Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Old man

Hey folks!

Ok, I dont do new years resolutions as such, but there are some things I wanna do this year.

Number 1 - Improve my character design. I really wanna push it to the next level.

Number 2 - Improve my caricature skills. In fact, how about develop some? haha. I am not very strong at caricature. And I was recently inspired by Joe Bluhms REJECTS book, which i got for Christmas.

Number 3 - Improve my general drawing, and improve my painting and colour skills. They all need it big time!

This image actually relates to all three things - I was really trying to push the design, style colour and technique in it. Hopefully im headin in the right direction. Ach who knows haha. Also, with my new job I have found some awesome inspiration. The drawings I am inbetweening with are simply beautiful. And the work of Sylvain Chomet has always inspired me. I love the character designs in his films, they are very caricatured, and illustrative. I think his work will probably be a big inspiration for me this year. Not to mention all the awesome bloggers out there in the blogosphere! you know who you are ;)

Oh here is an animated Gif of this image:

Hope everyone is well! Once again, thanks for everyones kind comments and for visiting. Much appreciated

Ken :D

PS: old people are great to draw! they have such interesting faces. Oh and this image wasnt of anyone in particular. Just popped oot my head.


Gerald said...

Those are great goals for the year. I shall working on similar goals too.

Your caricature is awesome. He's got some great expressions in his mouth and tie flipping up.

I agree that Sylvain Chomet's art is beautifully inspirational.

Glad you were able to make an animated process. Your sketch comes to life!

Jinny Liang said...

I like the design of your old man's head. The shapes are appealing. And the painting really helps to show the forms and volume. You're definitely improving lots each time I see a new post from you =)

S.T. Lewis said...

This is great! And I could watch that animated Gif play for days... I already watched it more a large chunk of this day, so that's how I know. You make it look so easy. I always love your blog. Wonderful, sir!

Dave said...

Great man, just great! Looks like you are well on your way on those resolutions!

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Ken

Awesome post! i really like the feel and drawing on this one, your posts do seem to get better each time i see them.
I think the things that you are looking to improve in will happen on there own unless you stop drawing altogether, i can't offer much advice because i'm not even as good as you, and i haven't done too much stuff like this before either, but its for sure something i'd like to improve in as well.
great to hear about the job though, i'm sure his work is amazing, i mean after seeing triplettes i was floored so no doubt this is a step up.
have fun and looking forward to the next post


robi pena said...

Hey Kenneth! Nice blog and very gook works!! Love your stile!! Greats!

Vencys_lao said...

Great man!!!

Your color is amazing... I like!!

See ya

Aaron said...

thats pretty cool man!

Shawn Escott said...

Nice Ken!!! I like the animated gif process. This one turned out amazing!

Antonio Fernandez said...

I like the design. It´s a good drawing.

Very nice.


Alikins said...

i'm with s.t. lewis! i could sit here for days!! :)
fantastic work throughout your bloggity blog!!

Alexei Martins said...


bog_art said...

It is great you want to develop your caricature skills.. Joe Bluhms is a great artist.. I have a question.. how do you do to post your gif animated process??..

marcobucci said...

this is just great. Superb design, and the colour is done really well.

Skid said...

lookin good! i love drawing old people, i try to do it whenever i can.
so of course you'll improve this year...you're looking at sylvain chomet designs all the time. yey improving!

Ken said...

Gerald: thanks for your kind words mate! All the best with your new year goals :D Cheers!

Jinny: Thanks Jinny, much appreciated! wow, I hope so! Cheers for that :D

St lewis: Thanks mate! Haha, I dont believe you sat there and watched it that long! but if you did - glad you enjoyed! Thanks for the kind words matey! :D

Dave: Thanks a lot dude! means a lot :D

Dan: Cheers Dan! And I do hope so, Im trying to improve my work with each new post. Hey dude advice comes from everywhere, if you got any no matter what it is, I would love to hear it. hehe and yeh i hope those things will happen on their own, i find it hard to make an effort haha. Oh yeh, the new film will be well worth waiting on mate :D cheers dude!

Robi Pena: Thankyou! cheers for dropping by :D Much appreciated

Vencys lao: thank you mate! :D although I think my colour needs work - rather, i think my values need work! ach!

aaron: cheers dude :D

Shawn: thanks shawn! means a lot!!

antonio fernandez: thankyou! cheers for dropping by :)

alikins: you flatter me so! thanks for the kind words :D

Alexei: cheers dude! YOUR awesome! haha

Bog-art: yes joe bluhm is a GOD! haha. I posted a new post explaining how I did it dude - hope it helps! Thanks for dropping by!

Marcobucci: Thanks Marco! wow, means a lot coming from a colour master! cheers!!

Skid: oh yeh! old people rock!! to draw. haha yeh i think your right. I will be seeing those characters in my sleep. ARRRG cheers for dropping by!

Mike Nassar said...

sweet old man painting. I agree that dirty old men are the best to draw and paint.