Sunday, June 08, 2008

Im back - kinda!

Hello! Wow its been a lonnnng while since I posted. Been on a blogging break! And I dont have much work to show for it. Not been drawing much recently. Anyhoo, I drew this statue in a museum in Edinburgh.

Now for anyone interested, here is a shot of the new in progress Sylvain Chomet film "The Illusionist" which I am lucky to be working on! I personally think its looking beautiful :D

I linked the image from an article on Cartoon Brew - it can be found here :

Hope to post again soon

Ken :D


Jinny Liang said...

Welcome back Ken! Wow, I can't wait to see Sylvain Chomet's Illusionist.. The last illusionist movie I watched was the live action one. :)

Skid said...

That is one sweet statue drawing. I can't wait for that film to come out!

Joseph Lee said...

Good to see you back on the blog saddle again! Great sketch!

Claudio Cerri said...

Cool artworks Ken!

RAWLS said...

Nice to have ya back...kinda! Great sketch dude.

Mirella said...

that's a cool work!! I love it^^

Vivian Lai said...

haha thanks! i should really post more tho lols... yep internship is going good so far! lotsa stuff i get to work on :) too bad its ending soon :(

gotta start the whole job huntnig process again lol :(

oooh cool i like the cheap bic pens too haha so smoooth~ that IS if we are talknig about the same thing? ahaha

and the film is looking great so far! cant wait to see it :) how are u liking the job so far :D

libra bear said...

Thats a masterful drawing ya sly dog, How dare you post without informing me!!!

Tatevik Avakyan said...

Great sketch and the film has a wonderful look to it.

Armin Barducci said...

Nice Works!


Giovanni Roschini said...

great work ken!!

Antonio J.M. Riego (Quilcacamayoc) said...

Hello Ken...

Great blog... Awesome draws.

Miss Piggy Lass said...

Ha! good to see ur back!! I guess this will be my last comment for ur blog from Malaysia haha...before I leave for Dubai tomorrow......Am thinking of you and see you soon in Glasgow! Love u xxx

the clownninja said...

nice work, i can't wait to see the illusionist.

messytimbo said...

good to see you back posting!
great drawing.

the Illusionist looks amazing, can't wait to see it!

A_M said...

Hi K!!!

I'm passed from here and your stuff is good...what I say, very good!!!!! Ahahah!!!! Great artist...

Ps My english is not very excellent, sorry!!!


Vivian Lai said...

haha there there i did a sketch dump just for u! lols

yeahhh, i duno..just trying to see wat studios are around and available. havent heard much back from anyone yet tho! :( will be a long process haha

lol biros is a cute name tho! bic pens are pertty awesome :) my fav indeed

wens the release date for the film? anytime soon?

and awaiting ur next as well! post post!

Vassink said...

Good work and awesome stile!

Saludos desde Chile!

Mike Nassar said...

awesome work man. the statue study looks good, and I agree that the film you're working on is lookin fantastic.

post more stuff!

silvano said...

THis statue study is so fresh and vibrant it looks like the portrait of a living person ...

Achdé said...

great classroom studie. An hard exercice but a real success ! perfect.

Ken said...

Jinny Liang: Thanks Jinny! Ah I havent seen that live action film. But I do know they are completely unrelated! haha. Watch the cinemas, its due out 2009 ;)

Skid: Thanks! Much appreciated. However I didnt really do it justice. I cant wait either!

Joseph Lee: Cheers mate! Its good to be back haha. :)

Claudio cerri: Cheers!! :D

Rawls: Haha, thanks mate! And cheers for visiting!

Mirella: Thank you! Much appreciated :D

Vivian Lai: I think I replied you on your blog! Thanks for visiting :D

Libra Bear: haha, just keeping you on your toes mate - you never know when there will be a new post. Wooo! The suspense! Ill endeaver not to inform you next time muhuhuhu

Tatevik Avakyan: Thanks! :D

Armin Barducci: Thanks! And thanks for dropping by :)

Giovanni Roschini: Thanks! And thanks for visiting :D

Quilcacamayoc: Hi! Thanks for dropping by and for the kind words :D

Miss Piggy Lass: Ha!! Thanks for visiting! Aww hope your trip to Dubai goes ok (I already know it did haha) Thinkin of ya too, take care ok? See u soon! Love u x

The Clownninja: Thanks mate! Yeh I cant wait either haha

Messytimbo: YO man! Cheers for the kind words! Indeed, its lookin sweeeet!

a_m: Hello!!! Your english is great to me! Thank you for the kind words, and for visiting my blog. CHeers! Much appreciated :)

Vivian: I replied on your blog! waha!

Vassink: Thank you! Much appreciated, Saludos desde Scotland! haha!

Mike Nassar: Thanks mate!! Much appreciated. More posts coming soon!

Silvano: Wow you think so? thanks! I am glad it has that effect :)

Achde: Cheers mate! means a lot :D

Bonnie said...

This looks promising...very very promising! :D

Rick-Garcia said...

Nice style! drawing and color are impressive!