Thursday, April 24, 2008



Something a bit different today - this painting was a collaboration between me and my mate and colleague, the super talented Mr Wesley Louis. Yeh, he did a quick sketch of a granny bearing a sword in sheer mockery of my recent outbursts of paintings featuring girls and blades. I loved the sketch and demanded I paint it :D It was fun to do a joint piece, I'd do it again.

Oh and below are some statue studies of a lion. These guys can be found in Glasgow, St Georges Square. Beautiful statues, great fun to draw.

Also, some updates on the Orphan Works Legislation issue. I have some more links here which are worth a read. Check em out! Its important that us artists know whats going on out there. Dont brush it off as alarmest nonsense just yet!

Please tell me your thoughts also on this issue.


Ken :D


joonasjoonas said...

That Orphan Works Bill does not look good for artists. I wonder how that would affect artists outside US?
If that bill goes trough, maybe the artists community sites will be enough to put the artists in “reasonably diligent search”. Or maybe there should be a new site where you can find the artist around the world, just to protect artists rights.

This was the first time I heard about this, and i didn't quite get all of it. So I'll have to take my time to know the facts.

Great lion studies. Drawing statues is good fun. I like the granny with blade too. Good post.

messytimbo said...

hahahahaha wicked! that's well good, it's one of the best calabo's i've seen.

do more!

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Ken,

damn mate, that is a cool collab! nice colors on your end.
i do know about the orphan works bill, it seems to be mid way as far as i know, but being in canada i'm also worried about a bill being passed which will limit tax funds for films.
so its a troubling time for artists eh?

anyway thanks for the comment man! haha i'm glad to hear you think so

cheers mate~

Alexei Martins said...

AWESOME!!!collaborations are so cool!!!!

Charles Goatley said...

Kick ass killer granny, Ken!

RAWLS said...

That old lady is disturbing! Sweet lion sketches though dude. As for the Orphan Poops, I'm lookin into what effect if any it will have on Canada. If you hear anything about that let me know.
Say hi to Wes for me. Nice collab.

Bryan Wynia said...

Killer blog man. great work. I will b e back for more!

Kyri Kyprianou said...

ooh, nice work ken!

marcobucci said...

Solid work. Those lion studies are impressive!

Claudio Cerri said...

Hi Kennet how are you? Your art quality is also the best! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

funny stuff
nice collaboration

cdeboda said...

Your drawings and paintings are coming together nicely! I seem to notice improvements every time i visit here. And thanks too for all those Orphan bill related links...I need to learn more about all that stuff.

silvano said...

This granny doesn't look as good as the girl in the older post , but the pic is more dynamic !
Also LOVE those lion's heads !

Best Regards

Mirella said...

hi! I love the lion, it's beautiful!!!

Todd Shmetter said...

thanks for looking at me stuff =D heh

i think the main differences between my sketches and glens are that he did them in about half a second and he wasnt copying =P

your work looks beautiful.

and youre working on the illusionist?!?! =O i applied for a little job at django, just wanted some work experience really ... to no prevail =P too much of a student =P

whats your title? what do you get to do for the film? i bet its blinking amazing.

Todd Shmetter said...

heh scrap that last question, i just saw that youre inbetweening! oh how i wanna be YOU =P

did you have much credentials behind you to get that job? id love to hear how you got it. I got the impression they wanted very experienced people working there, have you worked on films before?

I bet you just showed them some of that kickass lifedrawing and the decision was made =P

Todd Harris said...

sweet studies, really nice.

lacopol said...

hey Ken...wassup! thx to come in my blog...your new work is really good!!! nice for the eyes!!!! see you

Todd Shmetter said...

Heh , thanks again for the comment =]

im really liking blogspot right now, so much more personal than the other places out there.... and theres Tonnes of animators on here.

Ink animations sound cool, ill look into them online. either way iv got to improve a bit first, my drawing isnt up to standard quite yet.

got short films at uni to worry about first of all.

thanks for the little chat.

btw... hows the illusionist looking? =P i have heard and seen nothing i hope its amazing =P

talking of upcoming films, a friend of mine just got a little job working on fantastic mr fox ! its stop motion but it looks goooo d. keep an eye out for it =P wes anderson's gonna be the next tim burton =P

GhettoFab said...

the collab piece is excellent and some grrrrrrrrreat lion head studies!

And that Bill just gets my blood goin.... so Im between happy about this post and upset. Makes for a confusing morning...

Jesus Lopez said...

great blog and great works!,
kind regards,

Sandra Khoo said...

Nice place you have here,Ken! I'm enthralled!

bog_art said...

Great exercise!.. I will have to try it some day.. I have an idea about what is happening in USA about the copyright laws.. and I think it is an awful thing!.. I am going to check your links right now to know better anyway..

PS: Thanks for your words!,, and to be honest, I used your tip to create my gift animated process.. cheers!..

backpakker said...

thats a very interesting combo i must say

Ken said...

joonasjoonas: Hey dude, well i guess artists outside the us would risk thier work being orphaned in the US. Also it seems there is something similar brewing in Europe. The thing is, it seems the Bill is promoting the use of private registries for doing the searching. Which means money. Yeh its best to read up on it and seewhat you think. Thanks for the kind words dude!

Messytimbo: haha thanks dude! There will possibly be more collabs in the future :D

Dan Szilagyi: Thanks dude! yeh the bill has progressed a fair bit since I made this post. Im keeping my eye on it. Limit tax funds for films? thats a shame, its hard enough to make films as it is! No worries dude, cheers for dropping by!

Alexei Martins: thanks dude!!

Charles Goatley: cheers! though I can only take credit for the colours here!!!

Rawls: Hahaha! Yes she is quite. cheers dude! Ah I think it could affect everyone in the international community. The internet crossed world barriers. Will say hi to Wes, cheers!

Bryan Wynia: Thanks dude! :D

Kyri Kyprianou: Thanks mate!!!

MarcoBucci: Cheers Marco, means a lot!! :D

Claudio Cerri: Hey man! Long time! Im good thanks, yourself? cheers for the kind words!

Goobeetsablog: cheers!

Cdeboda: thanks man, that means a lot. I do hope I am improving and its inspiring to hear someone say so. No worries for the Orphan links!

Silvano: Haha why, I think she looks better! haha. cheers man! appreciate it

Mirella: Thank you Mirella!

Todd Shmetter: Thanks for visiting dude! I already answered you on your blog, so Ill just say a big fat Cheers for the kind words!

Todd Harris: Thanks mate! Much appreciated!

Lacopol: Haha thanks man! much appreciated!!!!

Todd: Im gonna reply this on your blog!

Ghettofab: Thanks dude! Much apreciated! haha sorry to confuse you. Yeh it gets my blood boiling too...

Jesus Lopez: Thank you! Means a lot!

Sandra Khoo: Thanks for dropping by Sandra and for the kind words!

Bog art: CHeers dude! Yeh it does sound awful. I hope those links help. haha i see! Well my gif animated processes were inspired by someone else before haha!

Backpakker: haha yes interesting is the word!!! hey, what does Lakshmi mean? :D

Todd Shmetter said...

..just to say, you're a bit of a legend being so loyal to so many comments. Active people like you make these places tick.

Alexiev said...

Great artwork... The best...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

Scott Altmann said...

Excellent progress and work here. That old lady really made me laugh :)