Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hee hee hee!


Got a quickish painty sketchy thing here. Was just messing around with a sketch in photoshop. Its unfinished, but I reckon I will keep going with this one and finish it off.

The character is based kinda on my girlfriend... well... the expression certainly is. She has a habit of pulling this really dumb lookin face, which cracks me up every time i see it. She also laughs at the same time like this: heee heee heee (slowly, and not high pitched :D)

Anyhoo, not much else to say, except....


That feels better. Bad day at work....

Ken :D

PS: An animated WIP of this piece - I was asked in my last post how I did this. I generally save my progress of my painting every now and then which leaves me with photoshop files of different stages of completion. I then make these stages into different layers in one file, take it into image ready, and animate the layers switching on viability in sequence, then save optimised as a gif and hey presto!!! This:


&Rew said...

Looks finished to me. I really like the painterly feel and palette on this one. I'm sure your GF digs this piece.

sorry your day was bad at work. if it's any consolation - everybody had a bad day yesterday (i heard).

(^_^ )

love the animated stuff.


Charles Goatley said...

I agree. It looks really cool. Nice colour scheme too

Dark Master said...

after a bad day at work I usually draw graveyards and skulls...I should try drawing pics of pretty girls!

Aaron said...

hey lookin good man!

cdeboda said...

This is pretty cool. And love the expression.

btw, cool animated avatar too! :)

Alexei Martins said...

Oh man!!That's so KAWAIII!!!:D


Mike Nassar said...

nice man. tons of appeal, energy, and clarity in the expression and pose.

on a side note. I like your blog design. technorati and digg buttons. all sorts of other madness, but not too cluttered. efficient, well done.

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Ken,

i do like your lady drawings, so keep them coming!
ah now i see how you did your stuff, thanks for the insight man!

hope you have a better day at work


Miss Piggy Lass said...

hee hee hee!! Nice character!! Love it long time!! Haha....love xxx

Jamal O said...

Nice work ken,

I like seeing your painting process, and the girl has a great pose and expression!

Nico said...

Great Works!!!

Ken said...

&rew: heh heh! Maybe I can get away with calling it finished then! thanks mate. :D Yeh work has its ups and downs no matter the job! Luckily, I cant complain too much aboot me job. Im lovin it. Thanks for visiting! :D

charles goatley: thank you matey! much appreciated

Dark master: hahaha yeh!!! its a real pick me up :D

Aaron: thanks dude :D

cdeboda: thanks mate! muchappreciated! oh and cheers! self portrait :D haha

alexei: hahaha "so kawaii" haha - thanks! It hit the mark then :D

Mike nassar: thank you dude! means a lot. oh and cheers to the compliments on me old blog design. Unfortunately I have issues getting my banner to remain in the centre of the page! grrr!!! cheers dude! :D

dan: I will do mate! thanks! Glad you got summit out of my gif process. :D

miss piggy lass: haha the character is pretty much you bucko! thanks babes ;) love x x x

jamal o: thanks mate! much appreciated :D

Nico: cheers!!!! :D

S.T. Lewis said...

I love watching your paintings come together. Each step of the process, I think, "Wow - that's great," and then it goes more steps and keeps getting better. Amazing stuff, man.

Claudio Cerri said...

Ohh god, this making of is very very interesting for me!!!

Daniela Uhlig said...

I scroll acrossyour blog since 1 houre.... and your works are fantastic!!! i love your style.
keep it up

Dani :)