Sunday, April 06, 2008



I tried something a little different tonight, a kindof manga inspired painting. Im gonna do more to this, I like where its going, I just need to work out what to do with those legs and the background etc. Also, It needs more contrast.

The sketchy painty sepia image is also something different to what I usually do - creature sketches. Im working on some alien concepts for the CGsociety challenge.

Ive also got some sketches too! Was out sketching today with some mates. Observational drawing. I was trying out biro sketching, and some graphite stick sketches.

Unfortunately I cant seem to arrange my images in the way I would like. So I will have to make do with this messy layout. Ah well.

Ken :D


Ash Collins said...

your work always looks lush, and i never know what to say!

the observational sketches look brilliant. i can never get enough detail into quickly sletchign people in public. adn i look forward to seeign that painting finished!

as for the layout - what were you going for? centered images? text wrapped around them?

Joern said...

So great, Ken, and all different:
-i like girls with swords;)
-sketches are the most interresting thing (really great ones)
-the pic on the bottom is really horror, what a phantasie! And looks gooood.

Ramses said...

Hi Ken
great colors and pencils!, my favorite is the horned character!

Maarten Rijs said...

hahaha! more swords! great painting. and the observational sketches are super impressive man. i like the way you shade them. interesting.

yeah they only draw women... lol. ive only had one session with a man so far. but ill find a better group soon i hope.

thanks for the comment! cant wait for more of those observational drawings!

Tevik Avakyan said...

Great work!

libra bear said...

Heh, nice to see more ramblings from u Ken of the neth kind...
I really like the woman sitting down. Got some movement through 2 pics, nicely done mon ami. Also like your take on Rob, the man with the curls for girls. LOL. Was wondering, how the the lady carry such a big sword? hmmm? LOL Ignore me, I'm in a stupid mood. Great stuff!

libra bear said...


RAWLS said...

Great stuff my man. Love the sketches and sweet creature design!

Shawn Escott said...

Hey Ken! Wonderful stuff lately! Great painting, and your hand studies are absolutely fantastic!! Nice faces too. Great work man!

Shawn Escott said...

oh, by the way, I've been meaning to link you and finally did! I'll be checking back often.

Evertsen said...

Nice painting! I notice that you detailed the eyes first, I've got to remeber that. And you're practising hands, that's what I also need to do but never do, if I than draw a hand its like @#$! what is this?

Thanks for the nice command btw, I'm getting better at inking already.

adrian said...

I love this place, That's why you are now linked man!!!

Dan szilagyi said...


this is looking tight!! i do like the girl with the sword, classical manga/anime style just look at some of that stuff to get a feel for it but your on a great path mate!
love the studies too, i argee with someone up there, the girl with the two poses is tops! very life like

keep at it!

Alexei Martins said...

cool life drawings!!and awesome alien design!!but WOW!!!beautiful girl!love the colors & her expression is very cool!
Plus:at the first look I thought it was Cloud, from Final Fantasy VII


Ken said...

Ash Collins: Hey Dude!!! thanks for the kind words.. wish I agreed with the lush bit hahaha. As for the observational sketches - the secret is to stare at the subject until they utterly creeped out. Either they run away or sit there frozen - and then u draw em lol. Oh the layout - I wanted the images in a particular order. But I just couldnt do it. I think Ill centre my images from now on :D thanks for dropping by!!

Joern: Thanks mate! yeh swords and girls are a great combo haha. thanks for the kind words. Im glad u like the horror one. Its not something Im used to drawing!

ramses: Thanks mate! Much appreciated :D

Maarten Rijs: Hahaha yeh man! More swords! heh heh. Thanks for kind words. Hows the life drawing going?? Cheers for dropping by, more observational drawings coming soon :D

Tevik Avakyan: Thanks Tevik! :D

Libra Bear: Haha so you enjoy my ramblings eh? Yeh Im glad I got that girl captured - her poses were great!!! haha man, rob is awesome to draw! As for the sword - its made of aluminium lol thanks dude!

Rawls: Thanks mate!! :D

Shawn Escott: Thanks Shawn! Oh those hands.. im glad you like them! I dont much hahaha. Thanks for the kind words! Oh and many thanks for the link! I think I have already linked you :D

Evertsen: Thanks mate! Im not sure if its good to detail the eyes first, but \i reckon the eyes are one of the most important parts of a character, so its good to have them reading well if the rest of the image is sketchy :D keep up the inking!!

Adrian: Thanks mate! And thanks for the link! I will return the linkage :D

Dan Szilagyi: Thanks mate! Yeh its manga inspired to some degree, not a big fan of the manga style in my personal work, but this piece kinda evolved that way haha. Thanks for the kind words mate!

Alexei: Thanks mate! glad u like her haha. I will finish her eventually. haha Cloud? Im not sure who that is. I will check it haha. Cheers!!

Alexei Martins said...

Hey man!!haha
I thought in a good way!
Can I draw up a girl like that?I love her pose.

Mystery of Albesila said...

I love monster design

Anonymous said...
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