Monday, November 19, 2007

Short film - character concept


Heres a quicky. Its a rough character concept for my short film. At the moment I am playing with character ideas as my short is gonna be full of them (I hope!) Not sure who this one is. Maybe a restaurant owner? Or something more sinister... hmm

Ive got the idea for my short, but so far its only noted in my brain. I should really thrash it out on paper BEFORE drawing character concepts but hey im too excited. Besides, sometimes drawing can inspire new ideas and lead to the development of the story.

Anyhoo, Im feeling pretty drained, tired, eyes need rest... too much draw... ughhhh


I did some quick photoshop head concepts for my main character - just playing around with shapes and hair and character! The main character will be a girl, early twenties, university student. I think I am aiming for a geeky but still cute look... hmmm... none of these are really doing it for me, but some elements I may use.

Ken :D


Lettie said...

awesome character. would it be hard to animate ?

Mike Nassar said...

everything is hard to animate. hahaah.
sweet character design. great to hear that your about to go head first into a short film. let your viewers know what the premise is. get that bad boy on paper.

Claudio Cerri said...

What a cool character!
Are you interesting to exchange link with me?
If you are interesting please can you write me on my blog? See you soon!

Miss Piggy Lass said...

Defeinitely mafia ;) haha. Love xxx

backpakker said...

he looks more like a victorian villain..but sthg cute abt him ..waitg to see yr film

Douglas Ferreira said...

hi Kenneth.Your designs are very nice!I took the link to your blog from the strange behaviour contest,like you I also work with animation,and I even got in touch with Django Animation some time ago!got luck with your short film,visit my blog if you have some time!best wishes!

Mitch K said...

I'm really diggin' your stuff -- it's rad.

Is there much of an industry in Scotland? I'm trying to find a good excuse to move there for a while.

Allyn said...

fantastic chin work on that fat guy! they're all great designs.

bog_art said...

I agree with miss piggy lass.. mafia!!.. your mini tutorial of your dragon crocodile thingymajigg is great!!..

Dan Szilagyi said...

hey ken,
great character! i love that guy! for sure he could fit the mobster mold, but why not mix it up? prehaps a chef/gangster?
as for the girl, even though you said you don't like them, i like the first row of girls, my fav would be the one with long-ish hair and golden hoop earrings.
can't wait to see what you do man!

messytimbo said...

cool designs. it's good to see your working on a new short. can't wait to see more

libra bear said...

Love the designs Ken, specially the mobster/restaurant owner. Sometimes when I can't think of a story, I do the character then put think of a situation to put them in. great to see you r process (by the way, I got a reply from Ink, may have an interview soon, fingers crossed, thanks again).

Ken said...

Lettie: Thanks Lettie. Hard to animate... hmmm... as long as he doesnt bend over it should be fine! :D

Mike Nassar: Thanks dude! Head first.. haha... more like, toes first, see how it goes. Its gonna be a long term personal project amongst others. as for the premise... not sure whether to keep it a surprise!

Claudio Cerri: Thanks mate! haha, link exchange? You are already in my links! I will write on your blog haha

Miss Piggy Lass: Mafia? hahaha. yeh. Might try and steer away from that though! love xxx

Backpakker: Yes he does look kinda victorian! dress style. haha my film will be a long long way away!!! Thanks!

Douglas Ferreira: Thankyou! Much appreciated. Ah great! Did you enter the strange behaviour contest? And what happened with Django? I will visit yout blog very soon!!

Mitch K: Thanks mate!!! Yeh? Your interested in moving to Scotland? The industry is not huge anywhere in the UK. Most of it is in London. But Scotland is home to Django films and a 2D feature is being made in part here! So yeh there are jobs around. A lot of jobs in games here tho

Allyn: haha yeh he has some chin. Based on my own of course. thanks mate!

Bog art: haha yes he does look kinda mafia! oh and thanks!!

Dan szilagyi: thanks mate!! haha a chef ganster sounds good, but I already have in mind another character who is a chef.... hmmmmmmmmm! ideas ideas! thanks for your opinion on the girls dude, this is a first pass, more coming soon!

MessTimbo: Thanks! haha I dont know if thats good for me but cheers! A lot of work ahead....

Libra Bear: Thanks dude! Yeh your right, sometimes the best ideas come from the character not the other way round. After all a character sparks things in its environment! Cheers mate. Oh and good luck on the interview front! Thats awesome. With your skillz, you would blow them away. All the best

Alexei Martins said...

Ahahaha!Caramba!Cool characters!!!The first one is from mafia? also cute girls!


Megan Ferguson said...

damn your designs are top rate , i love the guys chin(s) the best haha ,

and the girls are cute ! i know what you mean having that cute/nerdy balance ( my life has been perfecting that haha )

keep the big ears tho ! big ears are super cute yet geeky

Andrew Smith said...

Nice stuff dude. Your digi-painting skills are definitely up there. However these designs look pretty boring to me. None of them really grab me and none of them tell me who this person is (be specific!). Resorting to generalizations in character designs is a commonly made error.
Of course, these people you are making up may be very rich in character but that isn't coming through in these designs (and in a cartoon it MUST).
On your first character, for example, his silhouette is basically a tear-shaped blob... not so interesting. A good character design has a strong silhouette and a strong silhouette comes from contrast in the large shapes that make up the character... So, you might have a round body with a square-shaped head or something like that. Use contrast to make things interesting and be very specific with your characters. Treat them as INDIVIDUALS not TYPES

just my 2 cents... Keep up the good work.

Ken said...

Alexei Martins: Haha thanks dude :D Mafia? I am not sure, many people have been saying so, so maybe! haha.

Megan Ferguson: Thank you! Means a lot, considering your exceptional character design talent! Haha so you have first hand knowlegde of the nerdy cute balance? that can only be a good thing! haha. Thanks for the tip! I agree, big ears are the way to go - thanks!!

Andrew Smith: Thanks for the comment and sound crit dude! I agree they are boring, they were a first pass, messing around, none of them really do it for me either haha. For me character design is a long process and this has hardly even started - I agree totally, the character design must be full of character! And yes 100% agree on the silhouette issue, it is something I do work on but I should really get into the habit of thinking about that from stage ONE, and applying it in every drawing, whether it is a quick doodle, a rough sketch - whatever it is. Thanks for that dude, I will be sure to work on all those points! Your crits rock - and cheers! :D

milkyteets said...

awesome! he looks schemie. :P