Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Cards!

WOW!!! Tis the season to be busy! We all know its Christmas time when blogging takes a back seat haha!

Yes not been updating much as I have been busy with making Christmas presents, Christmas cards, shopping, Christmas work lunches and Christmas nights out! haha! Its Christmas!

So here are the cards I made. I send them out to family and friends. I used to make a unique one for everyone but phew, thats a full time job in itself!

Well, I am not sure when I will be updating next, Im sure everyon has a busy time ahead! Hopefully Ill do another update before the big day next week! Woo! I love this time of year. I get to go home, chill out, watch rubbish TV while eating chocolate and spending time with family. Cant wait.
Oh! I also uploaded one of my work doodle pages - I attach a piece of A4 paper to my lightbox and doodle on it during lunch or when my hand needs a break from intensive inbetweening haha. Its a bit of a bad image - I have no scanner thus I took a picture with my phone!

Until next time - thanks to you all for visiting and your kind comments! Merry Christmas!



Mimi Cortazar said...

You have a great stuff here,
i like: The Dragon crocodile thingymajigg (Tutorials)

ps:Thanks for comment :)

Jamal O said...

can I kidnap your work ethic?

Nice colors

sarita said...
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Sarita Kolhatkar said...

Oh my! I'd be more than honored if you linked me!!! I'll link you back right away!

Thank you!!

shou' said...

Cute stuff!

Happy holidays and new year to you as well!

Charles Goatley said...

Please link me too. I've already linked you!
Great pics and so many cool characters on that doodle of yours.
Merry Christmas, btw!

Kei Phillips said...

I like to see ur sketches!! they are really good! i see Santa in there 2!! XD lol

very cool work as always!!

Vivian Lai said...

hey ken!

nice doooodless pagee ahaha
heres the links :)
u got a ds??



lol show me some sketches!!

Alexei Martins said...

WOW!Lovely Christmas card!Cool characters on that page, everybody is happy!!haha

Merry Christmas!

Evan Bonifacio said...

Man, Great Posts! lol likin the cute kid sketches

CCarman said...

cool x-mas cards!!

love the painting in the last post too.

thanks for stopping by.


libra bear said...

Loving the cards ken, great sketches as well, (is the doodle in the corner who I think it is?) If it is, spot on, made me laugh...if not...er...merry christmas? :)
I'll email or text u.

backpakker said...

Merry christmas..Love your cards . I like Santa the best .he looks quite cute

marcobucci said...

an extremely cute post. Great appealing drawings!

Miss Piggy Lass said...

I like the little girl with flower in her hair haha. Very Cute!! Love xxx

Vencys_lao said...

Hi Ken master blaster ultra mega gigante!! XD

Excellents imagens!! The Christmas cards is very cutes!!! Nundakureah!!

Is this!!!

See ya buddy and Merry chrsitmas!!!

dan szilagyi said...

awesome stuff ken, i like the doodles as well! happy holidays man!

Vivian Lai said...

haha nppp

ohhh i seee haha
cant wait to see his drawings!!
or urs too!! wennnnn u actually get one tho lol

my trigger buttons broke on my ds T_T so it seems like colors is not really working for meeee anymoreeee

so sad. :(

Vivian Lai said...

yesss it broke :( so sad i cant use colors anymore
orrr play a lot of the games :(

but u should still get it! and maybe consider getting a warranty with it lol

oooh ive seen the magazine but duno where to get it lols

merry christmas to u too :D

GhettoFab said...

Those aere some great cards !!! Love the sketches too.

Hope your holidays are a blast and thanks for all the inspiration.

Look forward to another year of watchin you kik ass!

Alfredotron said...

love the christmas cards characters, u rock ken .. have the coolest holidays and a happy 2008! cheers!!

backpakker said...

Hi, wish you a very happy new year ..

E Hajibabaie said...


Ken said...

Mimi Cortazar: Thanks mate!!! Much appreciated

Jamal o: haha the work ethic that allows me to doodle? sure! thanks :D

Sarita Kolhatkar: Cheers for the link!

Shou: Thanks! And Happy Holidays :D

Charles: Sure, ill link u next time i update me blog. ITs goin thru some changes the noo. Thanks! Hope u ahd a great christmas and new year

Kei Phillips: Thanks kei! yeh santa sneaked in at the top hehe. cheers! Much apprecitaed!

Vivian Lai: Thanks Vivian! Much appreciated on all fronts. I am lookin for a DS in the sales!

Alexei: thanks mate! haha Merry Christmas! Hope u had a good one

Evan: Cheers matey! :D

Ccarman: thanks! and no worries. :D

Libra Bear: Thanks mate! and yeh, it was who u thot it was heh heh. Hope u had a great holiday!

Backpackker: Thank you! My fav is the reindeer hehe. Merry Christmas!

MarcoBucci: Thanks mate! Im a sucker for cute characters sometimes haha

Miss piggy lass: Thanks! Love xxx

Vencys lao: hahaha wow great title! I wish I deserved it! haha. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Hope u had a goodone

Dan Szilagyi: Thanks mate! Happy hols!

Vivian: damn shame about your DS! Up and running yet? haha I am considering I really am lol. I fancy playing games too. Hey, Happy new year! Let me know how your DS holds up :D

Ghetto Fab: thanks mate! Dude, Thank YOU for the inspiration. I only got one word in response - DITTO! Im looking forward to your posts in 2008! Happy new year!!!

Alfredotron: Thanks mate!!! CHeers! and happy hols to you! Happy 2008!!!

Backpakker: Thank you! Happy new year!!!

e hajibabaie: Thank you! much appreciated :D