Friday, March 21, 2008

Im back! With sketchy painty doodly things


Phew! Its been ages since I last posted. The reason? I felt like a break from drawing and painting. I needed a wee rest. Burnt out maybe. Sometimes I just need to get away from drawing and do something different.

But now I'm getting back into painting. This first sketch was just an idea I had in me head. Its unfinished, I kinda hit a dead end with it. Im waiting on some inspiration before finsihing it. As for the other images, they are all speed sketches I did today for the new Cgsociety challenge. Check out the challenge here: CHALLENGE!

At the moment I am just messing with ideas drawing anything and everything, seeing what happens. I dont care if they are rubbish, I draw em anyway its good to get the juices flowing. The Gorilla one was inspired style-wise by Andrew Jones . He has quite a unique technique and I found it quite liberating and experimental when I tried it out. I may implement it more often.

Anyhoo, I must say thanks again to everyone who drops by my blog and for all the kind comments. It very much appreciated. Hopefully Ill be back to posting regularly again. Unless I need another drawing holiday :D

Ken :D


Skid said...

I really really like that middle speed paint.

Jinny Liang said...

The colours in your paintings look fantastic Ken! :D

Ken said...

Skid: You mean the monkey? Thanks! I was experimenting hehe. cheers for visiting :D

Jinny: Thanks Jinny! Colour is something I have been concentrating on improving recently so I am happy to hear u think so! XD

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Ken,

I understand what you mean, taking some time off to relax and rest the brain is not a bad idea.
i can see it did you some good! i like the idea of the first post with the girl, also digging the mood and lighting of the bottom two pieces!
can't wait to see what you whip out next!

libra bear said...

DDAAAAAAMMMMMMNNN. That break did you good. Really impressed, and jealous. I met Andrew Jones about 2 years ago in the concept art workshop I told you about. He's like a ock star of art. Cool guy. I'll show you some footage. As for the paints thing, your gonna have to come round and teach me.

Alex said...

Great paitings and life drawings Ken.Really amazing.

Charles Goatley said...

Brilliant pictures. I really like the first one for it's relaxing colour palette and the last one for its epic feel. Can't wait for more

shou' said...

Very nice color palette man! I'm getting a sense of raw emotion slowly building up within each piece. I'm a fan of the textures as well :)

Jamal O said...

Preciate it ken,

These are really pimpolicious!

I dig em all. Good composition, especially on the first piece. Great color and mood.

I know your still probably noodling with them.

But nice work overall.

Mirella said...

Wow!! you're great!!! Wonderfull works^^

marcobucci said...

solid stuff! You have a good handle over design.

Moyse said...

Thanks for the kind words on my blog Ken, loving your work also, particularly the bunny/coffin/rollercoster scene. Awesome stuff!

Ken said...

Dan: Yeh man, its great to leave the art world and the blogosphere for a while! theres more to life for sure haha. thanks for the kind words dude much appreciated :D

Libra bear: You think so dude? Thanks man, means a lot! Yeh he seems to be well known and worshipped haha show me the vids for sure. Yeh sure man, ill show you my painting secrets if you show me your observational drawing techniques! mwuhuhuhu!

alex: hey thanks dude, much appreciated, glad u like!

Charles: Thanks mate! Im trying to diversify and do different moods and feelings! cheers!!!!

shou: thanks dude! yeh the textures is something Im beginning to experiment with. I kinda enjoy it, texture adds a lot of depth to an image. cheers!! :D

Jamal 0: No worries mate! Glad u like the sketches, yeh they aint finished. I might return to them, but I generally only finish things that really grab me! Thanks man!

Mirella: wow, thanks! cheers for the kind words!

Marco: yo marco! thanks man, I wish my handle was stonger however!!! haha :D

Moyse: No worries! And thanks for your kind words! I will be a regular visitor to your blog for sure. cheers man thanks for visiting! :D