Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Best wishes to everyone for 2008

Ill be getting my blog back up and active soon, once things settle down a bit here!

Oh and this picture is NOT a self portrait. I am not an old kodger with a walking stick.

Thanks again for everyones kind comments and for all those who visit. Much appreciated!

Ken :D


Jinny Liang said...

Happy New Year Ken!! :D Best wishes in the new year =)!

Dan szilagyi said...

Ah such nice pencil lines in this one ken, best wishes to you and yours too.
Hope you had a great time, i can't wait to see what kinda goodies you'll put up here in the new year!

marcobucci said...

Happy new year man! And great character here. Thanks for the comment on the DS sketches too. Get one for yourself, you'll love it! Won't burn a huge hole in your wallet either.

Coloribus said...

You make me smil, great funny illustration, I like it very much !
Happy new year ;o)

Vivian Lai said...

happy new yrsss!!
ohhhh i guess its possible! but i cant afford it atm haha so maybe later lol

nahh i dont think i can get my ds fixed :(
might have to buy another one
so sad

anyways!! hope the '08 brings u lotsa goodness :)!

afroman said...

Happy new year man! best wishes to you too!

I see you've been busy and kept updating your blog with some great stuff! and that new animated avatar is awesome!

dintoons said...

haha, a hilarious welcome to the new year!!

dear ken, wishing you a fantastic start to the new year 2008! thanks for each one of your wonderfully creative posts, inspirations and encouraging comments! and hope to see lots more of your uniquely creative stuff in this brand new year ahead!!

take care, love n peace, and do keep drawing, creating and sharing, my friend!! ^_^

Alexei Martins said...

Happy new year dude!!!

Haha!Cool work!!!

Will said...

Hi Kenny.
Happy New Year!

bog_art said...

Thanks god it is not a self portrait.. haha.. we hope you can show us a lot more of your amazing work this year.. HAPPY 2008!!..

Jamal O said...

kewl. Happy NEWNESS

GhettoFab said...

hahahahahah this guy has more energy than me!

brilliant design Ken. Thanks for always bringin the goodies

Can see its gonna be a great year for you

Mike Nassar said...

happy new year. way to kick it off with a bad ass sketch.

being an old kodger ain't a bad thing.

The Animating Irishman said...

Loving the work.
From one Celt to another.


milkyteets said...

Now that is just great Ken! Hahahaha

nice one :)

Charles Goatley said...

Wow. Cool pic to start the new year off with!