Thursday, April 10, 2008

Futuristic Priesty Dude

Hello! Wow, im posting more than Im drawing this week. And I have a backlog of comments to reply to! So apologies.

Anyhoo, this is a quick sketch for the cgsociety "Uplift" challenge. Its some kind of futuristic priest. Just an idea for how the human characters will look in my image. Crits are welcome, although I know lots of things wrong with this sketch already haha.

Thanks to all who visit

Ken :D


Dan szilagyi said...

hey man

sweet priest dude, looks creepy enough :)
i'd like to see him have long flowly arm robes? not sure if that makes sense, but i think it looks a bit weird without sleeves.

Overall good lighting start mate! and i like the color


joonasjoonas said...

great work as always Ken! I see that you've been busy blogging lately.

BOKY said...

Hey Ken, great work!:) I'll be back...;)

bog_art said...

Thanks for your words my friend!!.. adn well, I was about to say: this is not KA works.. and it is because it is not ready of course.. it looks great man, I just want to se it done..

Alexei Martins said...

the colors RULES!!!!cool character!!!


Maarten Rijs said...

wow awesome man!! digging the whole atmosphere.

your not gonna believe this, yesterday there was..... A MAN MODEL!! haha

Mimi Cortazar said...

Great dude!
nice color and atmosfer.

Kyle Brown said...

great work man! im just curious as to what programme you used for this is it Paintshop Pro? and Tablet? sorry for all the questions but really dig it and like to know the magic behind it!

Dan szilagyi said...

Thanks for the comments ken, always great to have you drop in:)

Alex said...

Amazing work Ken!!

Kyle Brown said...

thanks im kinda looking on investing into one but not sure which to really get! alot of it is spray painted but ive only been doing that for the past couple of weeks, every so often turn to a new form of art to keep me on my toes but the maajority of stuff i do is coloured on computer to be honest.

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

you got some seriously great stuff goin' on here, man. really nice work.

Dody said...

thank you ken for the kind words, I always come to your blog cause your paintings are really awesome, I love 'em

Sam Rowan said...

Hey ken

I see your posting lot as normal.
sweet priest the only thing that bugs me is the right bicep. The join seems to be pretty low.
but still pretty narly

Hey what software do you use to do your time lapse videos ?

Charles Goatley said...

Awesome priest. Scary looking too. Glad to see you're posting loads again!

Ken said...

Dan: Thanks mate, yeh possibly with the arm robes. but I reckon thats fairly generic. I wanted something a bit unique. Cheers!!

Joonasjoonas: Thanks mate, yeh I reckon Ive been blogging toooo much. haha

boky: Thanks Boky! And thanks fro dropping by :)

Alexei: Thanks mate :D

Maarten Rijs: Thanks dude! Muchappreciated :D Oh wow a man! Wahey! About time! haha

Mimi: Thanks dude! :D

Kyle Brown: Thanks for dropping by! I think I replied to you on your blog: I use Photoshop and a wacom Volito. Its a pretty basic setup! ANd Im using an old laptop too. :D cheers!

Dan: No worries!! :D

Alex: Thanks alex :D

Kyle: Ah Im not too sure whats good or not. Bamboo is cheap I heard its good enough maybe. Depends on how much you can spend. Ah cool man, Ive never experimented with spray before, looks fun tho!

John 'roc' upchurch: Thanks mate! And thanks for dropping in :D

Dody: Thanks for the kind words yourself! Much appreciated :D

Sam: Hey man! Yeh still posting away. I totally agree with you on the bicep - well spotted :D I used a free program called camstudio I think

Charles Goatley: Thanks dude! Yeh Im getting back into the swing... for now haha