Monday, November 12, 2007



Dang! Not posted in a while. Compared to my regular posts a while back. I blame work. But work is good!

So, anyway, here is another quicky. It is actually a concept for a character. After a lot of thought, and some recent inspiration, I have decided, I am going to make a new short film. Great. Just what I need. ANOTHER project to spend time I dont have on.


Ah well. I never thought I would make another short, not a personal one anyway. But Im quite excited about it. Got an idea in motion, will be posting work I do on it on this blog! So check for updates :D

As I say, this is a VERY quick concept for the main character. Just been playing about with ideas the noo. And no, no sword wielding, semi naked monks in this film. I think I should diversify.

Thanks for everyone who visits! Much appreciated!

Ken :D


GhettoFab said...

Ah how I wish I had your zest! How do you do it Ken? Bottle it and ship me some

Great post! Keep on keepin on

dan szilagyi said...

hey ken,
that's awesome! i wish i had that drive to start a short film, well i doing some short flash stuff but i don't count those.
is this going to be 2D?
either way i'll look forward to seeing what you come up with, keep it short and sweet and simple and you'll be fine man!

Jinny Liang said...

so cool~ Can't wait to see more of your short film development! I hope you'll post more :)

Miss Piggy Lass said...

me like!! :) xxx

Dan Szilagyi said...

thanks mate, i try my best, however i envy you! it must be so cool being able to inbetween on chomet's film! i wish i could be in your place, you'll learn so much too!
anyway yeah can't wait for the posts on what your doing and your own personal work too!

Ken Chandler said...

Good luck with the new proj! Keep us posted. Can't wait to see more.

Alexei Martins said...

Cute girl!!
Can't wait to see more!!:D

Amelie said...

hahahah you're crazy !
I haven't been on this blog for a while he ! Wow so you're gonna work on the next sylvain chomet ? wow !! is it the one called the illusionist ? that's so great O_O !
hahah i watched also the behind-the-scenes video... -_-'' incredible how it LOOKs easy when you do it... rah !
oh and do you have a facebook ? I looked on it but there is like 200 kenneth anderson!

Ash Collins said...

dude how does one digg ur stuff? i cant see an appropriate submission category on digg.....

Vencys_lao said...

Hi buddy!! What's up?

Thanks for your comments in my blog!

You are a great artist, his colorful are fantastic. What software do you use to color their designs? You use table graphic also?

See ya!

CRAFTYlittleSTUDIOS said...

hey Ken! Congrats on the new job! wanted to stop by and show my support :)


indicaspecies said...

All the best with your new short film!

Tobio said...

Great work with, charismatic stile and inspiration! (sorry my english...;-)

Arschblog said...

She looks cute and I like her mouth!:D

Fighter Jet said...

man! u draw great ..awesome :)...

Ken said...

Ghettofab: Haha ok I have a deal for you. I send you some zest if you send me some raw talent! haha hows that??? Thanks mate much appreciated!

Dan szilagyi: I wish I had the drive too dan! haha But my reasoning is, If i declare it to the world via my blog I kinda HAVE to make the film so Im not branded a liar haha. Good eh? Yes yes yes Its gonna be 2D allll the way. I forgot how to do 3D. Im gonna use flash though and some other tricks I got up my sleeve. Yeh short it will be... but it wont be simple... haha. It will be complex, the story demands it! Cheers dude!

Jinny Liang: Thanks! Yeh I will surely be posting more as I do it, so watch this space! Thanks for visiting!

Miss Piggy Lass: haha thanks! ;) love xxxx

Dan szilagyi: Yeh It is pretty cool! I think I am very lucky. ALso I am in the right place at the right time. It is such a privelage for some of it to be getting made here in Scotland! Thanks dude, updates acoming!

Ken Chandler: Thanks mate! MOre coming soon! :D

Alexei Martins: thanks dude! Yes this is a rough rough concept just an idea for the main character... she has to be geeky but cute... lots of development to come!

Amelie: HEy Amelie!!! Hows it going?!?! Long time no speak! Yeh its true! Your right, The Illusionist, or Il Illusioniste! haha. Its very cool, I am very lucky. I started my trial, so all going well, Ill be working on it officially soon! You like Belleville Rendezvous right? Ah you mean my painting video? haha, thanks! Oh yes I have facebook! I will email you the details! Thanks for visiting, talk soon :D

Ash Collins: Haha I actually dont know how Digg works really... I never use it. Which is kinda silly coz I give people the option to Digg it. Hmm try a category like useless mindless drivel from Scottish bums haha

Vencys Lao: Hello! No worries, it is my pleasure! Thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated! I use photoshop 7 at the moment, and I use a Wacom tablet. It is the Wacom Volito. It is really cheap, but I think very good quality for the price. A great first tablet! Thanks!!

Craftlittlestudios: Thankyou! Much appreciated! Thats great cheers!

Indiaspecies: Thanks!!! :D :D :D

Tobio: Thank you mate! And your english is good! Dont apologise! Thanks!

Arschblog: Haha I am glad you like her mouth! Thanks!

Fighter Jet: Thank you!! much appreciated! :D