Tuesday, February 05, 2008



Whoa!!! Whata busy week! Im exhausted. The Projector animation festival was awesome, I got a lot out of it, saw some amazing speakers and learnt a lot:

Acting for animators - Ed Hooks was giving a class on acting... for animators! I have read his book, seeing him in person really helped clarify what he was saying.

Sharon Coleman - A Scottish lass who now works for Dreamworks in LA! It was great hearing how she got to where she is now. And her short film Badgered is great.

Bill Plympton - Need I say more?? What an awesome guy. Love his work. And he gave EVERYONE a signed postcard. Respect

There were many other great things goin on, but I wont list everything here. Some fantastic films were screened, and on Friday night, a great party where we could doodle on the walls! Every part should be like that.

Phew!! Time to relax. Here are some drawings. The one above is of a really old man I saw in Dundee. He was sitting drawing with pastels in his sketchbook. I love to see other people drawing out and about. Inspiring!

This image is from portrait class. It is only half finished and unfortunately will have to remain as such. I was all prepared to go to my weekly portrait class after the Ed Hooks talk, but it started late and overran, so I missed my class! Ah well.

I was experimenting with pastels in this one. Needless to say, I didnt enjoy the messyness and lack of control, so i resorted to using pastels AND coloured pencils in this image. Trying to improve colour etc.

And the last image! Well, Bill Plympton was selling some of his sketches for a measly 5 quid. So I bought one and had him sign it. This is it - whoa!!! How exciting. For me anyway :D

Ken :D


S.T. Lewis said...

I love that top sketch... beautiful work.

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Ken,

thanks so much for the comment! coming from you is an honor!
Speaking of work though, if its not too much trouble for you, could you have a detailed look over my work and maybe point out what i could improve on? i think its useful to have other talented artists do something like that time to time just to keep things in check.

anywho glad you had a blast at the festival! Bill is such a cool and talented guy!
great drawings by the way

cheers mate~

donnachada said...

That's so funny. I bumped into Sharon
today and she told me that she had just been there and had a great time at the festival.
Thanks for dropping by!!!!

bog_art said...

It is great you had the opportunity to meet all those great animators!!.. I bet it was a such inspiration experience for you.. I know what you mean, I feel the same when I see people drawing around me.. thanks for the WIP of your post Hee hee hee!..

Charles Goatley said...

Nice sketches. I think the portrait is really well defined. And thanks very much for your comments on my blog. Glad you liked!

messytimbo said...

i've not visited your blog in a while, lots of great stuff. love the animated gif stuff! and that bill plimton sketch, thats so dope. i love his work.

give wes a nuge at work and tell him to do a post!

hope your cool budy

shou' said...

Coool. Sounds like an endless supply of big cheeses at the festival. Nice job getting a signed sketch and post card from Bill Plympton.

Ahhh pastels, the better version of crayons! ;)

I'm going to into a bit of tangent, but I noticed the squash and stretch principles doesn't seem to be emphasized in Plympton's 'Hot Dog' sketch that he signed for you. Is it just me?

Ash Collins said...

yeah ed hooks is pretty cool, went to his acting for animators thing last year and it was mint. although the things he says about emperor's new groove, are wrong.

nice 'sketchies' mang, lookin well ffresh!