Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life drawing


Not much to post, just some life drawing I did. I was experimenting, trying something new and unusal for me. I had great fun doing it and I think I learned a lot. The poses were all 10 minutes each.

Short post today!

Cheers for everyones kinda comments and visits. much appreciated

Ken :D


Hey Bullblog said...

Nice work.
Great drawings and beatiful stuff in the blog.
Sepultura is one of my favorite bands too.

Hey Bullblog said...

Hi Ken.
Yes!!I'm a great fan of Sepultura.My favorite albuns are Chaos A.D. and Roots with Max Cavallera.Sepultura with Derrick Green is amazing too.
Thanks for the comments in my blog.
I really appreciate your drawings.

Maarten Rijs said...

super!! very inspiring dude.
my next session is monday... im nervous but motivated to do better then last week.
male model for the first time.

thanks a lot for the words and tips. haha i wouldnt ignore or delete it. I actually printed it out.

your new display picture rocks haha its hilarious. your paintings are awesome. im trying to learn painting too.
if youve got any advice on that too.... id really appreciate it!

thanks man, see you.

Jinny Liang said...

Excellent studies Ken! Your life drawing is coming along really nicely! I really like the leg study you drew on the first page.. and the pink/reddish accents work well~~

cdeboda said...

Solid studies. Keep at it! :)

craig said...

Hey Ken,
GREAT expressions on your characters. Super appealing work!

Jarrett said...

Great studies and that New Year piece is a beauty!

Dan szilagyi said...

hey Ken,

lifedrawings are always a treat, i also like the colors you used, how much time did you have? nice hand holding the pole and also nice foot studies.

looking forward to seeing more mate! keep on life drawing as much as you can!


milkyteets said...

very nice mr. anderson. =) we're going to be hitting the ol life drawing sessions later in the week.. they have them here in Van a lot. Hoping to make it a weekly trek. I miss life drawing ><

Heather Dixon said...

Really gorgeous stuff! You are crazy talented.

Richtoon said...

Great work sir... whatever you are experimenting with.. keep using it!

Shawn Escott said...

Nice life drawings Ken! Cool idea to add some red color in there to give it some warmth.

Sorrentino said...

cool pieces you've got here!!
awesoem figures!

Anonymous said...
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Claudio Cerri said...

Wonderful sketch, Kennet! I love your style!

Sarita Kolhatkar said...

Hi Ken! Yes I'm still blogging but I've been so darn busy at work I just havent gotten down to painting! Will post something up soon!!!

DanDanger said...

Is that a horsey? No it isnt! Im still waiting on a horsey!!

Ken said...

bullblog: thanks for the kind comments! Much appreciated. And nice to meet you fellow sepultura fan! haha. Yes I am fond of those albums, especially Roots album. I dont like new Sepultura so much, but I LOVE soulfly - check them out! Max's new band :D

Maarten Rijs: Thanks mate! Good luck with the next session. In fact I reckon you have already had it so I will check your blog and see how you got on! Haha I am glad my rambling words of advice were useful to ya - wow printed them out? haha respect! Cheers dude, hes my favourite avatar yet, advice on painting hmm, ill drop by your blog and give you my 50cents sometime! cheers for visiting mate :D

Jinny: Thanks for the kind words Jinny! That leg... grrr! I hate feet haha so hard. Im glad you like it. and yeh I have seen people doing that pinky red thing and i thought it was time to give it a bash! thanks for dropping by :D

Cdeboda: Thanks mate!! :D

Craig: Thank you! Means a lot dude!

Jarret: Thanks mate much appreciated! :D

Dan: Thanks for that mate! Each pose was for 10 minutes. so each drawing was 10 mins. Yeh they were great poses, the model was great. I sure am dude, drawing as much as life permits! thanks matey!

Milky: Thanks mate! Yeh life drawing is ace eh? I love the freedom of it. I used to hate it before when I drew with the same pencil in the same small sketch book everyweek. But then I got some big paper and pow! wow so much fun haha good luck with it mate!

Heather: Thankyou! But I think maybe I am just crazy hahaha cheers for droppng by :D

Richtoon: Thanks mate! much appreciated :D

Shawn: Thank you!! Oh I stole the red idea haha. Thats what arts about right? Borrowing ideas wahey! cheers for visiting :D

Sorrentino: thankyou very much! :D

Claudio: thanks mate! much appreciated :D

sarita: Haha I will let you off this time! Joke! Lookin forward to your next blog post. best of luck with busy work etc!!!

Dandanger: haha sorry dude its been a long time eh? I am working on it. Its coming soon. In the meantime check out my horse statue studies on the right!

backpakker said...

very inspiring