Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pencil Sketches

Hello! Not much to show this post, I thought I would post something a little different. I hardly ever post just random pencil sketches so here we go. Trying to develop my style a bit, and improve my sense of design etc

Thanks to everyone for visiting! Oh and I should say, crits are always welcome


Ken :D


kencoogan said...

Hey really, really nice work on your blog. Your character designs are fabulous!

Ash Collins said...

aw dude! i turn my back for five minutes and you make all these posts filled with wickedness!

suffice it to say, all are good.
the girl in the new drawing, top right with a sword, is i think a little short proportionally. but still nifty drawrinz!

Joe said...

top left and bottom middle really appeal to me, the shapes and proportions are great!

Evertsen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I think you're right about short cuts on the computer, why do it the hard way?:) Great sketches, I agree with above, I think bottom middle is the best.

bog_art said...

Good pencil sketches man!!.. you have been posting really good art here.. how long did it take you to do your speedies??.. that monkey in your post "Im back! With sketchy painty doodly things" is just great!.. thanks for your words in my blog!!..

Jason Newkirk said...

fun to see the sketchies as well Ken! nice!

Dan szilagyi said...

ah pencils! gotta love em' its a bit weird after seeing you do such crazy good color work, but just keep going at it? haha sorry i really don't know what to say

awesome stuff though, your posts are so solid mate


Maarten Rijs said...

hey ken,
love those sketches! your sense of design is super. youve got a thing for swords haha.

and yeah i guess there are a lot of nude sessions around here but a lot of them are crap. for instance the latest group ive been to only draws women! aaargh. its really pissing me of, i wanna find a decent group.

haha, anyway, amazing sketches. looking forward to more, as always.

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Mate,

Thanks for stopping by, treat as always :)
yeah i did do the animation myself, i think you are right about the body movement though, its just that the flash build is such a tough one to work with, so if you ever see the show you'll know what i mean, in fact if you youtube "chaotic" you'll see some of it

thanks though! i'll keep it in mind when i do something!


libra bear said...

Its nice to see a change in direction, dont abandon your other stuff though. The one crit I have are the girls standing with the swords, especially the one on the left. She lloks a bit off balance and the proportions seem off. We''l talk at work...The others are great. Really like the one sitting dowm. More please!!

.:CHAOSBOY:. said...

These sketches are so cool and fresh!!
For sure!


ZaR said...

Goodness! Amazing work, I dont know what else to say but wow!

Mokuu said...

Kenneth is still Kicking !

Alex said...

Great sketches Ken.Nice gestures and expressions.Post more roughs like these.

Tooninator said...

Hey man, thanks for diggin' my work. Yours is killer as well!!! I love the personality that animators can capture.
The faces you asked how I rendered, they were drawn big and in a chisel tip sharpie and a brushpen for details if needed. The lines were scanned and a little colour was added in photoshop to spice things up.

Dody said...

Awesome sketches Ken.

David Malan said...

Killer new work, that caped man is spectacular! The composition is very effective and the colors are great.

Ross Burt said...

hey Ken, yeah i was in Kyla's year in animation...been tyring to shake that crazy stalker ever since, and don't get me started on gornall :) You've got loadsa quality work on your site, always great to see someone who has time to do this outside a work. Hope the illusionist is going well, and I'll probs bump into sometime in the future...infact I'm in dundee tomorrow! Can't wait!! have a good one

Alina Chau said...

Cool characters and gesture !!

Alexei Martins said...

Cool pencil sketches! I really love the girl sitting and gesticulating, her expression is so natural
more please!:)


Anonymous said...

Ces Magnifique!!!

Hey Ken, did u get my last email?


adrian said...

I gotnothing but respect.

joshuar said...

cheers mate..yeah studyings good- dont really want it to end! these sketches are awesome..

Tevik Avakyan said...

Great sketches! I like your design and line work.

libra bear said...

Oi, why have your ramblings stopped?

RAWLS said...

First time checkin out your site...Great stuff man. Keep up the great work!

Ryan said...

Wow, you've got some great stuff here!

andrewQuintiliani said...

I went through some of your stuff, and wow! Really impressive. I like the scetchy paintings, where you can still see the giant brush strokes. Really nice colors as well. Keep at it!

Joern said...

Hey these scetches are good. She is sexy.

Ken said...

Kencoogan: Thanks Ken! Im glad you like my work. Cheers!

Ash Collins: Haha cheers mate! How was Thailand? Oh yeh the girl top right, she is short for sure. The only thing i liked about that sketch was her face haha

Joe: Thanks Joe! Yeh I think my fav is bottom middle too. She turned out ok methinks.

Evertsen: No worries! And yeh a computer is good for freeing up time I reckon. Cheers!

Bog-art: Thanks mate I really appreciate that. How long? Oh i dont know.. I reckon 1 to 2 hours? No more than that I dont think. And no less than 45mins on any of them but I cant remember at all! haha. No worries dude!

Jason Newkirk: Cheers mate! Yeh Im gonna post more sketches for sure

Dan: Yeh Pencils haha I almost forgot how to use them. cheers dude, much appreciated!!!

Maarten: Thanks mate, Im trying to improve my sense of design. Oh yeh. I LOVE swords haha.As I said on your blog, I hope you find a better class mate! Thanks for dropping by :D

Dan: Oh yeh for sure mate, flash builds arent gonna be the easiest things to animate haha. They can be annoyingly restrictive!!!!

Libra Bear: Yo wes! For sure mate, I wont be ditching my colour work just yet hehe. To be honest, I wanna do the sketches to try and improve the foundations of my colour work. Yeh I agree with you about that girl, I knew she was wonky, thanks for pointing out why! more coming matey! cheers!

chaosboy: Thanks mate! :D

Zar: Thanks for dropping by zar and for your kind comments! Much appreciated :)

Mokuu: haha yeh!!! Literally speaking. I do a lot of kicking. I mean real kicking waha! Thanks!

Alex: Thanks Alex, much appreciated. There will be more in the future!

Tooninator: No worries dude! And thanks for dropping by and for the kind comments. AH ok!!! I thought you may have used markers for the colour work. I may have to get me a brushpen :D

Dody: thanks dody! :D

David Malan: Thanks David! Much appreciated :D

Ross Burt: Haha I told Kyla you said that. Thanks dude, yeh its good to do summit completely unworkrelated. Oh Kyla said you were getting married - congratulations! Hope all went well.

Alina Chau: Thanks Alina! :D

Alexei: Thanks mate! more coming soon I hope :D

Gavin: Merci! haha. Ah your last email? Im not sure mate... I dont think I did. Email me again! or I will email you

Adrian: Means a lot dude :) respect back at ya!!!

Joshuar: Yeh being a student was awesome.. hahaa the good life :D Thanks for the kind words!

Tevik Avakyan: Thankyou! And thanks for visiting! :D

Libra Bear: You shut it! Didnt you get enough ramblings at sketchgroup on Sunday? haha

Rawls: Thanks for dropping by mate! Much appreciated. Thanks for the kinds words :D

Ryan: Thanks mate! ANd I love your avatar! haha

Andrew: Thank you means a lot! Yeh I like sketchy paints... its nice to see some brush texture in there. Thanks mate!!!!

Joern: Thank you! haha next time I will try to draw even sexier