Saturday, March 01, 2008

life drawing again

Hello fellow bloggers!

A few images to share tonight. Its all life drawing and observational drawing. Continuing to experiment, trying to challenge myself a bit too, I dont wanna get stuck in a rut!

Also I set up a sketch group here recently for observational drawing practice - its something I reaaalllly need to do more of. As you can see my observational sketches are a little erm rusty haha. Hopefully a bit of practice will sort that out.

ANyhoo for those interested check out the sketch group scotland blog!

RIght enough blabbing. Thanks to everyone who stops by!

Ken :D


Jinny Liang said...

Lovely studies. I also like your cafe drawings.. something I definitely need to go do more ;)!

Joern said...

The guy above is a live drawin'? Very nice and spontanous, but i don't want to come across him in the night.

Jamal O said...

Great Studies!!

Dig the character stuff

bog_art said...

It looks really good man!!.. and it is great you always pursue yourself to try new line styles in your art work!!..

Crips Pink said...

Awesome stuff as ever!

.:CHAOSBOY:. said...

Cool pencils!!
The group is a good idea.

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Ken

good to see life drawings and cafe drawings too! they are looking pretty good, I've been getting into it more myself and one of things i keep hearing to do when cafe drawing is to keep 3D form in mind, and also try and draw them as realistic as possible, because it helps your brain to know what to push after.

anyway great stuff mate!

Alexei Martins said...


Jason Newkirk said...

Ken! Hey thanks man for the comment on my blog, and you have some great stuff! Yeah man having the DS is really cool to have to do quick sketches on, which I really like instead of carrying my sketchbook around. Though the screen is a bit small. The only con...I really like your blog man, and Ill keep checkin it out.

libra bear said...

Hey Ken great sketches, the life one is awesome, so er...what did you think of Tekkon Kinkreet, great film huh?

Alina Chau said...

awesome life drawings!

Wynne Chen said...

nice face studies:)

LauraBraga said...

Hi Kenneth!!!:)
Great Studies and great Sketches. It's so interesting to see life drawings... it's something i must do sometime.
Thank you to share!!;)


Anonymous said...

They are all amazing, but those oscillating lines on the figure drawing are just amazing dude.

have a good weekend ken,


Joe said...

the last page had some really appealing proportions, did u change the layout of your blog?

milkyteets said...

really love those faces, and your sketch life blog might just be the thing i need to keep me drawing life. :P

aroop said...

holysmokes Ken..this is amazing work..i completely ditto "milkyteets"..i am adding you to my blogroll..i hope you dont mind..thanks!!

Vencys_lao said...

Hi Mr Anderson!! jejje

Hey, nice work buddy! Beautfull!


S.T. Lewis said...

Great looking life drawings, man! Really nice stuff.

Maarten Rijs said...

amazing! wow, dude I love them. its funny how you use charicature in your observational sketches. have you always done that?

Kei Phillips said...

wow lots and lots of fab new posts! :) im loveing them all!

Erika Worthylake said...

Poopin' out the excellence as usual.

I really like the life drawing from Feb 16th, this is not my confession of a foot fetish, but I do enjoy a good foot drawing.

Ken said...

Jinny: Thanks Jinny! Yeh Im really enjoying the cafe sketches. Its great to socialise and draw - good luck with yours! :D

joern: Yeh! He had a great face to draw. hehe scarey but cool.

Jamal o: thanks matey!!

Bog-art: Thank you! Yeh I love to try new styles... its keeps things fresh. nothing worse than getting into a routine...

Crips pink: thanks dude!

Chaosboy: Thanks mate! yeh good idea which I stole! haha

Dan: Hello! Thanks for the tips dude! Personally I like to caricature my subjects when I draw em. Its just a phase Im going thru. Trying to develop my eye to spot the main features of the face and exaggerate them. Besides, Dundee is FULL of crazy folk! hahaa. I almost dont need to caricature

Alexei: thanks!

Jason: No worries dude, thanks for dropping by and for the kind comments! Yeh sometimes i really wish I had a DS it would be so handy for some quick colour sketching. ANd for games hahaha. cheers mate, thanks again!

Wesley: Thanks doood! As for Tekken Kinkreet - well. It didnt live up to the hype hahaha

Alina Chau: thanks alina!

Wynne: thank you! :D

Laurabraga: Thanks Laura! Yeh you should give it a bash! Its so freeing to just go to life drawing and experiment. Which is why I dont like tutored life drawing. Too many rules! cheers!!!

Gavin: Thanks Gav! say, what happened to your blog? I enjoyed it dude.

Joe: cheers dude - my blog layout hasnt been changed much in a while. I have updated areas though!

Milky: thanks mate! ooh cool! I hope you keep at it :D

aroop: thanks for the kind words! much appreciated :D And of course i dont mind - feel free! cheers!

Vencys Lao: haha hello! thanks for the kind words!

st lewis: thankyou dude! :D

Maarten Rijs: thanks mate! Hmm i didnt used to do that actually. When I was in college I went for the more realistic approach. But I enjoy it much more when I exaggerate. Its so much fun!

Kei: thanks Kei! Much appreciated :D

Erika: Thanks! hahaha oh yeh? Im glad you enjoyed the foot drawing. And I know what you mean! :D

Willy Ashworth said...

Very very nice stuff.

I miss Scotland. Worked there a few years of the best times in my life.

I'll visit here often!

Willy Ashworth