Tuesday, November 06, 2007



Well I started my new job yesterday, phew! It was great, but exhausting. I haven't really worked since my work experience in OZ...

Anyhoo, due to work, I have less time to blog and draw and paint my personal stuff! Hence the quick sketch I'm posting tonight. I reckon Ill be posting more sketchy stuff for a good while, not as much free time as I used to have!

I hope you all enjoy.

Ken :D


Jörn Gebert said...

This quicky is a nice one. She remembers me in a performer from the 80th, perhaps a dance-movie ...
I have 9to5 every day Ken, two posts a week is too much! Thanx for stopping by, greets

Ash Collins said...

lush drawring again. how does you doe it??

Vencys_lao said...

Hi Buddy! What's Up?
Your work is fantastics!!!

I posted on my blog a preview of the short film that my friend and I are producing. Access blog and see!


See ya!

Alexei Martins said...

Cool!!!love the colors!!!

cheers dude!:)

bog_art said...

Good luck in your new project!!.. I am waiting to see your "Keris and Silat" post done!!..

phc said...

hi ken

great colours in this drawing and i like her expression !!!

thanks for the good words that you leaved on my blog... i appreciate !!!



GhettoFab said...

beauty of a post Ken! Sad to hear that you may post a lil less but glad to hear the new job is keepin you busy ( or at least I hope thats a good thing ;)

look forward to the next post

marcobucci said...

VERY nice. Love the clothing!

milkyteets said...

Hey man thanks for the comment, you have some great paintings on here! You wanna exchange links? =) Oh! I'm from New Scotland by the way.. (nova scotia canada. :P) My grandfather was straight from scotland, just throwing that out there as I noticed when reading your about you that that's where you are from. I'm definitely going to visit there!

ps - awesome pose on the chick.

Dan Szilagyi said...

Hey Ken,
amazing posts lately man! the last post looks amazing, i love reading your stories since you've been to so many places! and how nice of your girlfriend to get you such a gift!
anyway is your job the same place that you sent me a link to? if so then it sounds like a cool place!
well congrats on that and lovely post here as well, i like how simple and well done it is
cheers mate~

Joe said...

cheers ken, i really like the halloween pic u posted up. very cute

Mike Nassar said...

sweet speed paint. came out great. havn't been to your blog in a long while. great posts!

Maki said...

Nice piece, Ken! Love the color. Very sweet :)

Good luck and have fun with your new job!

Fabio Lai said...

I love her expression and nice colors too Ken.

Felipe Fernandes said...

Great drawin' man! I loved the girl expression.. :P

AstroGuaje said...

Awesome job¡¡ Beautiful color.

You have a link in my blog


backpakker said...

thats what work does to us ..cute girl..but she looks a bit irritated ? btw, have linked you

Jamal O said...

Nice! oozing with character!

Ken said...

Jorn Gebert: Thank you matey! 2 posts per week isnt enough ahha. I wish I had more time and energy. Ah well. I have to pay the bills! haha

Ash Collins: thanks dude!!! :D

Vencys Lao: Hello! Thanks for the kind comments.Ok cool! I will check out your blog when I have time! Cheers!

Alexei Martins: Thanks mate!

Bog-art: Thank you! Oh my keris and silat post hahaa, when I have time I shall finish it! Cheers!

Phc: Hello! Thanks for that. And no worries! Ill be back to see you work

Ghettofab: Thanks dude!! haha yeh, the busy part is kind of a good thing. Im learning a lot! I miss blogging though! Cheers :D

marcobucci: thankyou! Much appreciated :D

Milkyteets: No worries mate! And thanks for dropping by and the kind comments. Sure! Link away! I think I already linked you? I will check. Wow awesome! New Scotland. Where was your grandfather from? Which bit? Maybe we are long distant cousins lol. Yeh visit Scotland dude, its almost awesome! And thanks!

Dan szilagyi: Thanks mate much appreciated! And thanks! I am glad you enjoy my random stories haha. Yes it was very nice of her! she is so kind. Yes, my job is at Ink Animations. We are outsourcing for studio Django in Edinburgh - its an exciting project! Thanks for that mate, and cheers for the kind comments!

Joe: Thanks mate! :D

Mike Nassar: Thankyou! and cheers for popping back!

Maki: Thankyou! :D and cheers, fun so far hehe

Fabio Lai: Thank you! Much appreciated

Felipe Fernandes: Cheers! :D

astroguaje: Thanks mate! Oh cool! I think I have linked you already!

Backpakker: Yeh, work, the bane of existance! haha and the necessity for existance. Yeh, she does look irriated! being hit on by some random weirdo haha. Thanks for the link! I will be sure to link u asap!

Jamal o: Thank you dude! Much appreciated :D

Danarchy said...

nice dude your painting is looking better then EVAH!!!