a bit goofy. And he carries a sword. And wears a kilt.

Anyhoo, I will add this image to my ever increasing folder of "to be finished" paintings, where it will probably be neglected for eternity.

Thanks to everyone who visits and for all the kind comments! Cheers!


Ps: below is a close up, and the original sketch. Once again I much prefer the sketch.


seamas without pants said...

i LOVE this guy--! he looks like he'd be great fun to have a pint or three with!

Maarten Rijs said...

Amazing sketch, and your a master at digital painting!
Wonder why I never visited your blog... Have come across that cool kung fu avatar a thousand times lol.

martin wittig said...

Hahahah This guy is Awesome! Nice colors too! Man, yer just crankin out the goodness,.. gimme a chance to catch up will ya?:)

Drigni said...

someday could you post a tuto of your speed painting because on the video we can see the brushes,the effects and so on.
Your paints are so amazing!!!!!

Miss Piggy Lass said...

Happy birthday,Bogle!! haha :p. Hope your enjoying your bogle birthday, though without me this time :(. Love u lots xxx muacks!!

PS : I love this piece!! Nice colours and i shall go search for bogles online :p

Anonymous said...

very strange:)
but well painted and drawn

spleenal said...

this guy looks like he'd be good friends with ludo from labyrinth

LuDo frIENd!

Dan Szilagyi said...

i think the pencil work is top notch man! i kinda have to say the paints took away from it rather then help it, but then again people have different opinions.
looking sweet though.

joonasjoonas said...

Once again great stuff Ken! but why did you leave the bunny out of this ;) ?

donnachada said...

Thanks for the note. Nice work you have here. Good luck with the feature. I'll be looking forward to seeing that.

Anonymous said...

Just amazing work here! Beautiful character design/drawing/colour and lighting - keep up the great work!


Vencys_lao said...

HI brother MOnkey hahaha


Very cool that pictures!! Is amazing!!

\o/ \o/

Very good
See ya

backpakker said...

Nice colours ..love his hair, I must say and whats he saying with his mouth wide open ?

bog_art said...

Friendly??.. why did he frighten me so much then??.. I like the color one as much as the b/w one..

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

nice painting. i like the light and the costume..hihh-..

Ken said...

seamas without pants: haha thanks dude! Oh yes Im sure he would be. But no doubt he would drink everyone under the table!

Maartin rijs: Thanks mate and thanks for visiting! haha I wish I was a master... then I would wield my wacom pen like a lightsaber. Thanks for finally following my kungfu avatar, I find that happens all the time to me - do come again!

Martin Wittig: Thanks mate!!!Really appreciated it. Haha catch up? your posts are saturated with quality, which is more important than quantity! haha :D

Drigni: Hello! Thanks for your kind words! Sure one day I will do a tutorial, just for fun hehe, not sure I got much to offer tho. You should check out bobby chiu and Joe Bluhms digital painting tutorials on Youtube - I find Joes to be especially useful!!!! Thanks again :D

Miss piggy lass: haha aww thanks! Tho it wasnt quite my birthday when u sent haha. yeh, it wasnt the same without you. I missed spending my bday with u in Halls Gap! Good times. Thanks for the comments! Love u too ;) xx

Goobeetsablog: haha thanks glad he is strange! And cheers!

Spleenal: haha yes! I think they may be childhood mates :D

Dan Szilagyi: Thanks mate! Yeh the paints are unfinished which doesnt help, tho I do prefer the sketch myself. I reckon tho, if I pushed on and tightened up the painting, it would look a lot better. Cheers dude!

Joonasjoonas: Cheers!!!!! haha good observation! yes, I think the bunny may make a return in a future version :D

donnachada: No worries dude! thanks for dropping in and cheers for the kind words!

Gord Macdonald: Thank you! Much appreciated! thanks for dropping in! :D

vencys_lao: OOH OOH! haha. Thanks mate! glad you like it. :D

Backpakker: thanks!!! His hair is modelled on my own. HAHA. Oh he is saying - AHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA - laughing is his pasttime :D

Bog art: haha did he frighten you?!? OH NO!! haha. thanks dude! :D

Daniel MC Alvite: thanks for dropping by and for the kind comments! :D

Dark Master said...

hey Ken, did you notice that the second image in this post keeps changing to Viking boy? very strange...

bob kolar said...

Nice drawing. I went to high school with this guy.

Mike Nassar said...

nice painting and really diggin the drawing too man. great stuff here as always.