Monday, June 23, 2008

Observational shtuff

Hello bloggers!

I hope everyone is well. Just some Observational drawings from Sunday - the top one was kinda posed for 15 mins by me mates the others leave a lot to be desired. Not been practicing recently haha. Can you tell?

Anyway, thats about it for this post. Thanks to all who visit, much appreciated :D

Ken :D


Claudio Cerri said...

Amazing sketches, ken! Big works again!

RAWLS said...

Nice sketches dude! Practice practice practice makes almost perfect! Great work my friend!

Kevin Levell said...

Really lovely quick studies, you've got some great line work going on in those sketches!

C.B. Canga said...

these are great. love seeing sketchbook stuff.

Hatavar said...

Aw, I missed being drawn. Next time I turn up, I'd be willing to sit for 15 minutes for a sKe(n)tch, what what?

Dan szilagyi said...

nice rough work mate, its nice to see that too as well as polished works.
thanks, it was a fun night but yeah a bit tiring:)

look forward to your next update!


messytimbo said...

these are really nice man!

i'd like to see more.

Mirella said...

wow Ken!! this sketches are amazing!! I love^^

El polaco scalerandi said...

incredible your works, congratulation
el polaco
sorry my bad inglish

david benzal said...

Nice drawings, i like it!!

polllak said...

really great drawing !! your line is so beautyful!!! good good!

!LEON! said...

Supurb line variation, I am a sucker for great line work!

Richtoon said...

Looks great! I LOVE sketching people in market places/seminars and such... Looking forward to seeing the Illusionist!

Alina Chau said...

Beautiful drawings!

The Passenger said...

Bravo Ken , also with sketches too! Come to visit our blogs!

afroman said...

hey ken!!! thanks a lot for that comment! I really appreciate it mate! :D

I see you've been updating with some great drawings regularly (unlike someone, cough cough)!! I really like those observational ones.

but I'm not dead, just had some exams and work etc but now it's over so hopefully I'll be back soon! ;)



joonasjoonas said...

Good looking sketches. I know the feeling after not practicing enough.

ALUMOX said...


G.A.K. said...

Loved this blog! It's awesome!

Cecelia said...

Enjoyed looking at your sketches! Very nice work.
Do you know about the World Wide Sketch Crawl? You might like to participate in the next one. This will be the 20th. Go to for more information.
I did the last 2, here in Texas, and it was lots of fun. They haven't announced the date for the next one, but it should be in September, perhaps. I'm trying to let people who like to draw know about it.

Ken said...

Claudio Cerri: Thanks dude!

Rawls: Cheers mate! Personally I think they mostly suck, but yeh practice does make perfect! If only I was inclined to practice haha

Kevin Levell: Thanks mate! Ive been working on my lines of late haha

C.B Canga: Thanks dude! Maybe I will post more sketchy stuff

Hatavar: Indeed! Be prepared next time. Bring some props haha

Dan Szilagyi: Yeh man i love rough work. In fact I think I prefer it. Cheers dude!

Messytimbo: Thanks mate! Though I must say, my observational drawings arent quite up to par with Wes's - or yours!

Mirella: Thanks Mirella! Much appreciated :D

El Polaco Scalerandi: Thank you! Much appreciated. And your english is great!

David Benzal: Thanks mate!!! :D

Polllak: Thank you! Means a lot.

Leon: cheers for the kind words dude!

richtoon: Cheers mate! haha i should draw in markets etc more, but unfortunately I always feel on edge and thus, I dont really enjoy it haha.

Alina Chau: thanks!! :D

The Passenger: Thanks mate! And I will visit soon!

Afroman: No worries dude! haha cheers for the kind words, hope to see you posting again soon :D

Albert Pardo: Thanks mate!!

joonasjoonas: Thanks dude! Im sure everyone knows the feeling ahha

Alumox: thanks!!!

G.a.k: Thanks mate! and thanks for visiting :D

Cecelia: Thankyou! Much appreciated :D Also, thanks for the information on the sketchcrawl - I have heard of it before but never participated. I think perhaps it may be worth getting some people together in my area to take part! Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

hey That's me!!! Wahey!!!!!