Friday, November 16, 2007

Strange Behaviour - Finally finished!

Roll up roll up!
For the thrill of your life
Forget your worries
Forget your strife!
Fun fun fun is what youll find here,
But the price is quite steep, yes very dear!

Step in the cart now,
No need to worry,
Shaped like a coffin
An omen? Dont scurry!
Soon youll be racing so very fast
You and your friends, no-one wants to go last!

The critters agree,
Its worth it they say
Mr Octopi's funride
You must try it one day!
But only once mind, you cannot go twice,
For the price you pay, is not very nice!

At Last! I have finsihed my Strange Behaviour entry! I am very happy to be getting rid of it haha. I am tired of looking at it. Unfortunately I didnt get to do all the finishing touches and alterations I wanted to, because I started my new job etc, so been pretty busy. But I am happy enough with this, could do with some tidying up but hey...
A big big big big big thanks to everyone who helped me with this piece. I learnt a lot from all your comments a critiques and this image would have turned out totally different without them. SO thanks a lot, much appreciated!
Special thanks to: Atle Maeland, Don Flaws, Rebecca Chua, Shikaru, Shawn Escott, David (?), De Haaff, Nader Hassan, Andrew Smith, Forbes Browne for the great crits and everyone over on the cgtalk forum who commented and critiqued my work. If I forgot to mention anyone, let me know!!!
Ahhhh! relief! Bed time. Now I will have time to work on my film - updates soon!
Ken :D


Shawn Escott said...

Turned out AMAZING Ken!!! Beautiful piece! WOW!!

Aaron said...

hey good job man! lookin good. you did a great job with the warm and cool lighting effect!

bog_art said...

When I work a lot in a piece I am happy to be getting rid of it too!!.. however it turned really really really good!!.. good luck!!..

Miss Piggy Lass said...

wow!! that's fantastic!! hehe.....:). Love x

Ash Collins said...

i love this pic. its awesome. although it does make me want to destroy my own copy of Photoshop in frustration...

and yeah, the worst thing about the council tax thing is that I'm not even a student anymore! agh

Dan Szilagyi said...

haha don't we all hate doing the same piece for so long?
its great though, at least you finshed it!
so how's the job going man? you having fun?
can't wait to see your film stuff

Alexei Martins said...


Felipe Fernandes said...

Sepultura was spetacullar!! hehe.. I have complete discography, Roots Album is one of my favorites.
Tks for appreciate my animation and my blog.. =D

Jamal O said...

Man you just don't know how cool this is.

Great work.

Very impressed.

Ken said...

Shawn Escott: Thank you mate! I really appreciate that! And thank you for your crits before, they really helped :D

Aaron: Thank you! Means a lot :D

Bog art: Yes haha I am very bad for that. I am quite an impatient person, working on one piece for a long time is hard for me!!! thankyou for your kind comments!

Miss Piggy Lass: haha thanks babes! And thanks for your quality control hahaha tho I left out your lights suggestion woo! :P love xxx

Ash collins: Thank you matey! haha i hope u didnt destry photoshop... I get that feeling all the time too tho. I hate digital sometimes haha. Yeh council tax just sucks full stop! bloomin council! What are we paying for? Bin collection? Whoopdeedoo! It surely doesnt cost that much!

Dan szilagyi: yes I think we do haha yeh its not 100% finsihed, I mean I could do more, but I am drawing the line. I have had enough! Yeh the job is going good, though sometimes tough! But its good that its tough, means I am learning something! Film stuff coming soon dude!!!

Alexei Martins: haha thanks man!! :D

Felipe Fernandes: I love Sepultura! And yes Roots is one of my favs too. Rattamahatta could be my favourite Sepultura song. Do you ever listen to Soulfly? I love them too! No worries dude thanks for visiting!

Jamal o: Thanks mate! Much appreciated! cheers for you kind commments :D

milkyteets said...

I was impressed with the above, than I scrolled down... haha

Great lighting, awesome expressions, super fun characters!!

awesome work man!

The Pencil Assassin said...

I really like the contrast in lighting. The heat coming off of the wheels feels hot as hell as apposed to the coldly lit monster *shivers* Brrrr! That mouth looks disgusting too haha!

David said...

Great work! Really like the added bunny creatures. Love your style and imagination. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

Ken said...

milkyteets: haha thanks dude, much appreciated! Means a lot!

the pencil assassin: haha the mouth looks horrible eh! I based it on my own. haha. Not quite. Thanks for visiting dude!

David: thanks mate! more work coming soon. And thanks for all your awesome crits before!

kurorisu(Maki) said...

Hi. Thankyou for your comment to my blog.
Your art is great!!
I love this. I want to ride this but it must be so scary.:)

arzu said...

ooh !very cool