Friday, November 16, 2007

Dragon crocodile thingymajigg

Hello hello!

Wow 2 posts in 2 days! I was bored at home on a friday night with nothing to do, so I did this wee painting.

When I am at work, inbetweening, I find it helps me to stay focused and energised to have a sheet of paper on my lightbox to do quick doodles on. So if my hand is cramping up, or my brain is beginning to hurt haha, I do a couple real quick doodles on my bit of paper. 20 second doodles, not long. It works! After that Im ready to go again.

This image started as one of those doodles. I was messing around and I drew a wee dragon thing which i liked so I snapped it up with my phone and painted him up tonight!

Interesting thing. Camera phones arent superb quality (well my k750i isnt, esp in a dimly lit room!) so the resulting photograph is grainy and slightly blurred and off colour. BUT! I think this is a good thing. It adds a lot of texture to the base drawing and gives a nice starting tone sometimes. SO I think I may do this more often. Instead of scanning my doodles, snap em with my camera and paint into them. Here is a GIF of my work in progress:

Hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for visiting, and for all your kind comments. Much appreciated!

And! Updates on my film soon, I promise! I go home at the weekend so ill be able to scan some stuff and upload :D

Ken :D


CCarman said...

Beautiful work Ken!!!

Your paintings and character designs are fantastic.

Thanks for sharing....


Skid said...

Cute dragon!

indicaspecies said...

I enjoyed the GIF of your lovely art. Thank you for sharing.

milkyteets said...

this is great! I love the little gif you included showing the process, really cool.

fun character man =)

macaronni said...

So many awesome design works! :O

Thanks for leaving a comment :)

libra bear said...

Hey Ken, Thanks for stopping by the Blog. Loving the Dragon, the Gif of the drawing coming to life is a good idea, the previous post is amazing as well. I think I'll check out that Job.

Alexei Martins said...

Haha!That's awesome!!I really enjoyed that cool dragon crocodile!!Keep it up dude!!


Samanta Erdini said...

I like your styleee!!!
You are so great!!!
Nice and Cute Dragon!!!!


Dan Szilagyi said...

such a cute little guy! you've got a point with the camera thing though, its not a bad idea!
so how is your work? do you have a set quota or a certain number you have to do a day?
good job for finding time to paint/make a film/ and work and still post on the blog
pat yourself on the back sir!

HerbieCans said...

It's great watching the process since it's a sketch on a notebook to the final result. also is a great design. ^__^

Ken said...

ccarman: Thank you Chris! Cheers for dropping by and for your kind comments. Much :D

Skid: Its my favourite pet! haha

Indicaspecies: ThankYOU for dropping by and looking at my work! haha cheers!

Milkyteets: Thanks mate, much appreciated!

Macaronni: Thanks dude, and no worries! :D

Libra Bear:No worries mate, your blog is a pleasure to behold! Thanks for the kind comments - Yeh the job is worth doing, not many 2D features being made in the world right now, and I tell ya, its lookin beautiful!

Alexei Martins: Thanks mate!! :D :D :D

Samanta Erdini: haha thanks! Cheers for your kind comments :D

Dan Szilagyi: Yeh i recommend the camera thing! Ah work is swell thanks! I get paid to draw lol... cant complain. At the moment I am still on practice, getting used to the style and warming up for the real deal. So no quotas yet haha. yeh well, I dont have much of a social life these days lol so I got plenty of spare time and nothin much to do with it! Thanks for dropping by dude :D

Herbiecans: Thank you! Yeh I love seeing images form... everyone should do it!!!! :D

Claudio Cerri said...

Wow kenneth, this is what I call "very interesting post!"