Wednesday, December 05, 2007



Ive been a bad blogger the past few days, been somewhat distracted! But I intend to get back on track this week. Thanks to everyone who visits my blog, and everyone who leaves kind comments, feedback and critiques! Its always much appreciated :D

Anyhoo!! I real quick digi sketch. I just started messin around in photoshop and it developed into this... I kinda like the way its going so Ill probably work into more at some point. Maybe by December next year haha

Right! Im off to reply comments on my previous posts, until next time!

Ken :D


Dan Szilagyi said...

hey ken,

thanks for the comment man, i drew it and scanned into photoshop where all the colors and textures were added, to hear you think its cool.
i'm thinking this lady painting of yours is pretty cool, i like the expression and the hair the most of the piece, is she suppose to be sitting?
nice work my friend

spleenal said...

well it looks great so far!

Ash Collins said...

hehe wkd drawing, despite the amy winehous-esque hairdo! and yes that was a self portrait on my blog (i only wishmy legs were that bendy in real life though)

Anonymous said...

fun, lots of personality
and rich colors

Joe Karg said...

Nice sketch. I'd love to see you finish it.

BLECHA! said...

Is this Winehouse before the drugs?

Really nice brush strokes and palette.

Thanks for he linkage- will do the same!

Charles Goatley said...

Cool stuff.
For something that's a quick sketch it looks amazing. Can't wait to see more.

marco's blog said...

such nice colors...great expression too!

GhettoFab said...

are you ever a bad blogger? You always bring the goodies

Lovely post Ken! Good luck with the distractions!

backpakker said...

Nice colours..she looks like she is going to break into a dance

libra bear said...

Great sketch as usual, I'm useless when it comes to rendering, I need to practice, I'm coming to Scotland tomorrow, hopefully I'll see you on Monday?

Wynne Chen said...

Great happly girl. Love the tall, big hair:P
Thanks for your commoms for my demo. I wish I could see it on TV too but I think i'll feel so Embarrassed to see it..haaa.haaa

Casdok said...

Love it!

messytimbo said...

i like it. your digital sketches, they have such strong form. i suck when it comes to rendering form.

Maarten Rijs said...

great dude. I love the choose of colors.
its awesome to hear you liked that watercolour sketch! ive only done a few watercolours so far but i think its a lot of fun. hopefully ill ever reach your painting level, maybe in 50 years or something haha.
also thanks for the comment on my sketches, sorry i didnt reply earlier, i kind of forgot.

have you seen earth yet?

Jay D Smith said...

great stuff!

AstroGuaje said...

Fantastic colors.

RoB said...

Love the dress, love the shoes, love it all!!! :)

Awesome job and great expression!


bog_art said...

Haha.. I think I have been a bad blogger too.. but all these festivities take us a lot of our free time.. haha.. doens't her legs look a bit small??.. I love the color composition..

Sarita Kolhatkar said...

WOW!!! This blog is one of my favorites ever!!! I love the way you paint! And your style is just plain awesome. Good stuff - Ill be back for sure!

Ken said...

Dan Szilagyi: No worries mate! Ah ok photoshop - good show! Haha thanks for the kind comments dude - yes she is supposed to be sitting but at present appears to be floating or standing one legged with legs at 90 degrees. WOW! Cheers dude!

Spleenal: Thanks dude!

Ash Collins: haha yeh amywinehouseesqueindeedy! thanks mate! and try yoga to improve the bendiness haha worked for Dahlsim. :D

Goobeetsablog: Thanks mate! Appreciate the comments

Joe Karg: thanks dude! yeh Id love to see me finish it too - maybe on Christmas holidays hehe

Blecha: hahaha yeh maybe dude! Thanks! And no worries, pleasure!

Charles Goatley: Thanks dude! Much appreciated :D

Marco's blog: thankyou!!! :D

Ghettofab: haha I can be man! gee i havent posted in almsot 2 weeks! Thanks a lot dude, means a lot!

Backpakker: Thanks! Yeh she is a dancer of some sort! :D

Libra Bear: Thanks mate! And yeh! I saw you in scotland - congrats again!!

Wynne Chen: haha you should try the tall hairstyle! :D Nooo dont be embarrassed to see it, it looks good. Your work is on TV - be proud! haha! Well done!

Casdok: thanks!!! :D

Messy timbo: Thank you dude! I wish my form was stronger tho. I reckon I suck too!

Maartin Rijs: thanks mate! Yeh your watercolour was great, i love watercolours. Man, digital painting is easy compared to traditional - I never tried watercolour in my life, I reckon it would not be a good outcome if I did! haha. No worries! And no I havent seen earth yet - I am awaiting its arrival to our small city centre cinema in Dundee! haha cant wait! Cheers!

Jay D Smith: Thankyou!

Astroguaje: thanks mate!

Rob: haha thanks! Much appreciated dude!!

Bog_art: Oh yes I agree! this time of year there are lots of distractions. haha Her legs are potentially too small, I havent checked. I shall blame it on foreshortening O_o haha thanks mate!

Sarita Kolhatkar: Thank you for dropping by my wee blog! and thanks for your very kind comments, much appreciated! Thanks for that! :D

robi pena said...

Hi Ken!

Realy very good works! I like your line and your personages!