Monday, April 21, 2008

Save Copyright?


I came across this online PDF from the Graphic Artists Guild regarding the Orphaned Works Legislation issue. It makes things a lot clearer and worth a read.


Hello Bloggers!

I want to say thanks to Darren Rawlings for his most recent post about the Mark Simon article on the AWN website with regards to copyright, and the Orphan Works Legislation.

I think it is important that everyone read this article and the links I have below. The article talks about the possibility of new legislation in the USA with regards to Orphan works, (ie creative works that cannot be traced to the copyright owner) and possible negative side effects that it could have on artists of any medium. I could spend a couple of hours typing out what limited info I have learnt about this and what Mark Simon had to say, but I really recommend just following the links and reading this stuff first hand. In essence he was saying, should this legislation be passed, copyright is easily infringed with little protection the copyright owner.

When I read Marks article I was extremely angry and worried. Then I read some articles in response to that which kind of eased my mind:

Six Misconceptions About Orphaned Works

And then I read Mark Simons response to this! And I was worried again:

Mind Your Business: Mark Simon Answers His Critics

I really cannot stress how important it is to read these articles. Some people are saying there is nothing to worry about some are saying the opposite. I am going to continue researching the issue and keep my eye open for developments. Please fellow bloggers, do the same!

Here are some more resources with regards to this issue:

If the situation is as bad as Mark Simon says it is, then we all must act and do something about it. I guess we have to wait and see what happens next...

Oh, no pictures today sorry! More work coming soon tho.

Ken :D


RAWLS said...'re the man. Thanks for the props and the well as for the extra effort you put in to the topic. You rock! Its always best to stay informed. Great robot his name! haha.

Ash Collins said...

ive been struggling to understand all this, but theres recently been a massive uproar on DeviantART about thsi. the end conclusion there was that the AWN writer was an alarmist, who had exaggwerated the situation, and that the orphan works thing would NOT mean that you have to pay to copyright your stuff. but im still not clear. gonna go read some more stuff now.

Martha Marshall said...

I don't know the status of the issue either and will definitely research it myself.

But what I do know is there would be no reason to change the way things have been done for many years now unless someone has a vested interest in getting it changed. That could be lots of people. So I encourage everyone to stay informed on this.

Anonymous said...

To put it simply, the bill IS bad for artists.

You should all listen to the interview with Brad Holland, available here -

Ken, thanks for posting this and you got mail....

libra bear said...

Lead the way Mr Anderson, I'll back you all the way (gonna read these on the weekend)

RAWLS said...

Great update link!!

Jamal O said...

A friend sent me info on this a few months ago.

While I'm not quick to get on the defensive until I see the language in the final bill.

I think it's something that definitely should be followed and watched closely by all Artists.

ThanQ for posting.