Thursday, May 08, 2008

Orphan Works Legislation and some animal studies

Hello Bloggers!

Ive been a bad blogger recently - got a load of comments to reply and I have a new post still brewing, until then I only have some animal studies I did to show! I did them with ordinary biro pen.

I had to do a quick post now regarding the Orphan Works Legislation. The Illustrators Partnership of America is encouraging people to write letters/emails/faxes to important people in Congress etc voicing concerns and opposition to the Bill. They have a website set up with letter samples and people to contact and also have a section for international supporters. If anyone is keen to take part then follow this link to the letter samples!

international supporters:

I know its a boring post, but its important :D

Thanks to everyone who drops by!

Ken :D


RAWLS said...

Good job my friend...I was just going to send you those links. Its still majorly a US thing...but I`m sure there will be a world wide effect if it goes through. Keep me posted.

Charles Goatley said...

Cool drawings. A lot of detail with just a few lines.

Dan szilagyi said...

Those are some sweet animals Ken! looking great.

Nice job on posting the orphan works links, it'll become a huge problem if not taken care of

No worries about being a bad blogger mate, everyone does that time to time right?


Anonymous said...

nice work.
very solid renderings

also- you won the superman
card in my giveaway- if you wish to
claim me please!

Tevik Avakyan said...

These animal drawings are wonderful! You really captured their emotion as well and it comes through in the eyes. Great job!

Achdé said...

that's the first time I come on your blog. Splendid, your illustrations are perfect with lot of diferent techniques and styles. Your work on the animal is amazing and your "little mamy Yakuza" is very funny. Awesome job Kenny !

marcobucci said...

real solid drawing man!

Alex said...

Hi Ken.
Really nice animal drawings!

libra bear said...

Where did you draw these? Great drawings Ken. Love the form and rendering style.

Mirella said...

Wow, beautiful animals!!! Love the lion^^ Now, I link you, I forgotten, sorry;)

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey mate, i think i didn't write it the best way but the character i was talking about was Ichigo himself ( the guy in the post) anyway its a good series i think, keeps me busy reading something in the meantime :)


Kyri Kyprianou said...

thanks for the kind words...i'll pop over here often methinks! always nice to meet another brit doing their thing in the blogosphere.

bog_art said...

Great studies my friend.. and this bill can't be an option for us like artist.. I hope everything goes well in USA and our friends can stop this stupid bill!..

Ken said...

Rawls: Haha same wavelength maybe? For sure, it affects everyone. Let me know also is you hear any developments.

Charles: Cheers dude! Im trying to simplify :D

Dan: Thanks mate! Its easier when the animal dont move haha. These are from photos. Yeh the Orphan thing sounds worrying... will have to wait and see what happens. Man, im making a habit of being a bad blogger!

Goobeetsablog: Cheers mate! Oh and thanks for letting me know I won. Thats awesome!

Tevik: Thankyou! I just wont show the original images hahaha i didnt do them justice :D

Achde: thanks for visiting! And cheers for the kind words. I cant take full credit for the little mamy Yakuza tho! The drawing was by Libra Bear below :D

Marco Bucci: cheers mate!

Alex: Hey man, thanks!

Libra Bear: I drew these on my bed in my flat dude! haha. They are from photographs. Cheers! Been lovin the biro recently

Mirella: Thanks! I think I remember you like lions? haha. Oh thanks for link!

Dan: Ah i see i see. haha for someone who works in animation I dont know or watch a lot of it. Im kinda weird that way haha

Kyri: No worries mate, hope you come back soon! Oh yeh for sure. Theres not a lot of Brits on here, but I have noticed more and more!

Bog-art: Thank you! Yes I agree... I hope all the opposition works. Also, there is something similar brewing in the UK, so I have to be ready haha

Claudio Cerri said...

Thera are no boring post in your blog, because your ar is very interesting and beautiful!

LauraBraga said...

Hi Kenneth!!:)
Awesome drawings.
These animals are really fantstaic!!! Great great work!!;)


messytimbo said...

very nice! great form

what ever happen to that creepy lord of the manner dude? did you ever run with that idea?

Richtoon said...

Great blog you got goin here!! Please keep posting!!

Sorrentino said...

Great drawings sir!!!

Scott Altmann said...

very nice stuff
enjoying this blog!

shou' said...

I digg.

Joseph Lee said...

Great animal sketches man! And yeah, the legislation has been the topic of conversation around the studio. Crazy stuff.

backpakker said...

hey, good to see you again..nice sketches..

Maarten Rijs said...

amazing animal studies!! with what did you draw it? wow, nice ken.
also loving the statues in last post, statues are so much fun to draw!

hmm im not sure about the orphan works legislation. I do wanna go to the us in the future.
unfortunatly you gotta live there to submit one of those e-mails.

Giovanni Roschini said...

beatiful sketch!
i have seen your other blog,your art is amazing,nice paintnig, dynamics image and color!
very good!
i add your link at my blog..

Jamal O said...


You animal, Good to see you posting about this. Your not only great draftsman, your politically inclined too?


That illustrators partnership site is very helpful. ThanQ Brad Holland and everyone else involved with that endeavor.

I was able to quickly send an effective email. They even had the chops to respond.

Thanks sen. Saxby we are watching you!


El gaucho said...

amazing work friend... truly amazing...

RAWLS said...

YO KEN!...where you at these days my friend! Nice animal sketches by the way.

C.B. Canga said...

nice work you've got here

kat said...

your work is soooo great!

Vivian Lai said...

hey ken!

its been a while haha! very cool stuff u have since i last visited! love the animal studies! the lion and rhino have a nice character to them~

wats a biro pen btw :O
hope ur well!


Ken said...

I just realised I hadnt replied to all these comments - apologies everyone! Usually I try to do so.

Thanks to all for visiting and for the kind words, it is always much appreciated!

Ken :D